May/June 2016

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From the President’s Desk, Lisa Crespo

Greetings! I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Lisa Crespo and I am ANG’s new President. I am excited, enthusiastic, and energized! I am also scared, overwhelmed, and have anxiety all at the same time. I have been on volunteer boards for arts and social service organizations for over 25 years. If you count organizations and leadership positions in Girl Scouts, Student Councils, dance, bouton etc. it is a life long commitment to the betterment of community. However, ANG's Presidency will be the largest and what I hope to be the culmination of my volunteer career. I have been told, “you are hitting the ground running.” Yep! Want to be in the “know”? Grab your favorite drink, take a seat and read all about it.

ANG is evolving:

The organization is starting its 44th year. We need to change in order to exist. Many of these changes will be subtle some will not. All are meant to perpetuate the organization into the future. No one-person will like everything about every aspect of ANG, self included. But it is not about us as individuals but as a group of people with the same passion or interest - Needleart. This is to be inclusive of all forms in how ANG defines Needlepoint - handwork done with needle and thread on counted ground regardless of the individual discipline. However, ANG is also a business and needs to be managed as such. In running business accountability, communication, and documentation are required. Here we go...

Spring Board meeting:

In March, we had both a Strategic Plan Meeting and a Budget meeting in Denver. The current and new Board met to discuss ideas and implementations on how to move the organization forward. Finances, membership, and communication are our recipe for success.

Finances - reduce expenses and increase income
Membership - exposure through networking, collaboration and advertising
Communication - within the organization and to its members

ANG now has a GoToMeeting account for its Committees and Board to meet. This will help reduce meeting/travel expenses as well as better communication. The Board will now officially meet monthly via video/call with a face to face meeting 2 times a year, at the Spring Budget, and at Seminar, including the annual membership meeting.

ANG Marketing:

We have started networking at industry markets. Collaborating with needleart shops during/at ANG National events. Most recently, a donation was made in honor of ANG, we will be seen in an upcoming episode of a "Taste of History"

Once we have a show date we will announce it as well. We want to say thank you to the generous donor who made this possible! If you would like to make such a donation or have an idea please contact Lisa Crespo at More ideas like these are forthcoming and in the works. Stay tuned!

Super Seminar:

EGA and ANG had previously discussed the possibility of a combined Super Seminar. Those plans have been put on hold. We are keeping communications open and have not ruled out working together on either a smaller event or the coordination of a possible Super Seminar sometime in the future.

Thank You:

We would like to say thank you to those Board members that have served with us (Jan Girolamo, Rozelle Hirschfelt, Linda Kilgore) and we want to welcome those that are joining us (Jan Herod, Val Reece, and Pat Dugan).

Additionally, I would like to say thank you to ALL of the volunteers both at a National and Chapter levels and to you, our Membership. The organization’s existence is a partnership with all working together and participating to make it happen.

From the Secretary’s Desk, submitted by Val Reece


Our National Bylaws need updating and to that end we are preparing revisions, which will be coming to you in January and on the ballot for approval next March.

Electronic Balloting:

Electronic Balloting will be coming next spring for our elections and the bylaws revision.

Your Contribution Dollars at Work, Julie Donatelli, Treasurer

As a nonprofit organization, contributions that ANG receives play a vital role in the overall financial health of the organization. Some contributions, including donations to Golden Needles and the Endowment Fund, are permanently restricted, which means that ANG can only spend a portion of the investment income generated by those funds. Other contributions, including donations to the newly-created Friends of ANG Fund, are unrestricted and may be used to support the educational objectives of the organization with the greatest need. Temporarily restricted funds, such as scholarship funds, are restricted and cannot be used until a designated event occurs (e.g., a scholarship is awarded and used). Although there are important differences between the various types of funds, there is one thing that they have in common - all of ANG’s contributions are invested in a manner that is designed to achieve an appropriate balance of income, capital appreciation, and safety.

ANG has recently moved its investment portfolio to a brokerage firm that offers a large number of proprietary index funds. Index funds are a very low-cost way to invest, which means that ANG gets to keep more of what it earns on your contributions. In addition, a small number of index-funds covering different asset classes (e.g., U.S. stocks, international stocks, bonds) provides substantial portfolio diversification. Although diversification cannot prevent losses from occurring, it is an important element of risk management.

We’re all familiar with the old saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket!” We greatly appreciate every contribution dollar that ANG receives. For this reason, we put each dollar to work right away so that those dollars can, in turn, work hard to continue to support our wonderful organization!

Committees Reports:

Development Committee: Diane Trobaugh, Chair

Golden Needle Society - Preserving the Past, Ensuring the Future

Thank you to all the ANG members, chapters and friends who brought the Endowment Fund Capital Campaign to another milestone! In April, the pledges and donations reached a new and significant amount - over $300,000 or more than 60 percent of our $500,000 goal. There are now 187 members of the Golden Needle Society, including 31 chapters, and there are 7 other individuals who have donated less than $100. A donation of $100 or more or cumulative donations totaling at least $100 make you or your chapter a member of the Golden Needle Society.The ANG Board of Directors and the Development Committee appreciate every dollar donated to help grow the Endowment Fund, an investment in the future of ANG. Together we are -

ANG National Seminar Coordinator, Barbara Richardson, Chair

Seminar Registration is changing:

To modernize and streamline the process, Seminar registration is changing to a two-part registration. Early Registration is available as Seminar opens and will run through Friday October 7th with all registration received during this period considered for class through our traditional lottery process. Registration will then be closed until November 1st at which time we will begin the period of Regular Registration. For the first time we will be offering the open class positions (those not filled during Early Registration) on a first come basis. That's right beginning on Tuesday November 1st you'll be able to choose and confirm your class placement at the time of your registration, either online or by phone, fax or mail. This is a big change for us but the lottery format we have used for years is unwieldy and the new format will allow us to move more readily to online registration for classes as well as for seminar itself.

2016 Seminar “Parade of Stitches” in New Orleans

All deadlines for New Orleans Seminar are fast approaching!


No orders will be accepted after June 15th, so take a look at the order page found on the last page of your Seminar Brochure or on the ANG website.

This year we are offering the tote bags in various sizes -three for the “Parade of Stitches” and two for the ANG bags. There are also discount savings when ordering them in sets. See order form for sizes and sets.

Our “Little Swampy” the alligator frame weight is adorable 8-inch, soft green plush with yellow eyes, and cream-colored underbelly. It’s a great addition to your Seminar frame weight collection. Don’t be left out, there will be limited quantities available at seminar to be sold on a first come first serve basis. The extras went quickly in Myrtle Beach, so order early and pick up on site.

Exhibit pieces needed!

Have you gotten your entry forms sent in for the Exhibit? That deadline is also June 15th. These entries give us inspiration and ideas to use on our future projects. Please consider entering one or more of your pieces to our Seminar Exhibit.


Items have been coming in for our Daily Drawings, which have been a great hit at our Hospitality Table. Do you have any small canvases, scissors, threads, charts, and booklets that you no longer want? We can use these types of items. Please contact me for information on where to send items.

Announcing the Life Patron Guest Speaker at Seminar for NOLA:

Michele Carragher is a Costume Embroiderer from the UK who has worked on many Costume award-winning productions. She is most well known for her embroidery work on the costumes for Game of Thrones and Elizabeth I, as well as many other film and TV productions.

Michele will be joining us via video streaming. She is working on a new presentation for ANG that will include a Q&A that will surely delight our audience with her stitching and embellishment techniques that can be translated over all needleart disciplines.

If you are a Life Patron attending Seminar be sure to join us for lunch on September 1, 2016. Luncheon reservation deadline July 6th. If you are not currently an ANG Life Patron consider a membership. Contact or call (608) 443-2476 to participate. Life Patron membership dues are payable in one lump sum or four payments within 12 months: $2,000 US; $2,200 International.

Parade of Stitches:

This year Second Line Band is planned for the cocktail hour at Opening Banquet! They will play for a little while then Parade us into the dining hall. The Board will follow the Band with our King of the Parade leading the way, (Rex, a Lion stitched by the ANG Board available in the OnLine Auction at Seminar) and yes, we'll be holding parasols! Followed by Committee Chairs and Teachers who are invited to join the parade holding either Stitch signs or waving napkins for those without a parasol or sign. Then attendees are welcome to join the fun! Those that choose to do so may join the Parade of Stitches and follow in. There will be a reminder in the Seminar Handbook so you know what to do and/or plan for. If you do not want to parade in you do not have to--you may watch from your table if you came in prior but join the fun by waving your napkin. Or if you desire, watch from the sidelines outside the hall and follow the parade in. We have lots of beads!

Banquet Speaker:

Chef Eric Diamodat is the award winning Executive Chef at the Hyatt. He and his team are creating and preparing special menus and meals for us during our whole event throughout the 8 unique dinning outlets in the hotel including our banquets.

Chef Diamodat will be speaking briefly at our Opening Banquet. “He is an influential figure in the New Orleans culinary scene,” being named one of the Best Chefs of Louisiana by the American Culinary Federation in 2014 and winning gold at the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience - one of the city’s most revered culinary events” 3 years running 2013-2015. He has a book in the works and is hoping it will be out sometime next year.

With this addition, Opening Banquet will be a truly fabulous New Orleans experience not to be missed! Filled with fun, food, friends, music and stitching!

And there are still more announcements coming! We are still in the planning stages and as soon as we have those finalized we will pass on the information. ANG 2016 Seminar - Parade of Stitches in New Orleans is truly a Seminar experience you will not to miss! Classes are still available but reservation deadlines are fast approaching!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone in New Orleans.

Auction: Pat Rogers, Chair

Going, going, GONE! Our first Mid-year Auction was a success! 150+ items were auctioned off over the course of a week and netted us approximately $8,000.

ENCORE! Cathe McEnerney, Chair

ANG’s first ENCORE! event took place the weekend of April 2nd-3rd in Denver. The weekend event was intimate and enjoyable. Many relationships were fostered and those that attended were truly stitched-in to ANG. We are planning another one for next spring and will be based on the feedback of attendees and teachers alike, keeping it to a small group of 16 per class. Keeping the same rollout procedure: Golden Needle Society Circle members then based on availability to Life Patrons and Golden Needle Society Stitchers’ Network followed by the general membership.

Internet: Jenny Ross, Chair

ANG’s National Facebook Page:

Activity is increasing! With the more frequent posting of news and happenings on ANG’s National FB page it is gaining recognition, thereby getting the word out about ANG and placing Needlepoint in the public eye. If you would like to publicize ANG Chapter activities on the ANG Facebook page send a request with a high quality image to

Website: Lisa Crespo, President reporting

Unfortunately, we must report to you that the company we had hired to revamp our website is now defunct. The good news is we still have the mountains of our information that has been gathered thus far in the process. We intend on using the same formula as the magazine where the Board and Internet Committee will communicate and seek advice from professionals in the industry that have no vested interest other than our success.

Needle Pointers: Diane Blinn, Coordinator, Lisa Crespo, President reporting

Our current contract with Sunwest is coming to a close. We are thankful for all that they have done in producing our magazine over the years. The Board has communicated and sought advice from many professionals in both the Media and Needleart Industries. The Board and Needle Pointers’ Committee are hoping to have a new contract signed early this summer, with transition to the new publisher implemented soon thereafter.

Special Call For Volunteers! Penny Boswinkle, Nominating Committee Chair

Your President and Nominating Committee are looking for members willing to volunteer their professional skills related to corporate, non-profit or board member experience. For a National Committee, we would ask that you have participated at a local level, give a 2-year commitment and share your expertise with us.

Some areas we are particularly interested in are persons with backgrounds in Finance, Human Resources, Magazine Editing, Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Event Planning, Administration, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Media, Web-base development, Internet, Social Media and Attorneys - especially relating to contracts. Do you offer a different skill set or talent? Tell us! Some of these commitments may be applied to an appointed or elected positions from an ad-hoc committee only needing a few hours a year where other positions may be 20 hours a month or more.

As we modernize, develop and stay relevant, we need to be up-to-date in all aspects of running a business and non-profit all volunteer organization. The only way we will be able to do that is with our members who share their knowledge to help us move forward.

Please contact the Nominating Committee at and let us know which areas you would like to support or are interested in. Not sure where you fit in? Have you inquired or applied before? Not been contacted? Please send us your resume. ANG is an all-volunteer organization and depends on people like you to share your life's experiences to make the guild better. The organization's future depends upon you!

ANG Open Elected Offices

With the above thoughts in mind seriously consider running for an elected office. Yes, it is work; but also extremely rewarding! We are getting close to the decision time as all offices have to be determined right after Seminar in time for the ballot. Please give serious thought to running for one of the following elected positions!

President-Elect, Vice President of Education, Treasurer
North Central Area Rep, South Central Area Rep, Southeastern Area Rep

<We are looking to appoint a new National Seminar Coordinator -

Have you ever been to Seminar? If so, you know how much fun it can be! If not, we hope that you can attend soon. Thanks to the Seminar Committee, we all have a great time! Barbara Richardson, National Seminar Coordinator Chair has been giving us many wonderful Seminars and now it is time for her to step down.

Do you have experience in Event Planning, Project Management or Administration? Good organization skills? Do you have some ideas that would add to Seminar? If you have answered “yes” to all or some of these questions, we would love to talk to you about the position. This is a rewarding, fun-filled important job and a great way to give back to ANG. Please contact or Barbara Richardson to talk over the position and its responsibilities.

We hope you will take any and all of these as well as other positions within the organization nationally or locally under consideration.

e-Newsletter: Marietta Douglas, Chair

The e-Newsletter is being reinvented! I am working with TRG to give our bi-monthly communication an upgrade! We expect that to happen soon.

Correspondence courses: Melita Glavin, Chair

Apricot Delight by Marnie Ritter

Color --- color -- color!! If you see peach, apricot, pink, burgundy, or lavender -- the effect of what happens to color on this beautiful apricot canvas is fascinating. With Apricot Delight, you discover that many colors within a family along with the “poison” color concept that Marnie Ritter has been teaching for years give you confidence to try other color ideas. Everyone can’t wait to move from one pattern to the next as his or her confidence grows. Sixteen patterns are stitched with many colors of silk, overdyes, ribbon, metallics, beads, and the elegance of a lace addition with a touch of embroidery. The required complete $130 kit includes the text, #18 apricot canvas, threads, beads, and lace appliqué.

Spirit of Jean by Kathy Rees

Inspired by the incredible work of Jean Hilton, Spirit of Jean is the result of Kathy’s admiration and respect for the great contribution she made to the needlepoint world. “In using many of the stitches she created, this design is my tribute to her and I felt her spirit as I stitched it.” A superimposed waffle stitch in the center of the design (6” x 6”) is surrounded with a great variety of stitches, including Amadeus, sprat's head, crescent, and more. Threads used are Watercolours, Waterlilies, ThreadworX Overdyed Floss, Vineyard Silk, Neon Rays, Kreinik Metallic, and Belle Soie. The required text is $25 and the optional complete kit is $59 including #18 canvas and threads. Five colorways are available.

For further information about how to register for all CCs, go to ANG Home Page, click on Educational Opportunities, and then Correspondence Courses or click on

I would like to congratulate the following Julie Reed, on receipt of her Correspondence Course Certificate, for the completion of the course, I Can Do It.

New! CyberWorkshop: Dawn Clark, Chair

Jewels of the Tsars by Sue Reed

Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds! Jewels take on a deep richness when hologram metallic ribbons are used to create variations of the marquise-cut gemstones. The smoothness of carefully laid Splendor silk adds a sleek contrast to the Vineyard smyrnas. A fern variation, bordered by whipped backstitch, and filled with two simulated jewel patterns, creates an elegant border that draws the eye to the corner jeweled motifs. With the addition of crescent variation, the “marquise cuts” convert to round gemstones. Nobuko variation frames the design. Other jewel color choices are available.

The design is stitched on #18 canvas. The finished design is 7.25” x 8.15”. An optional kit is being offered in two colorways: Red and Gold or Blue and Silver.

Jewels of the Tsars is an Intermediate class lasting four months. Registration will be open from May 1, 2016 through June 30, 2016. The workshop will start September 1, 2016.

Workshop by Mail: Kathy Larsen, Chair

Circles and Squares by Carol Algie Higginbotham

will be available June 1 - September 30, 2016.

This 10 ½” square design is worked on a 14” square piece of 18 count white mono canvas and finishes as a 12” square. The advanced student will work a base of canvas stitches in floss. Then we will add Jean Hilton Stitches in Crystal Braid and Kreinik Braid to give our piece some sparkle. This framework serves as a base for our ribbon roses and rose buds. The piece is a challenge to the stitcher as working the roses over the 17 different canvas stitches requires some practice.

Carol Higginbotham has been a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America since 1971. She is an Embroiderer’s Guild of America, Inc. certified teacher in Blackwork and a Japanese Embroidery Center approved teacher of Traditional Japanese Embroidery. A past president of the Southern California Chapter, EGA, she has served on the Counted Thread Master Craftsman committee for EGA, the Teacher Certification committee for EGA, and was national EGA librarian. She has taught locally and at regional and national seminars for EGA, National Standards Council of American Embroiderers’, American Needlepoint Guild, and for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She has done commissions for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, San Bernardino County Museum, the Nixon Library, antique dealers, magazines, and designs for needlework companies. Her other stitching interests include: crewel, whitework (especially Dresden and Ayrshire), and metal thread. Carol is a second generation Californian who retired from a Southern California public library.

Maker Faire








Welcome to Maker Faire

Maker Faire - The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth. Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new! As a celebration of the Make...

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What is it? A gathering of people who want to share, learn, and create. 

We are looking for individuals who would like to share their knowledge of needlepoint and cross-stitch to teach those who want to learn. What better way for ANG members to get involved when the core of our mission is "educational and cultural development through the participation in and encouragement of interest in the art of needlepoint." There is no need to be a professional or experienced teacher. Just be enthusiastic and wanting to share your passion for needle and thread. For more information and details on how you can get involved contact Frederikka Payne at 415-279-2092 or

Most Maker Faires offer a free entrance to the fair for the day or weekend depending on the amount of time you donate. There are Maker Faires across the country. The main ones are in San Francisco in May, Detroit in July, and New York in October. There are several smaller Faires in local communities. Start a Needlepoint/Cross-stitch section at a Faire near you with Frederikka's help.

Life Signets ANG Merchandise

Life Signets has been making special ANG merchandise for years. Available are  Seminar, Logo, Artist Series charms, and an ANG pen. Check out these links for more information and ordering.

Amazon Smile

Are you an Amazon user? If so, consider making your purchases from Amazon Smile benefiting ANG on eligible purchases.


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