September/October 2016

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From the President's Desk,
submitted by Lisa Crespo

Greetings from ANG's 44th Annual Seminar in New Orleans, LA. Laissez les bons temps rouler! (pronounced: le-say lay bohn tomps roo-lay) Let the good times roll! Well many certainly have been doing just that by adding SALT to their diet (Stitch A Little Time, Talent or Treasure) to be stitched in to ANG.

It was a fabulous fun filled week with food and friends! We kicked the week off in true New Orleans fashion with a band, parade, and meal for our Opening Banquet and Awards presentation. Our Exhibit was extensive this year and it was equally exceeded by a record number of public attendees. Thank you to the many efforts by the national board and local membership on getting the word out! With that came more publicity through the local paper and social media which resulted in new members, auction participation (Silent, Buy It Now, and Online), Golden Needle Society contributions for our capital campaign drive as well as a large amount of onsite early registration sign-ups for ANG's 45th Annual Seminar "Stitchers Go West" in Anaheim- August 25 - September 1, 2017. Expo was great as always! The Life Patron lunch speaker, Michele Carragher, costume embroiderer, was excellent and informative. She definitely has many new fans! At the closing banquet the last of the Exhibit Awards were presented for the Delegates' and People's Choice and presentations for the Certification Programs were made. An ANG Literary Award was presented to Sandy Arthur for her books, Shapes of Needlepoint Series I - IV. The Seminar experience is truly one not to be missed! All of the hard work and planning came together. Thank you to all of those that make this experience so memorable. Read on to find out more details as we toot our horn on some of the organizations successes and we are not done yet! Join the bandwagon!

Board meeting updates:

The Board has been working overtime for the organization's benefit. We have met several times in the last few months to discuss vendor vetting and contract negotiations. The following contracts have been signed:
Photography - 3M
Stitchers Go West Seminar Shop - Needlepoints West
Event Planner (NOLA) - Valerie Ickes
Magazine - Allen Press
Association Management Company - The Rees Group

These vendors were chosen with great care having ANG's best interest in mind. All of these companies offer products and services for a reasonable price strengthening not only our financial stability but they also bring valuable improvements to advance the organization's future.

But that is not all we do! We continue to work with the Executive Council and TRG planning and executing our goals and objects as well as working with the Nominating Committee to find volunteers who want to participate on a winning team!

ANG Marketing and Public Relations:

We made marketing postcards advertising ANG and all that Seminar has to offer and placed them within the local NOLA community. With that came an article in the local paper the New Orleans Advocate. entertainment_life/home_garden/article_55423f9a-6b09-11e6-a14c-eb976c0eb6a8.html

All of which resulted in a record number of onsite new member enrollment and attendance from outside sources at open to the public events.


From the Treasurer's Desk,
submitted by Julie Donatelli

ANG's 2016 Seminar is coming to a close and, shortly after that, all of the final bills will be coming in. Seminar is lots of fun, but it's an expensive undertaking. While the hotel does not charge ANG for all of the rooms that it uses during Seminar, the trade-off is that the contract requires ANG to spend a significant amount on food and beverage. ANG fulfills this obligation at its Welcome Banquet, Closing Banquet, and certain other food events. Many Seminar participants also do not realize that ANG is required to pay a decorator to build-out the area that houses the exhibit, auction. and hospitality area (e.g., carpeting, drapery walls, tables, etc.). Payments to teachers are another significant cost. Although Seminar participants pay their own kit fees, ANG pays teaching fees and reimburses the teachers for their out-of-pocket costs, such as travel and lodging. Anyone who has been to Seminar in the last several years probably knows Bill Stoeffler - our security guard extraordinaire. Although Bill is worth every penny that we pay him, he is on-call for virtually 24 hours a day; this level of service and dedication also contributes to the cost of Seminar.

Seminar participants often question why they are required to pay a facilities usage fee if they aren't staying at the hotel. The reason for this is that the pricing of ANG's hotel contract largely depends upon how many rooms are booked for the event. If the number of rooms does not meet a contractual minimum, ANG may have to pay additional fees to the hotel. The facilities usage fee is designed to ensure that all Seminar participants share in the common costs of the facility, regardless of whether they choose to stay at the hotel or not.

From the Vice President of Operations Desk,
submitted by Jan Herod

Makes me sad to say that NOLA has come and gone. I now have to wait a year until Anaheim. I hope everyone had a wonderful time.

You need a few things to make a great Seminar and I was not disappointed. A big applause for our Seminar Coordinator, Barbara Richardson and her helpers. Another applause for our event planner, Valerie Ickes. She only had 5 weeks to help pull this together.

Last but not least a Huge Thank You to you, our attendees. You make us want to do a great job. So everyone pat yourself on the back and get ready for Anaheim.

From the Vice President of Membership Desk,
submitted by Pat Dugan

You'll be hearing about some new ideas from the Area Representatives in the next few months once all get home and unpacked from Seminar. We had a productive meeting that I'm hoping results in some programs Chapters will find beneficial. I won't steal their thunder, so please be sure you watch for correspondence from your ARs!

While at Seminar we received an email from a person whose parents lost all in the flooding in Baton Rouge in August. In this case one of the items damaged was a needlepoint pincushion that her Mom had owned for years. As is often the case with these kinds of objects, the mother was heartbroken over loosing this early stitched piece. The daughter asked if we knew anyone who would stitch another from the piece she had removed from the pincushion and the Streetcar Stitchers - Greater New Orleans Chapter stepped up and took on this project. We are incredibly proud of how compassionate our members are.


Golden Needle Society,
submitted by Diane Trobaugh

Parade of Stitches Participants Pulled Out All the Stops for the Golden Needle Society!
And the confetti is flying! It was another banner year at Seminar 2016 in New Orleans and we have reason to celebrate. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of donors at Seminar, we raised $52,404, more than double the $25,000 goal set by the ANG Development Committee. This brings the total amount donated or pledged to the Endowment Fund to $366,214. What a thrill it is to see the Golden Needle thread march up to our ultimate goal of $500,000 by Seminar 2022. Some of the highlights of the donations include two new Circle members, 47 first time contributors with 84 total contributors. Jim Printz, Trade Signets, donated a golden pen made of clear box elder wood to be used for fundraising. The names of all contributors who made a minimum donation of $100 during the Seminar were entered in a drawing for the pen. The drawing was at the Closing Banquet and Jessica Tew was the winner.

Did you miss Seminar this year? Not to worry, you can still be part of the parade and donate as we start the 4th year of our capital campaign to grow the Endowment Fund. Go to and click on "join us" for the contribution form. Donations can be mailed to American Needlepoint Guild, Inc., 2424 American Lane, Madison, WI 53704-3102 or faxed to (608) 443-2474. Remember, you can make your donation in honor or in memory of someone. Please be sure to indicate how you wish to be acknowledged in ANG publications. Your donation will make a difference!

Seminar Committee Chair,
submitted by Barbara Richardson

What a great time we had in New Orleans. From the parade for Opening Banquet to the winning pieces in the Exhibit, "the must have items" in the shop, EXPO! and the Delegates' and People's Choice Awards at Closing Banquet. Always wonderful to see friends, make new friends, and be inspired to stitch more. We had a wonderful response from the public this year and a nice article in the local newspaper about our event.

It takes many volunteers to put on a Seminar, from stitching teacher nametags and ribbon centers before Seminar to working at the Exhibit, Auction, Golden Needle Society, and Hospitality table during seminar. What a great way to give a couple of hours to help make the seminar go smoothly. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS for a job well done!

Now is the time to begin thinking about 2017 Seminar, August 25 to September 1, 2017 in Anaheim, California. It is ANG 45th Annual Sapphire Celebration - "Stitchers Go West" is the theme and we hope to see you there. The class pieces were on display in the Exhibit area in NOLA and it would be hard to make a choice of which ones to take. Time now to also think about entering a piece into the Exhibit, a great way to inspire stitchers and show our art to the public. Thank you to all for a wonderful seminar!

submitted by Pat Rogers

ANG Seminar 2016 is over and the Auctions were a wonderful success! Both Online and Silent were full of great items. Online had over 180 items, most of them finished. These included a child's rocking chair with a needlepoint seat, lots of NOLA themed stand-ups and ornaments, a large collection of Joan Thomasson Angels, and a bunch of tote bags with needlepoint decoration. The Silent Auction had over 250 painted canvases, kits, charts, stands, and finished items. Then there was Buy It Now! This included charts, canvases and 100 grab bags filled with threads.

Together, these events made over $30,000 for ANG! The funds all go to support ANG's mission to further the art of needlepoint. A big thank you to all the volunteers who made this happen! Without the stitchers who stitch up the wonderful canvases, the finishers who create the masterpieces, and the generous donors who supply the raw materials we would not be able to offer these fun events. If you would like to help by stitching, finishing or donating, please contact the committee at

Be sure to watch for the ANG Online Auction coming in the next few months! Notices will be sent out in plenty of time for you to log on and bid.

Exhibit Winners,
submitted by Val Reece

2016 Exhibit Awards: Judged Categories

Category 1 Original Non-Professional  
1st Place 103NP Festive Fireworks Melita Glavin
2nd Place 107NP Elephant on the Rocks Julie A. Butus
3rd Place 101NP A Year of Christmas Mini Stockings Holly Hayes Jones
Category 1 Original Professional  
1st Place 1020P All That Jazz Cathe McEnerney
2nd Place 1004P Birches on the River Catherine Jordan
3rd Place 1002P Man the Builder Jonathan Brown
HM 1015P Glitz & Glamour Citrine Debbie Rowley
Category 2 Adaptation Non-Professiona  
1st Place 201NP Time Flies Donna LaBranche
Category 2 Adaptation Professional
1st Place 2002P Chief Chewing Elk Philip Bush
2nd Place 2001P Catch Me If You Can Philip Bush
3rd Place 2004P Those Who Wander Catherine Jordan
HM 2003P Ahwahnee Lorene Salt
Category 3 Independent Project Non-Professional  
1st Place 303NP English Goldwork Heart III Kristi Herbrand
2nd Place 304NP Rose Swirls Brenda M Cote
Category 3 Independent Project Professional  
1st Place 3004P Needle Arts Mystery Retreat 2015 Debbie Rowley
2nd Place 3005P Florae Mundi Gail Sirna
3rd Place 3003P Xanadu Times Nine Kathleen Brennan
Category 4 Painted Design Without Stitch Guide Non-Professional
1st Place 411NP The Alps Susan Newnam
2nd Place 401NP Moonlight Santa - Amanda Maureen Giuffre
3rd Place 410NP Geometric Purse Barbara Evans
HM 402NP Asian Purse in Green Gaye Smith
HM 403NP Red, Black, and White Purse Gaye Smith
HM 409NP The (missed the) Wedding Shoes Patricia Choban
Category 4 Painted Design Without Stitch Guide Professional  
1st Place 4001P Be Kind Whenever Possible Vicky De Angelis
2nd Place 4007P Black Cat Cynthia Thomas
3rd Place 4005P Treat Cynthia Thomas
Category 5 Painted Design With Stitch Guide Non-Professional  
1st Place 507NP Heaven's Guardian Mary F. Williams
2nd Place 505NP Miss Puff Tote Barbara Evans
2nd Place 508NP Pink Peony Purse Frances Whiting
3rd Place 503NP 13 Rue de Greenlee Colleen Greenlee
Category 5 Painted Design With Stitch Guide Professional
3rd Place 5001P Because You're Mine I Walk the Line Penny Boswinkle
Category 6 Class Project Non-Professional  
1st Place 602NP 18th Century Sampler Dawn Bagnetto
2nd Place 629NP American Mosaic Susan Fitzsimons
3rd Place 607NP Pumpkin with Bargello Border Nancy L. Fulton
HM 610NP Beauty and the Bee Beth Pansino
HM 612NP Florentine Fleur de Lys Lisa Eldredge
HM 614NP Solar Flare Kristi Herbrand
HM 624NP Fleur de Lys Julie A. Butus
Category 6 Class Project Professional  
1st Place 6005P Color Play Patricia M. Tector
2nd Place 6006P Chicago Patch Cathe McEnerney
Special Award Winners
People's Choice 2002P Chief Chewing Elk Philip Bush
Delegates' Choice 411NP The Alps Susan Newnam
Judges' Choices
1. Mary K Campbell 1002P Man the Builder Jonathan Brown
2. Dr. Cynthia Rigoni 2002P Chief Chewing Elk Philip Bush
3. Donna Halpin 411NP The Alps Susan Newnam
Sampler Award 602NP 18th Century Sampler Dawn Bagnetto
Creative Inspiration Award 1002P Man the Builder Jonathan Brown
Wearable Art Award 409NP The (missed the) Wedding Shoes Patricia Choban
Small Masterpiece Award 2004P Those Who Wander Catherine Jordan
Silk & Metal Award 1020P All That Jazz Cathe McEnerney
President's Choice Award 301NP Halloween Square Adapted to Celebrate Mardi Gras Susan Heider
First-Time Exhibitor Award 602NP 18th Century Sampler Dawn Bagnetto
Nine Goerres Christmas Theme Award 401NP Moonlight Santa Amanda - Maureen Giuffre
Hilton Stitch Award 1006P La Mision - Concepcion Kurdy Biggs
State Award 414NP Ain't 'Dere No Mo' Deborah Downing
Beth Robertson Canvas Embellishment Award 411NP The Alps Susan Newnam
Best of Show 411NP The Alps Susan Newnam
Note: Princess Grace and Founders were not awarded

Senior Master Teacher - Susan Hoekstra

Forney Family Scholarship for a first-time seminar participant - Julie Renshaw
Nametag Contest Winner - Joanne Jackson.
Louise Meier Scholarship - Diane Blinn and Cathy Bradfield

Quest XXIV
The theme of the 2017 Quest XXIV is "A Stitch In Time."

Needle Pointers,
submitted by Diane Blinn

Needle Pointers is excited to be bringing you the Exhibit issue with all of the winner's photographs and commentary in January, along with a few new features and columns. Both the Seminar Brochure and January issue will be mailed together wrapped in a polybag. All future issues will be mailed the same way. Your Board of Directors heard you and we are pleased that ANG has negotiated this feature into the contract with the new publisher, Allen Press. Look for the issue coming to you early January.

submitted by Lisa Crespo

Jenny Ross will finish her term as Chair on 10/31/16. Thank you Jenny for all of the contributions and efforts to help ANG over the years. Linda Rand will take on the role as project manager and work with TRG to help in the development of our new long awaited website.

With regard to Stitchers Go West, ANG's 45th Annual Sapphire Seminar early registration... it was our hope that a new website would have been in place by now. Alas with so many matters that needed urgent attention not everything is possible to address at all one time. We are volunteers after all. This undertaking is extremely important just as the magazine, association management company, the 44th Annual Seminar in NOLA and all that entails in keeping the organization together. We appreciate your patience.

Seminar 2017 Early Registration information is now available on our website at You can register online through the ANG member shopping cart or using the downloadable form. If you have any questions or require assistance please call 608-443-2476, email Class information and Seminar details are being added as they become available.

Login in with your information. If you don't have or recall that information there is a link for recovery. Once you are in the shopping cart on the first line there is a link to 2017 Seminar Registration. Fill in the required information and the classes and other parts of the registration form will come up in a drop down box format. Join us as Stitchers Go West!

submitted by Cathe McEnerney

March 2017 comes in like a lion and brings with it the second Encore! ANG event to be held March 18 and 19 at the Marriott AC Hotel, Atlanta Buckhead at Phipps Plaza. Classes and teachers for this event are: Nancy Cucci teaching Sisters, Lois Kershner teaching Provence Pottery, and Jennifer Reifenberg teaching Beets. Registration for this special event has already begun with Golden Needle Society donors, Executive Council members, and Life Patrons. Registration for any available class space will open on October 11th for our General Membership. The Registration and Participants Fee of $350 will be required with sign up, kit fees will be invoiced at a later date. Class space is extremely limited so make your plans now and don't delay. You are encouraged to fax your registration to: 608-443-2474 or 608-443-2478 or if submitting by mail: 2424 American Lane, Madison WI 53704. Questions? Please call 608-443-2476, ext. 144 or email

submitted by Penny Boswinkle

The Ballot for 2017 is complete! The Nominating Committee would like to thank all of our wonderful members who volunteered to run for election - this includes those picked and those who had to be turned down. We would also like to thank all of the members who helped us to find the candidates - on a national level that can be a challenge.

So... we start over on our quest for candidates for 2018! Yes, that's right - 2018! It seems way in the future, but for the Nominating Committee it's our next job. We hope that you will consider volunteering for the following positions:

  • Vice President of Membership Eastern Area Rep
  • Vice President of Operations Western Area Rep
  • Secretary

If you have any questions pertaining to any of the positions, please contact us at

Thanks again for your volunteer service to the American Needlepoint Guild!

National Nominating Committee:
Penny Boswinkle, Chair
Barbara Yocom, Eastern Area
Jessica Tew, Southeastern Area
Jane Farber, North Central Area
Ginger Trawick, South Central Area
Jan Hawks, Western Area

Correspondence Courses,
submitted by Melita Glavin, Chair

Gated Secrets by Sandra Arthur

This dimensional needlepoint project, Gated Secrets by Sandra Arthur, explores many techniques to add interest and challenge. Detailed descriptions, color photos, and stitch illustrations walk you through techniques of appliqué, trapunto, and sponge painting on the canvas. Trapunto is a decorative quilted effect using padding and by stitching around the outline of the design area. Stumpwork variations add dimension and texture. Stitching includes needleweaving and many additional showcase stitches such as Nobuko, buttonhole on a knot, darning, Bargello, mosaic, raised stem stitch, and combination stitches. Experience working with fantastic suggested threads such as Pepper Pot Silk, Burmilana, Gumnut, ThreadworX, Rainbow Gallery, and others.

I Can Do It . . . A Simple Approach to Design Theory and Creativity by Patricia Mazu

Do you want to create your own petite stocking or other shaped ornament? It isn't difficult! You will learn to combine stitch patterns to create your own "personally designed" ornament. The I Can Do It workbook by Patricia Mazu will provide a simplified course in design and color theory, ideas for designs, outlines of shapes for ornaments, and composite stitch diagrams. Dozens of color images of models and stitch-combination diagrams are provided. An extensive bibliography is included. An optional complete kit ($25) includes #14 or #18 mono canvas, a selection of threads, metallic braids, and beads so that you can create your first ornament.

For further information about how to register for all CCs, go to ANG's Home Page, click on Educational Opportunities, and then Correspondence Courses or click on

CyberWorkshop: Journey, A Keepsake Box by Catherine Jordan
submitted by Dawn Clark, Chair

Explore the possibilities of combining blackwork on canvas with counted, surface, and padded techniques in a Zentangle® inspired design. This class will explore adding patterning, shading, and highlights to blackwork for spectacular effects. The class includes online step-by-step videos of drawing Zentangle® patterns, shading, painting, and much more. The design is finished with a four-sided stitch and easily mounted on the papier máché keepsake box.

The design is stitched on white #24 count Congress cloth. The finished design is 2.5" x 8.25." An optional kit will be available.

Journey, A Keepsake Box is an Intermediate class lasting four months. Registration will be open from October 1, 2016 through November 30, 2016. The workshop will start February 1, 2017.

Workshop by Mail,
submitted by Kathy Larsen, Chair

Check it out! Circles and Squares by Carol Algie Higginbotham will be available between June 1, 2016 and September 30, 2016.

One ending, one starting! There's a change of guard, so to speak, at the end of September in regards to Workshop by Mail. Workshop by Mail, if you're not familiar with it, doesn't have any dues dates, schedules, or critiques. It's a design you work on it when you want at your own pace.

There is still a little bit of time to get your copy of Circles and Squares by Carol Algie Higginbotham. The last day to get this is September 30. On October 1st, a new design will be available.

Circles and Squares is a 10 ½" square design worked on a 14" square of #18 white mono canvas and finishes as a 12" piece.

The advanced student works a base of canvas stitches in floss. Then adds Jean Hilton stitches in Crystal Braid and Kreinik Braid to give the piece some sparkle! This serves as a base for the ribbon roses and rose buds. The roses are worked over 17 different canvas stitches.

Carol Higginbotham has been a member of the Embroiderers' Guild of America since 1971. She is an Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. certified teacher in Blackwork and a Japanese Embroidery Center approved teacher of Traditional Japanese Embroidery. A past president of the Southern California Chapter, EGA, she has served on the Counted Thread Master Craftsman committee for EGA, the Teacher Certification committee for EGA, and was national EGA librarian. She has taught locally, at regional and national seminars for EGA, National Standards Council of American Embroiderers', American Needlepoint Guild, and for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She has done commissions for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, San Bernardino County Museum, the Nixon Library, antique dealers, magazines, and designs for needlework companies. Her other stitching interests include: crewel, whitework (especially Dresden and Ayshire), and metal thread. Carol is a second generation Californian who retired from a Southern California public library.

You can see a photo of this piece and a link to the registration form by going to

Echoes of Glass

Echoes of Glass by Carolyn Mitchell is next in line at Workshop by Mail, to tickle your fancy. This is available starting October 1, 2016 with a design size of 5.75" x 15" on 18 mono canvas.

Inspired by a visit to the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida, this exciting canvaswork piece was designed with emphasis on glass. Worked on #18 mono canvas primarily with embroidery floss which offers a light appearance. Echoes of Glass incorporates over twenty different canvaswork stitches with touches of metallic thread, glass beads and crystals to sparkle in the sun. Many of the stitches are light and airy in appearance working with grids, pattern stitches, and blending colors creating gentle gradations.

Carolyn was a full time shop owner in Canada for twenty years and has been a designer and teacher of embroidery for over 35 years. She holds a NSCAE teaching certificate and was EAC Education Chairman (1990-94). She has been an EAC counselor and author since 1987. She is a national and international teacher. Her exploration of fibers, colors, and textures are evident in her designs for Canvaswork, Blackwork, and Hardanger as she blends different forms of stitchery on canvas. She enjoys watching and encouraging her students cultivate their knowledge and expansion in their embroidery field.

You can find the registration for this on the ANG web site as of October 1, which is just around the corner. Unfortunately, it's not visible until then, but I wanted to let you know that it's coming soon.

Master Needle Artist (MNA),
submitted by Cindy Durston, Chair

Big News coming from the Master Needle Artist Program. The Board at the "Parade of Stitches" Seminar in New Orleans has just approved the Senior Master Needle Artist Level for the Master Needle Artist Certificate Program.

This level will be available to all those needle artists who have achieved a Master Needle Artist Certificate and to graduates of other Certificate Programs with approval from the Chair. For more information email the Chair at

NeedleArts Appraisal Program (NAP),
submitted by Cindy Gershin, Chair

One of the questions often asked is about the pre-requisites for joining ANG's NeedleArts Appraisal Program. If you are a current ANG member in good standing, you are eligible to join this program. No particular stitching expertise or knowledge of styles or needlework history is required. As part of the application to join this program, we have you fill out a questionnaire that allows us to assess your general knowledge of needlework materials and styles, as well as a few questions that help us get to know you better. This allows us to pair you with the mentor that works best with your background. While this is a self-study course, your mentor is with you every step of the way. The NeedleArts Appraisal Program course is designed to cover all the areas you need to learn about needlework, materials, of course appraising, and writing valid appraisal reports. If you are interested in becoming an ANG Accredited NeedleArts Appraiser, or have questions about the program, contact us at

Master Teacher Program (MTP),
submitted by Susan Hoekstra, Chair

Have you ever wanted to develop and increase your skills as a teacher of needlework and increase your visibility on the national level?

Have you struggled to produce well-written instructional materials and eye-catching proposals?

Then perhaps you should enter the Master Teacher Program of the ANG.

The MTP is here to help current instructors enhance their teaching abilities through an in-depth curriculum encompassing color, design, and teaching opportunities. The MTP is here to help YOU become the best needlework instructor you can be!

If you want more information on the MTP process, requirements, or have questions, email

Master Needlepointer Program (MNP),
submitted by Rozelle Hirschfield, Chair

Would you like to turn compliments on your stitching into a recognized validation of your skill? Gain recognition for your stitching expertise? Affirmation and credentials to present yourself as a Master Needlepointer? Using this certification you can represent yourself as an expert for consultation and commission work. Then the MNP is for you!

MNP is a program where our members can earn and receive recognition for their abilities. And because many have not yet discovered the designer within them, MNP provides a level of achievement that can be reached without requiring original designs. It is our hope that, in developing a two level program, participants who successfully complete the first level, Master Needlepointer, will gain the confidence needed to advance to the Senior Master Needlepointer level where original designs are required. Or, to even enter the Master Needle Artist Program where design creation takes center stage. The program is not a teaching program but a place to demonstrate your skill. It is an individual endeavor that can, however, help you advance your abilities.

The Master Needlepointer level will be awarded after satisfactory evaluation of the first 4 stages. The stages begin with basic techniques and progress to intermediate and advanced stitches, both needlepoint and counted thread, and the use of textural stitches and color to produce depth. The program participant may use supplied designs or create their own for the Master Needlepointer level. Supplied designs for stages 3 and 4 require the addition of design elements to show depth and perspective, which will lead to stages 5 and 6 that require original designs. Senior Master Needlepointer certification is achieved after completion of all 6 stages.

The supplied designs for Stage 1 are geometric with straight lines dividing the areas. The overall size is 180 x 180 threads on the ground fabric of your choice. On #18 mono canvas, that translates to 10" x 10" but the ground fabric is up to you. Technique and stitch basics are demonstrated, including (but not limited to) beginning and ending threads, ground coverage, stitch compensation, and knowledge of basic stitches. These criteria follow through all the stages. Stage 2 goes beyond basics, including composite stitches and intermediate techniques. The supplied designs are 'organic' with curved lines defining the areas. Both supplied designs are representations of floral motifs. Stage 3 advances to intermediate techniques where texture and color are used to achieve depth. The use of pulled and drawn thread techniques and edge finishing are included in this stage. In Stage 4, advance-intermediate techniques are used to add dimension including canvas applique. There must be at least one design element appliquéd using the traditional appliqué technique. Other dimensional design elements based on stumpwork techniques (bas relief or stitched separately and then attached) are also required. You may use supplied designs or create your own for any stage in the Master Needlepointer level. The Master Needlepointer level can be accomplished in as little as two years, but you can proceed at your own pace, completing the first 4 stages within 5 years.

The Senior Master Needlepointer pin will be awarded with the completion of 2 additional stages that require the creation of original designs, application of color theory, and advanced stitching techniques.

Each stage will be evaluated according to the best practices of needlepoint.

We know we have the best needle workers in ANG. Won't you join those already in the program to let the world know what you can achieve? Contact

The MNP committee is also looking for helpers. Do you have graphic design abilities that could turn hand drawings into professional diagrams? Interested in ANG committee work to advance your experiences toward achieving a board position? We would welcome your time and talent in this growing program.


Needle Artists by the Sea Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild Presents the Sixth Biennial SHORELINE STITCHERS’ SHOWCASE

A Judged Needlework Exhibit and Boutique

Saturday, October 1, 2016 10am to 4pm
Sunday, October 2, 2016 11am to 3pm

South Coast Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Blvd, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Admission fee $8

For information about our event please visit:

If you would like to contact committee members, please email:

The exhibit is filled with over 300 outstanding examples of beadwork, needlepoint, petit point, counted thread, surface embroidery, silk and metal, and cross stitch.

For Fun: Rescued by a Kiss
FREE Instant eBook download: a mystery in New Orleans!

Local New Orleans author Colleen Mooney of the New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles, A Mystery Series: Rescued by a Kiss








Welcome to Maker Faire

Maker Faire - The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth. Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new! As a celebration of the Make...

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What is it? A gathering of people who want to share, learn and create.

Looking for a stitch in public or chapter membership recruitment opportunities? How about just supporting our mission, "educational and cultural development through the participation in and encouragement of interest in the art of needlepoint." Maker Faire's have thousands of attendees who are eager to learn and are craving your knowledge of needlepoint and cross-stitch. They are just waiting for you!

There are Maker Faires across the country. The main ones are in the Bay Area in May and New York in October. However there are many smaller Faires in local communities. Locate your nearest Maker Faire through the Maker Faire website and contact the local organizing committee to see about opportunities to participate.

Life Signets ANG Merchandise

Life Signets has been making special ANG merchandise for years. Available are Seminar, Logo, Artist Series charms, and an ANG pen. Check out these links for more information and ordering.

Jewelry Order Form

Amazon Smile

Are you an Amazon user? If so, consider making your purchases from Amazon Smile benefiting ANG on eligible purchases.


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Has Your Personal Contact Information Changed?
submitted by Marietta Douglas, Editor, e-Newsletter

Please contact us only if you have moved, changed your address, or need to update information in ANG's member database.
This is easy to do on the Web or by email. On the Web, go to this page and fill in the blanks. Then click the "Submit Changes" button.
To update by email, open a new message and enter this email address into the "To" line without the [ ] or spaces: database [@]
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