ANG Stitch of the Month 2014 - June

by Mary K. Campbell

Bracelet #2: Iced Cooler

Reinforce the Edge:

To reinforce the edge of the bracelet, work blanket stitches over each of the existing satin stitches around the entire bracelet.

You may want to match the thread you used in May or perhaps accent it with a little sparkle of thread.

You will probably have to enlarge the eyelet holes to get in the second set of these threads. This will be very bulky, but it is necessary for the finishing of the bracelet.

If you have trouble remembering the difference between Blanket Stitch and Buttonhole Stitch, see and then select Stitches and Blanket Stitch vs. Buttonhole Stitch for Marion Scoular’s definitions of both with illustrations.

Also, refer to Stitch of the Month, September 2001, Buttonhole Stitch (which is Marion Scoular’s Blanket Stitch, just to confuse things) at

Next Month: I promise the stitching will be easier!