ANG: American Needlepoint Guild - Donation

Make a donation to ANG

A donation to ANG is a special way to honor or remember a friend or loved one who values the needle arts. Many members donate to demonstrate their commitment to ANG's mission of providing quality needlework education and encouraging the appreciation of needlepoint. Your donations will help keep needlepoint growing as an art and a craft to be enjoyed by future generations.

ANG is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, allowing contributions to be deducted from the donor's taxable income to the full extent allowed by law. All donations are acknowledged in Needle Pointers, the official ANG publication.

You may designate a fund to receive your donation. A partial list of giving opportunities can be found below. If you are interested in making a donation, please click here. Donations can be sent to American Needlepoint Guild, Inc., 2424 American Lane, Madison, WI 53704-3102, or faxed to (608) 443-2474.  If you would like to make your donation with a credit card and have an ANG member number, you can make donations through our on-line shopping cart, click here.

In addition to monetary donations, ANG accepts contributions of stitching supplies to be auctioned as part of the Annual Live and Silent Auctions held each year at the Seminar. These include stitching accessories, threads, and needlepoint canvases in good repair. Volunteers can also donate services, such as stitching, framing and needlework finishing. For more information, see the Auction Website or contact the Auction chairman at

Funds Through Which You Can Donate to ANG

ANG maintains operational, scholarship, and exhibit award funds, and all of them accept donations in any amount. Each ANG Fund retains its own identity for accounting purposes.

Operational Funds

Operational Funds support activities consistent with ANGís mission, including educational programs and outreach.

The ANG Memorial Fund

The ANG Memorial Fund is an unrestricted fund. It functions similarly to the Endowment Fund, in that donations can be made in honor or in memory of any individual, event, or occasion. A majority vote of the Board of Directors is required to use any monies in the Fund.

The ANG Memorial Fund enables ANG to respond with maximum flexibility to changing member needs, to build upon our current programs and activities, and to support inventive programs. As opportunities for growth and innovation arise, the Board considers the associated financial requirements and determines if use of monies from the Memorial Fund is appropriate.

The Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund, established in 1987, is a restricted fund; that is, only its earnings can be used to support ANG, and the earnings must be spent on educational programs, including the annual National Exhibit and needlework training for members. In order to ensure that the Endowment Fund continues to grow, a maximum of 70 percent of the fundís annual earnings are used in any given year.

Scholarship Funds

  • The Teaching Excellence Fund: Established in 1998, the Teaching Excellence Fund is intended to encourage members to pursue the teaching of needlework and to provide training opportunities for those already engaged in teaching. The fund earnings are used to pay for a teaching or judging class each year at the ANG National Seminar.
  • The ANG Judith and Susan Richardson Teaching Scholarship Fund: Established in 2008, and intended to encourage members to pursue the teaching of needlework in its many manifestations. This scholarship will serve as a monetary incentive to candidates who, after satisfactorily completing the Introduction to Teaching class, decide to enter, and are accepted into the Master Teacher Program.
  • Massachusetts Chapter Scholarship: Established in 1994 to pay the Master Teacher Program tuition for a candidate who has demonstrated excellence at any level of the Master Teacher Program. Awarded annually.
  • Chottie Alderson Scholarship: Established in 1989 to pay $75 toward tuition for the Master Level of the Master Teacher Program. Awarded annually.
  • Marjorie Littlejohn Scholarship for Judging: Established in 1998 to provide the entry fee for a selected candidate entering the Judging program or seeking certification renewal. Awarded annually.
  • Margaret Briscoe Scholarship Fund: Established in 2007 to award those who wish to enter the Judging or Needlearts Appraisal Programs.

Ribbons and Awards Funds

  • Sampler Award Fund in Memory of Amyee Johnson: Established in 2001 to endow a ribbon for an entry that is a collection of patterns, stitches, and techniques put together in a convenient form for reference on a readily counted ground. Awarded annually.
  • Hilton Stitch Award: Established in 2008 to provide a ribbon to that entry in the Seminar Exhibit that best exhibits the most effective use of Hilton stitches or any variation thereof.
  • Christmas Theme Award: Established in 2008 in memory of Nina Goerres to provide a ribbon to that entry in the Seminar Exhibit that best exhibits the use of Christmas themes.
  • Princess Grace Boehm Rose Fund: Established 2001 to present a Boehm Rose award to an entry in the Seminar Exhibit worked entirely in tent stitch.
  • Founders Fund Award: Established in 2002 by the Family of Maxine Graham, a charter member of ANG, to present a ribbon at the Seminar Exhibit for an entry in the Class Project category that demonstrates the studentís development of the project, including presenting the finished stitched piece in a different format or doing multiples of the same project. The winning stitcher receives a ribbon and an inscribed Paul Revere bowl.

Specialty Funds

  • Friends of Needle Pointers: Established in 2008 to provide an unrestricted fund for the support of the expenses of producing Needle Pointers magazine.
  • Joyce Lukomski Fund for Needle Pointers: Established in 1995 to support Needle Pointers for the purposes of the inclusion of additional colored pages; to achieve a more contemporary look; and to ensure the continued high quality of paper and printing.
  • The Louise Meier Scholarship Fund: Established in 1997 as a fund supported by the sale of The Needlework Studio and donations to establish an ongoing fund to present two Seminar scholarships. Awarded annually.

Donor-Named Funds
In addition to the gift opportunities listed above, donors can create a named fund to honor an individual, family or business, or to support a needlework-related activity or field of interest. There are minimum amounts required to establish such a fund. If you wish to create a named fund, we invite you to discuss your intention and the current minimum funding levels with the ANG Treasurer. All inquiries are strictly confidential and without any obligation.