Master Needle Artist Program

This pin
will identify the wearer as having completed the requirements for certification in ANG’s Master Needle Artist program


The Master Needle Artist Program is a certification for needle workers wishing to express their artistic excellence using needle and thread. It is a certification of the creative artist that dwells within each craftsman. While technical merit is a requirement to enter the program, this certification will be granted based on artistic merit rather than technical application. Creativity is encouraged. Copies of historical works is not the end result we are after – a piece of newly created, original art is the end result that should be attained from this certification process along with a valuable research document on some needlework related or historical topic

Choosing Your Topic

The first and most difficult task is choosing a topic for your research. Your topic can range from a historical time period, the art of a particular culture, a particular technique you are interested in exploring, to any form of art and how it can relate to needlework. The topic must be approved by the Chairman of the Master Needleartist Program and cannot have been done within the past five years. A brief outline of your topic should be included when your topic is submitted for approval.

Year 1

Your first year will be spent researching the topic of your choice. You will write a thesis/research paper.
Your research and writing – the thesis and the short article should be completed within the first year of the program.

Year 2

At the completion of your research, or concurrent with it, exploration should begin for your final piece. The second year of your certification process should be spent exploring ideas for your final work of art. Once a final concept has formed, begin experimenting on small works. When your work is completed, submit high resolution digital images of your work to the chairman. Your final project will be critiqued by a working artist. This and your prior research work will be used to determine the completion of your certification The finished work should be framed, or appropriately finished for display at the ANG National Seminar.

We would love to have you join us in this journey of self-discovery. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and address any concerns you might have on whether this program is appropriate for you.  

Application forms may be obtained by contacting the Chairman, Master Needle Artist Program.