ANG Stitch of the Month 2014 - August

by Mary K. Campbell

Bracelet #2: Iced Cooler


Do you want to add a filling in the open spaces?

Do you want to add beads to spruce it up?

Aren’t you glad you thought "cool" back in May?


Cut the canvas about 5 threads outside the stitching. Remove the basting threads if you haven’t already done so.

Carefully, with a sharp scissors (but not your good embroidery scissors), cut the canvas right along the edge of the blanket stitches. Be careful to not clip the blanket stitches themselves. After the main cutting is complete, then go back and clip out the areas by the raised units. It is easiest if you clip the two sides first, and then across the base of the unit (or just clip the two sides and fold back the little square of canvas, which will be secured by the backing fabric). When doing this, you may only be able to clip one or two canvas threads at a time.

Attach the button that started your color selections on the open end of the bracelet.

On the other end, make a loop with 3 strands of #5 pearl cotton, testing the length to make sure the bracelet fits correctly. Do a double blanket stitch over the loop using two needles and beginning both at the same end of the loop. Alternate stitches, so you get the little bumps on both sides.

Create a backing similar to that used for Spring Has Sprung, but make it only wide enough to cover the raised units - the rest of the blanket stitches will extend beyond the backing.

Next Month: Another Whole New Bracelet!