ANG Stitch of the Month 2014 - July

by Mary K. Campbell

Bracelet #2: Iced Cooler

Large Blanket Stitch Eyelets:

At each end of the bracelet, put in one large blanket eyelet stitch.

To work each large blanket stitch eyelet, begin with most of a lazy-daisy stitch: come up at 1 in the center of the eyelet, go down at 2 in the same hole, and bring your needle back up at 3, 5 threads to the right of 1, catching the loop of thread.

Continue working around the 5x10 thread area with blanket stitches, each time going down into the center hole of the eyelet.

When you get to the end, tack the last stitch down by coming up and going down in hole 43. The diagram below shows the completed blanket eyelet stitch.

Double Running Stitch:

Put in seven rows of double running stitch over 4 threads between the two large eyelets; the last stitch will be over 3 threads. The first pass is a straight line, over 4 threads, under 4 threads, following the numbers and light gray stitches on the diagram below. Make sure you are consistent in the return pass (letters and dark gray stitches on diagram), coming either below or above the placed stitch and going down on the opposite side of the next stitch (above or below). This will greatly improve the flow of your line.

Vary the colors as you see fit.

Blanket Stitch Over the Double Running Stitches:

Put in two rows of large blanket stitches over the running stitches to cover the holes where the running stitches go in and out.

Work left to right doing the numbered stitches first, and then turn the canvas 180 degrees and work the lettered stitches left to right again. They will lay nicely in the dips of the running stitches. Be sure to keep them consistent.

Next Month: Embellishments and Finishing