You can purchase or renew your Membership in two ways. Use either method listed below.

Method 1 : 

Purchase online using's secure servers. accepts all major credit card. You will be able to submit the information requested electronically through a later form. Click here to use this method.

Method 2:

Print this form from your browser, check the appropriate membership category, fill in the blanks, and send it along with a check made out to ANG for your next year's membership to the address listed below. Payments must be in US dollars drawn on a US bank, or you can send international postal money orders in US dollars.

National membership dues are $45.00 per year. Canada/Mexico membership dues are $57.00 annually and all other international dues are $65.00 per year. Life Patron membership is available for a one-time dues payment of $2,000.00 for US members and $2,2000 for international members, and includes a continuing subscription to Needle Pointers.

ANG, Inc.
Membership Renewal
2424 American Lane
Madison, WI 53704-3102

Phone: 608-443-2476 x131
Fax: 608-443-2474 or 608-443-2478

If you are joining ANG, please fill in all fields provided.

If you are renewing an existing membership only the membership number, first name, and last name are required. The remaining fields only need to be provided if they have changed since your last communication with ANG that included your address.

According to Policy 1.05, “No refund of membership dues will be made due to the death of a member or to a request for membership cancellation.”