AREA 10: Double Straight Cross

By Ann Caswell

Threads Used:


See March 2001 Stitch of the Month for directions to stitch one Double Straight Cross Stitch or see the single Double Straight Cross Stitch diagram below.

Use 1 strand of Soy Luster 232 (My Thread ___________) for the stitches shown in white on the diagram.

Use 1 strand of Wildflowers 250 (My Thread ___________) for the stitches shown in red on the diagram.

Note: Use only the dark sections of the Wildflowers. Cut out the lighter red areas of the thread. This will allow enough contrast with the Soy Luster to see the pattern of internal hearts that you are building. (see the red sample above)

You may stitch this area in horizontal rows or in diagonal rows to fill the area. Either way, you would use two needles and change thread colors as you stitch across the area.

Comments on Stitch

Double Straight Cross is my favorite stitch and one I return to again and again because of its versatility. The basic stitch consists of an upright cross stitch over four canvas threads with a diagonal cross stitch over two canvas threads on top. The crosses build up a bump in the center of each stitch that adds a nice texture, particularly when contrasted with smooth stitches such as Scotch and satin.

The diamond shape of the stitch provides the opportunity for a nice diagonal line when needed. The current project makes use of the shape to form tiny heart motifs within the overall background pattern of the stitch.

Another favorite variation is to use two different threads; one for the upright cross and another for the diagonal cross. This is a good way to show color variation for a meadow, a hillside, or leaves in a forest.

Designer Biographical Information

Ann Caswell has been teaching needlework for shops, companies and guilds across North America and England since 1979. She has appeared in programs on PBS and HGTV. Ann was Shop Manager for ANG from 1986 to 1991, after which she became National President from 1994 to 1996. Ann co-authored The Thread Thesaurus and was Project Designer for Stitching a Legacy and Design Coordinator for Metallic Thread Embroidery.