ANG Stitch of the Month 2014 - April

by Mary K. Campbell


Bracelet #1: Spring Has Sprung

Cut out the canvas, leaving about 6 threads beyond your basting thread. Remove the basting thread, if you have not already done so.

Fold the edges of the canvas so that two threads of the open canvas show at the edge of your stitching, and 3-4 threads of canvas are folded back.

Using whatever color you wish (I suggest matching the outer rows of the Ray Stitch), stitch the Open Binding Stitch around all four sides of the bracelet. The rhythm of this stitch is “forward 5, back 3,” and the forward stitches will not share holes with the backward stitches. Begin on a side (not at a corner), and continue the rhythm as you go around each corner. You may need to take an extra stitch at the corner to provide coverage. The needle on the diagram is positioned for ending stitch 11-12 and beginning 13-14.

Cut your fabric backing to fit the bracelet, and iron on an interfacing if the material is thin. If not using Ultrasuede®, fold back the raw edges of the fabric to fit the bracelet exactly, and finger-press the folds.

On the front of the canvas, in the half-diamond at one end, attach the bottom of your fastener: the bar (eye) of a skirt/pants hook, or the part of the snap that extends upward. It may be more secure if you sew through a layer of fabric as well as the canvas for this attachment.

Pin or clip (small binder clips work) the fabric backing to the canvas. Wrap the bracelet into a circle with the overlapping full diamond just reaching the tip of the half-diamond, making a continuous pattern. Position the other half of your fastener on the backing fabric. Unwrap the bracelet, and attach the second half of your fastener only to the backing fabric.

Pin or clip the backing fabric on the canvas again, double check that the fasteners are attached in the right places, and then whip stitch the backing to the open binding stitch. There is no need to go through the canvas while attaching the backing, but it wouldn’t hurt anything if it seems more secure.

Next Month: A whole new bracelet!