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Needle Pointers is the official publication of the Guild. It is published six times a year: January, March, May, July, September and November. Subscriptions are available only through membership in the Guild. Click on the image at left to see a sample of the Table of Contents of the current issue.

The focus of the magazine is solely on the art of needlepoint. Needle Pointers includes educational articles, projects with charted designs, book and video reviews, news of local chapters, national events and information concerning the Guild.

The Guild began publishing a quarterly newspaper, entitled American Needlepoint Guild, for its members in 1972. By 1977 the publication took the form of a journal. With the Summer edition in 1980 it became a magazine with the title Needle Pointers. Bimonthly publication of the magazine began in December, 1984.

In addition to the magazine, ANG will be providing periodic web extras. The July 2013 issue of Needle Pointers contains instructions for a Mermaid Stitching Bag by Betsy Morgan of Willing Hands Needlework Design. In addition to the stitching instructions, she is generously sharing the finishing and tassel making instructions. You can download these instructions here:

The September 2013 web extra was the instructions for finishing the name tag.  Click here to download Emily Caneer’s finishing instructions.

The November 2013 web extra is Star in the Meadow – A Petite Stocking designed by Pat Mazu. Click here to download the instruction file.

The July 2014 web extra is Sassy Seahorse: A Children’s Project by Patricia Parra. Click here to download the instruction file.

The November 2014 web extra, Sassy Seahorse: Customizing the Canvas Seahorse. Click here to download the instruction file.

The January 2015 web extra is "What Makes an Award-Winning Stitcher Tick?” Click here to download the file.

The September 2015 Web Extra is two pdf files. One is MasterChart.pdf, which duplicates the one printed in the magazine. The other is MetalsGrid.pdf, which shows only the metallic thread outlining

The February 2016 Web Extra is “What Goes on in an Award Winning Stitcher’s Brain?” Click here to download the file

Erratum: In the March 2015 issue of Needle Pointers, the line drawing on page 26 is presented at 100%. In order to get the correct proportions when transferring the design to Congress cloth, please copy the line drawing at 75% of actual size. We apologize for any confusion.

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