Bargello Symphony

Stitcher: Penny Boswinkle
Designer: Loretta Spears
Location: Penny's living room, where she has a few family antique pieces of furniture.

When Penny first got her computer, she was surfing the Internet for stitching sites. She came across Loretta Spears' Mystery Projects site, which she had never heard about before. As she looked through her site, she was fascinated that there were no pictures! Penny loves to work needlepoint from charts/written directions using Congress Cloth. The fact that she had to finish one section of the piece before moving on to the next also intrigued her. There were many interesting pieces described, but she thought the "Bargello Symphony" wouldn't be too difficult and would stitch fast. Little did she know then!

The kit arrived and she started stitching. The first section was wonderful - Penny loves textured stitches and beads. As she progressed section by section, she was really hooked and the challenges kept right on coming. How to compensate when the bargello patterns are at right angles to each other? How to turn a corner with a bargello ribbon? Then there was the background stitch - Victorian step stitch - that seemed to take forever and had to compensate around so many independent items, to say nothing of the outside of the ribbon. What a challenge!

By the time the piece was finished Penny breathed a sigh of pleasure and relief. She learned a lot from the piece, not the least of which was how crazy she had been to think that bargello was simple and quick! She also never realized how beautiful bargello could be when done with so many variations all in one piece.

Since then she has finished another of Loretta Spears' pieces - not bargello this time. She would highly recommend her pieces to anyone who wants a fun filled challenge that results in a beautifully designed work of art.