Miniature Oriental Rug - Shirvan I


Anne Carol Goldberg


Frank Cooper


This piece is framed and hanging on a wall in my home near the hall telephone where I can look at it all the time!


The piece is from a book called Oriental Rugs in Miniature by Frank Cooper.  He designed the charts from tribal rugs from Persia, Turkey and the Caucasus.  Unfortunately, he passed away recently, but the book is still in print and contains charts for producing a number of beautiful pieces.

I found out about this book several years ago from a student (I am a professor at Washington University School of Medicine).  I have always been interested in oriental rugs and perused the different charts in the book for several weeks before deciding on this one from the Shirvan area in the region of Azerbaijan.  I had never done a charted needlepoint piece before, and I very much enjoyed stitching it.

Miniature Oriental Rug - Shirvan I by Ann Carol Goldberg