Judging Certification Program

Judging Certification Program (JCP) The Judging Certification Program (JCP) was established in 1987 to certify qualified evaluators for needlework exhibitions, and to oversee a standard of excellence in the development of needlework through professional judging. Those who satisfactorily complete the program are certified to serve as judges or jurors for needlework shows and exhibits.

JCP candidates are expected to be proficient in canvaswork and have a working knowledge of other forms of needlework. Other forms include crewel, silk and metal embroidery, pulled thread work, etc. The candidate should have a working knowledge of color and design. The candidate should have experience as an exhibitor and have had some involvement in organizing an exhibit. Documentation of experience is required, including a listing of any exhibit awards. Résumé must include related education, teaching, and business experience. A statement of the candidate's philosophy of judging and letters of recommendation are required in the application.

Once accepted into the program, candidates are sent the Judging Certification Program requirements. Included are the study materials, schedules, and a current bibliography. The candidate is expected to complete the Judging Certification Program by the second ANG Seminar following acceptance into the program.

During the course of the program, the candidate will be required to:

  1. Attend the judging workshop during an ANG Seminar
  2. Act as a trial judge at three shows or exhibits, including an ANG Seminar Exhibit
  3. Develop a notebook of materials pertaining to the judging of needlework and judging in general
  4. Prepare book critiques from the official JCP bibliography
  5. Complete an open-book examination. The final written examination is administered during Seminar. Both of these examinations require an in-depth knowledge of color, design, stitching techniques, judging criteria, ethics, and history of every type of needlework.
  6. Upon completion of these requirements, a Certified Judge pin is awarded at the ANG Seminar.

There are no lifetime judgeships granted. The ANG Judging Certification Program believes that judging is an ongoing growth experience and that judges, in order to remain active, must continue to study, judge, exhibit, and publish related articles. Required annual updates must be submitted by May 1 of each year to remain on the active judging list. ANG Judges must be recertified every five years.

In order to remain active as a certified judge, all ANG Certified Judges must submit a written request to the Judging Certification Committee to renew their credentials. The request should contain the following information:

  1. Record of judging experience since last certification
  2. Additional study in color and design
  3. Reference letter from at least one needlework show chairman for whom they have judged
  4. Teaching and exhibiting experience within the five-year period
  5. Any published articles relating to the judging of embroidery In recognition of renewal, a new dated charm is presented and attached to the original pin. Application forms and renewal requests may be obtained by contacting the Chairman, ANG Judging Certification Program at judgingcertification@needlepoint.org, or by completing and submitting the enrollment form.