AREA 9: Laid Filling Pattern 78

By Jean Taggart from her book Laid Fillings for Evenweave Fabrics

Threads Used:


Step 1: Use 1 strand of Grandeur G821 (My Thread ___________) for the foundation grid shown in white.

Step 2: Use 1 strand of Panache PN16 (My Thread ___________) for the multi-cross stitches shown in black.

Step 3: Use 1 strand of Kreinik Fine (#8) Braid 308 (My Thread ___________) for the crossed Gobelin stitches shown in red.

Step 4: Use 1 strand of Soy Luster 232 (My Thread ___________) for the 4x4 cross stitches shown in blue.

Use 1 strand of Kreinik Fine (#8) Braid 308 (My Thread ___________) for the upright cross tie down in the center of the 4x4 cross shown in yellow.

Comments on Stitch

Laid filling patterns are “produced by working one or more series of stitches from one side to the other of the area to be filled and securing those stitches to the surface of the ground fabric with smaller stitches.”

“The series of stitches from one side of the area to the other are called tramé stitches, which create the laid foundation of the pattern.

Stitches which secure the laid foundation to the ground are called couching stitches.

In some patterns there may also be a third category of stitches called decorative stitches, that are worked in the open spaces created by the laid foundation.”

“These patterns can be used any where that you would use conventional stitches that are based on counting the threads of the ground fabric.

You can use them for backgrounds by selecting threads of low-contrast colors/values that will reduce the visibility of the patterns, while still providing interesting textures.

You can use them for design areas on painted canvases, on line drawn designs or for geometric projects.

When you are looking for a pattern for a particular area choose one that is of similar scale to the area you want to fill. Patterns with small repeats will fit in small and/or irregular areas more successfully than patterns with large repeats.”

Designer Biographical Information

Jean Taggart was a designer and teacher who taught for many years for ANG, EGA and NAN on the national level, as well as for local chapters and guilds. She authored Laid Fillings for Evenweave Fabrics and Darning Pattern for Evenweave Fabrics. She was awarded the ANG Literary Award in 1997 for her books. In 2003 NAN awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously for her contributions