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Correspondence Courses provide focused study of needlepoint-related subjects and concentrate on the improvement and extension of personal needlework skills. They are available to any ANG member. Qualified teachers who are respected for their knowledge and abilities are selected to provide this means of independent study.

Correspondence Courses can provide an individual or group learning experience. Students must complete the course in a defined period of time in order to receive a personalized, written critique by the instructor, and a certificate acknowledging completion. No computer or computer skills are necessary.

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Individual versus Group Course Registration

Students may register as individuals or as a group. ANG makes no distinction between individuals and groups in terms of course fee. The teaching fee for each registrant is $55.00, whether registering as an individual or with a group. This fee may include the cost of the instruction booklet and printed materials; any required book purchases are noted. These kit fees, if applicable, must be paid with your registration.

Individual registration allows any ANG member to participate in a course for personal study. An individual registrant pays a teaching fee of $55.00, a $23.00 registration fee, and any applicable kit fee. Individual registrations can be paid by check made out to ANG or by Visa or Master Card.

Group Registration allows groups of members the convenience of submitting their registrations together. This is particularly well suited to, but is not limited to, chapter situations. In this case, the registrations must be submitted together with a single payment, and all lessons must be sent to the teacher for critique at the same time. A group pays the course fee of $55.00 for each registrant, a $66.00 registration fee for the group, and any applicable kit fees. There is no upper limit on the number of students who may register in a group, but all students must be members of ANG. The group secretary will be the liaison between the group, the Correspondence Course Chairman, and the instructor. The responsibilities of a group secretary include:

  1. Collecting registration fees from participants.

  2. Submitting the registration form, along with a single check made out to ANG or a single credit card number for the total amount.

  3. Distributing lessons and/or kits received from the instructor.

  4. Establishing a meeting schedule for the group.

  5. Making arrangements to reimburse the instructor for postage expense for submission of completed lessons for evaluation.

  6. Collecting and mailing completed lessons to the instructor for evaluation.

  7. Distributing the final evaluations and Correspondence Course Certificates to the group.
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Correspondence Course Registration Guidelines

Pictures and descriptions of each course can be seen in the Course List. The number of lessons and the number of months needed for each course are indicated. Typically, a course project is returned to the instructor for feedback at the end of each lesson. For most courses there is only one lesson, in which case the project is returned to the instructor only when it is completed. Courses man or may not require the purchase of a kit from the instructor. If a kit is required, or if there is an optional kit that can be purchased from the instructor, the kit fee is included with the description.

Registrants should allow a minimum of eight weeks from the time the registration request is mailed until the first lesson is received from the instructor. If participants registering as a group have established a tentative date to distribute the first lesson, including this date in the registration request is helpful. If a course contains several lessons, the instructor may not send all lessons with the first mailing; future lessons will be mailed upon completion and evaluation of prior lessons.

Included with the mailing of the first lesson will be a schedule of dates set by the instructor for returning completed lessons. If a student needs an extension of time, arrangements should be made with the instructor prior to the scheduled completion date. Extensions that result in a course length of more than 12 months will not be granted without prior approval of the Correspondence Course Chairman. If a student does not submit the lesson(s) by the deadline date, and does not request an extension, the student will receive the remainder of the lesson materials, if applicable, but will forfeit the right to an evaluation and certificate.

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Correspondence Course Postage

Postage for the initial mailing of the instruction booklet and kit (if applicable) from the instructor is included in the registration fee for U.S. students. Outside the U.S., there is an additional postage fee: $15.00 per student for just the instructions, or $25.00 per student for instructions plus full or partial kit. After the initial mailing, each student (regardless of location) is responsible for all postage charges involved in mailing lessons to and from the instructor. When you send a project or lesson to the instructor for evaluation, you must include a reimbursement for return postage. ANG recommends not only that you insure your package, but that you check with the instructor before shipping to make sure someone is available to receive the package.

Correspondence Course fees are nonrefundable.

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Registration Forms

The Correspondence Course registration form is available on this Web site in three formats. Individual registration may be done via You may also print one of the forms below and mail it to the registrar no later than October 31, 2016. Group Registration can only be done by printing one of the forms below and mailing it in.

The preferred form is stored in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format). You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, free of charge, at Adobe's Web site. You may use the alternate HTML format if you would rather not install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Registration Form (PDF format)

Registration Form (HTML format)

Pilot Preference Form (PDF format)

Mail enrollment requests to:

ANG Correspondence Courses
2424 American Lane
Madison, WI 53704-3102

Fax: 608-443-2478

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Correspondence Course Pin

Each student completing a course within the designated time receives an individual evaluation from the instructor and is also awarded a Correspondence Course Certificate signed by the instructor and the President of ANG. He or she is then eligible to purchase and wear the ANG Correspondence Course tie-tack style pin.

The Correspondence Course pin can be ordered from the ANG Jewelry Sales Representative. Mail a copy of your certificate or a statement of completion from the Correspondence Course Registrar along with a check payable to ANG for 9.00 ($6.00 for pin, plus $3.00 postage/handling) to:

ANG Jewelry Sales Representative
608 Euclid St.
Houston TX 77009-7227


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Student Proficiency Levels

The following description of levels is provided to assist each student in judging her/his level of expertise:


Basic Intermediate


Advanced Intermediate


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