AREA 3: Composite Pattern

By Joyce Lukomski

Threads Used:


Composite patterns are fun patterns that combine a series of stitches that are evenly spaced to form exciting presentation of line and color. These are great for evening out the color problems in a design or creating a nest to put a bead.

Use 1 strand of Grandeur G821 (My Thread ___________) for the foundation grid.

Lay the long, vertical threads in the valley between two canvas threads according to the black lines on the chart. Use the “economy method” by working from the top to the bottom edge and bottom to top edge with the next stitch.

Next tie down these long vertical stitches. Here I have used an elongated cross stitch that is over 2 threads and up 6 threads. Try using a lighter (or darker) value of the grid thread color for a subtle effect.

Use 3 strands of ThreadworX Overdyed Floss 1089 (My Thread ___________) for the 2x6 crosses.

Now get a bit crazy and have some fun by “packing in the color.” Select a strong contrast (could even be metallic thread) and now work tiny over 2 diagonal cross stitches.

Use 1 strand of Kreinik Fine (#8) Braid 421 (My Thread ___________) for the 2x2 cross stitch.

The grid is complete but it is sometimes fun to “gild the lily” a little more, Use a lighter value of your contrast color to work small over 2 horizontals over the original long thread in the skipped spaces.


We opted not to add the over 2 horizontal stitches but you may if you wish. You can use the same metallic that is used for the small cross stitches.

Use 1 strand of Kreinik Fine (#8) Braid 421 (My Thread ___________) for the horizontal stitch.

Designer Biographical Information

Joyce Lukomski holds Teacher Certification Levels I and II from the Valentine Museum (now NAN) and has taught needlework nationally for the many years. She is the previous editor of Needle Pointers and the previous editor/owner of Needlepoint Now. She received the ANG Literary Award in 2005 for her lifetime contribution to the education of canvas embroidery and the needlework magazine publications.