ANG Stitch of the Month 2014 - November

by Mary K. Campbell

Bracelet #3: Antique Mathom

Fill in the background of the center section:

Work the woven trellis variation. I suggest using #5 pearl cotton for the outer stitches, and floss for the center stitch in each unit. Three different traveling paths can be followed:

Embellish the middle of the center area:

Create or find an embellishment about 1 inch in diameter to dress up your bracelet. You could work either a smooth spider or a raised spider, as done in the first bracelet, Spring has Sprung:

Very clear instructions for a cast-on rose:

Also search online for crocheted or beaded flowers or medallions, or check silk ribbon embroidery instructions for flowers. Just be sure to do a test sample so that you know the finished size and can adapt the instructions to make it fit your bracelet.

Or put a piece of antique jewelry in the center.

Important Note: if you are using a piece of jewelry for your focal point, do not attach it at this time. Wait until next month. If the focal point is made from thread or glass beads, then you should attach it now.

Next Month: a cup of tea and the finishing