ANG Membership

The American Needlepoint Guild, Inc. (ANG) was incorporated in 1972 and has almost 9,500 national and international members. About one-third of our members are members-at-large(MALs). About two-thirds of our members belong to one or more of our 174 Chapters in the United States and Canada.

ANG offers education through correspondence courses, audio-visual programs, seminars and both teacher and judging certification programs. Needle Pointers, the national magazine available to members only, is published six times a year with educational articles, charted designs, book/video reviews, and news of the local Chapters and national events. 

ANG's 2013 Seminar and Exhibit takes place August 23-30 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County, Anaheim, California. The Seminar includes the annual meeting and classes at all levels of expertise with national needlework teachers. While you must be a member of ANG to register for classes, the needlepoint Exhibit, Needlework Expo!, the Live and Silent Auctions, the ANG Shop, and the Bookstore are open to the public. The 2013 Exhibit features many stitched pieces, ranging from original works to class projects and everything in between. The ANG Shop offers needlepoint supplies, including painted canvases, threads, tools, and accessories. Needlework Expo! is a one-evening mart that makes easily available all kinds of stitching paraphernalia, much of which can be hard to find elsewhere. ANG's 2014 Seminar will be held in Chicago, Illinois, August 22-29.

ANG offers a varied program of Correspondence Courses taught by accomplished, professional teachers. Each member receives a complete list in the Education Directory. Courses are designed for adults and for youth.

ANG's popular CyberWorkshops are online classes with experienced teachers and offer the opportunity to join the many members who have found stitching on the Web a new and exciting adventure. 

The Master Teacher Program offers training and certification on five levels. The Judging Certification Program offers the opportunity to earn certification for judging needlework shows. The Master Needle Artist Program trains those who wish to further their creative development, and the Needlework Appraisal Program trains those who wish to become professional appraisers. 

Chapter membership offers active participation and fellowship on the local level through programs and instruction in the field of needlepoint. Chapter dues are set locally and are in addition to national dues.   

National membership dues are $45.00 per year. Canada/Mexico membership dues are $57.00 annually and all other international dues are $65.00 per year. Life Patron membership is available for a one-time dues payment of $2,000.00 for US members and $2,2000 for international members, and includes a continuing subscription to Needle Pointers. National and international dues include six bi-monthly issues of Needle Pointers. Membership is open to every individual. An applicant is not required to demonstrate any level of stitching accomplishment to be eligible for membership. Beginners are welcome! 

Prospective members are urged to join their local Chapters

If there is no Chapter in your area, click here to print the Member-at-Large membership application.  This application can be used for a new Member-at-Large (MAL) or for MAL membership renewal.

If you're a member of ANG and would like to update your address, phone number, or email address with the membership office, click here to do so online.