2015 ANG Stitch of the Month - April
Water Lily
by Rozelle Hirschfelt

Bottom layer, petal 6

The Zig-zag stitch can be used to produce a variety of patterns, all of which are reversible and the same on both sides. In the model, the pattern is connected diamonds. By spacing rows and aligning the zigs and zags differently, other patterns can be created that would also be reversible.

Use 1 strand of the darker color of 6 stranded cotton floss. Begin and end threads just inside the inner circle using a pin or L stitch when possible. If you must begin or end a thread elsewhere, use a pin or L stitch in the outline. They will be covered by the outline stitches. Start stitching the pattern at the base of the petal and work toward the tip. Stitch the numbered stitches on the first journey and the lettered stitches on the return journey. The chart for the second row shows how the rows fit together to form the diamond shape. Continue alternating these two rows to fill the petal.

First row:

Second row:

The stitched pattern is shown in the following photo: