And Then I Knew

Stitcher: Trixie Peacock
Designer: Gay Ann Rogers
Location: The lamp base and the shade are in the stitcher's living room
Description: Only the idea for finishing the four canvasses into a lampshade is original. Trixie woke up one morning while she was taking the class "Acorn Girl," with the word lampshade on her mind! She thought, "who would wake up with that word on their mind unless they were re-decorating?" Trixie was doing no such thing "and then she knew" a lampshade could be made out of the four girls canvases.

Trixie liked all of the girls representing the four seasons:

  • "Strawberry Girl" Spring
  • "Flower Girl" Summer
  • "Acorn Girl" Fall
  • "Snowflake Girl" Winter

Gay Ann's diagrams are so well thought-out and drawn that they can be easily followed when one returns home from the class.