2015 ANG Stitch of the Month - January
Water Lily
by Rozelle Hirschfelt

Water lily is a 3-dimensional piece that is a study of reversible stitches. Some of these stitches are well known to us as being reversible. Some are familiar stitches that can be made reversible by altering the stitching technique or sequence. Some look the same on both sides and some produce a different pattern on the reverse side. With these few examples, you will become aware of the possibilities and - just maybe - become entranced, as I have, in making needlepoint come alive in 3 dimensions.

To make an L stitch to begin thread: take the needle down just inside the inner circle. Holding the tail, come up and make stitch 1 and then stitch 2. Try to pierce the tail with both stitches. If the tail is secure after a tug, cut it off.

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