2015 ANG Stitch of the Month - May
Water Lily
by Rozelle Hirschfelt

Bottom layer, petal 7

This pattern is a combination of upright and slanted Gobelin stitches. These stitches can be the building blocks for unlimited reversible patterns, with each pattern different on the two sides. By spacing the stitches as shown, the upright stitches produce a slanted stitch on the reverse side. The slanted stitches, by working vertical rows in the manner charted, produce a horizontal straight stitch on the reverse side.

Use 1 strand of the darker color of 6 stranded cotton floss. Begin and end threads in the open center area using a pin or L stitch. Fill the petal with the horizontal rows of vertical stitches and then stitch the vertical rows of slanted stitches.

Follow the chart carefully so that the stitches on the reverse side are in the same direction. After taking the first stitch or two in a new row, check the direction of the stitches on the back.

The stitched pattern is shown in the following photos:

Step 1, Front of Canvas:

Step 1, Back of Canvas:

Step 2, Front of Canvas:

Step 2, Back of Canvas: