ANG Stitch of the Month 2014

by Mary K. Campbell


Welcome to the SOTM for 2014. I decided to take SOTM in a new direction this year by focusing on stitches that form lines rather than overall filling stitches. These stitches will be useful for borders, lines, samplers, jewelry, purses, and any place in your work that requires a well-defined edge.

I will be offering these as a series of three bracelets that you will work on over multiple months. But please feel free to turn them into anything you can think of. Some of the pilot stitchers plan to use them as bookmarks (but they may get a bit thick for that). Some of them plan to work all of them in coordinating colors and to mount them next to each other in a frame or box.

My philosophy of needlepointing as a creative experience dictates that I encourage you to experiment with the colors, stitches and placements that I give you. There is no award for perfectly copying my sample! And I want you to make yours better than mine.

For ease of beginning this year, we will use the same stretcher bars for each of the bracelets. And I will give you directions in #5 pearl cotton and floss. Please feel free to use any equivalent weight threads throughout. For the first bracelet we will paint our canvas. This technique can be used on both of the other bracelets also. And those of you who know me, will know that I always encourage the use of beads to sparkle things up a little. Please play and create and use my stitches as a jumping off place in your own creations.

This collage of bits and pieces from the bracelets will hopefully entice you to hit your stash and join in!

Mary K. Campbell

Supplies needed:

Stretcher Bars: 6 inches by 12 inches

Canvas: 3 pieces of 18 mesh canvas to fit the bars (colors of your choice)