ANG Stitch of the Month 2014 - May

by Mary K. Campbell

Bracelet #2: Iced Cooler

Think cooling breezes or snow showers for colors.

First choose a really cool ¾ inch button to use for the closure of the bracelet.

Let your button dictate your thread colors. Threads can be #5 pearl cotton or equivalent, some metallic; no need to lay stranded threads unless you want to.

Use white or colored canvas (cut 6” by 12”) or paint it as you did in January. Keep thinking cool thoughts.

Mount canvas on stretcher bars.

Decide the length of the bracelet you want:

Start with the actual measurement of your wrist, and add only enough for ease; this bracelet will have no overlap.


7 1/2 inch wrist plus 1/2 inch ease = 8 inches; 8 *
18 threads per inch = 144 threads;
Edge pattern as described is 142 threads, which is close enough.

If you do need to adjust the length, you can eliminate or add multiples of 4 threads by eliminating or adding one peak (4 stitches) in various areas, as indicated on the diagram of the long edge.

Baste a rectangle with sewing thread the number of canvas threads you decided for the length by 34 threads wide. Your stitching will be within this basted rectangle.

Satin Stitch the Edge:

Satin stitch the base units (over 4, 6, and 8 threads) in #5 pearl cotton with a full coverage on the back (that is, not the Surface Satin Stitch). Work each stitch from the outside in, and then you will be going down into all the corner/eyelet centers. Refer to Stitch of the Month, April 1998, Gobelin Stitch at

The end of the bracelet consists of a corner unit, end unit, and corner unit.

The long edge of the 8-inch bracelet in the diagram above consists of a corner unit, short unit, (raised unit, basic unit) times 4, raised unit, short unit, and corner unit.

Two things you need to be careful of:

Next Month: Reinforcing the Edge