2015 ANG Stitch of the Month - March
Water Lily
by Rozelle Hirschfelt

Bottom layer, petal 2

Chottie's plaid worked in a gingham pattern is reversible and the same on both sides.

Use 1 strand of the darker color of 6 stranded cotton floss. Begin and end threads just inside the inner circle using a pin or L stitch when possible. If you must begin or end a thread elsewhere, use a pin or L stitch in the outline. They will be covered by the outline stitches. Start stitching the pattern at the base of the petal and work toward the tip. It would be best to make sure your thread is long enough to stitch to the tip and then back to its base so as to not have to thread endings elsewhere. When traveling from the end of one row to the beginning of the next, take stitches only over one thread at a time, horizontal and/or vertical until the starting point for the next row is reached.

This stitch is famous! As is the creator: Chottie Alderson. It was a Stitch of the Month in November 2012. The original Stitch of the Month charts are at http://www.needlepoint.org/StitchOfTheMonth/2012/nov.php

The charts below give the sequence for stitching the gingham plaid. The version used here produces the look of gingham fabric. For the gingham pattern, stitch 4 rows, skip 4 threads and repeat, for both the horizontal and vertical directions. Or create a plaid that pleases you. The first two charts show the first and second vertical rows. The third chart shows how these two rows repeat. The fourth and fifth charts show the first and second horizontal rows. The sixth chart shows the completed pattern.

The stitched pattern is shown in the following photo: