March/April 2015

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News from the President
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

What is black and white and red all over...newspapers, sun burned zebras, and if we are doing things correctly not the ANG budget!!!

When faced with the facts and figures, your Board members considered carefully our decision: do we raise dues, or do we not? In the end, and much as we disliked it, we could not do anything but authorize the increase to your dues of $5 per year.

There are many factors: our declining membership, the rising costs of everything from postage to paper and not least a vision of the future in which we see the ability to grow, to offer you more benefits, and to provide more services. To do this we need your help and your support.

We need you to invite your stitching friends to join you in membership. We need you to share your thoughts and your ideas with the volunteer leaders of your chapter and the volunteer leaders of our national organization.

And we need you to support the organization, whether locally or nationally with your time and energy, with your ideas and inspirations and with your funds whenever possible.

We are the American Needlepoint Guild, and we are charged with the future of needlepoint as we know it. Join us today to preserve tomorrow.

Seminar Update
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

Please remember as you consider your class selection to double check class availability on our ANG website. Early registration filled several of our classes and the publication deadlines prevented our marking your seminar brochure to reflect this change.

A reminder also as you consider seminar, that we need your help. Please provide the emergency contact information that is asked for on the registration form. ANG wants to be sure that should you become incapacitated in any way during your time at Seminar that we are able to contact someone who will be able help you. We’re looking forward to a safe and healthy seminar for all.

submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

The Live and Silent Auctions are coming! If you have donations or if you would like to be a donor stitcher or donor finisher please contact We are also actively seeking a volunteer or group of volunteers to help with the organizing of materials and tasks for these important events - please consider how you might make a difference and contact us soon!

Sitch Magnet
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

Don’t forget about the ANG “Stitch” magnet - available exclusively from ANG at a cost of $20. The entire proceeds of the sale will help support not only the web project but also the many educational and organizational needs of our organization. Magnets can be ordered through the website or by mail, or by calling 608-443-2476!

Myrtle Beach 2015 and Future Seminars
submitted by Barbara A Richardson, ANG Seminar Coordinator

Mark your Calendars for Deadlines:

May 11 - Registration forms, postmarked or faxed after this date will be treated as Late Registrants
July 31 - Exhibit entry forms must be in, be sure and include Photo Release Form and check
July 31 - Last day for merchandise orders for the seminar shirt, nametag, and frame weight
August 1 to August 22 - Exhibit entries shipped

Registrations are coming in daily, some classes have been filled, but there are still many wonderful classes to choose from and great teachers too.

I am looking forward to the many beautiful entries to view in the Exhibit, so please consider entering in this year’s Exhibit. Members and the public always look forward to seeing all that needlepoint has to offer.

The Carolina chapters have been very busy this past year working on the teacher nametags and ribbon centers. Volunteers have stepped forward to help make sure all will have an enjoyable time. Our volunteer coordinator will be contacting those of you that have volunteered your time for Seminar 2015 after the close of registration.

Next we have 2016 in New Orleans; the theme will be “Parade of Stitches.” If you are interested in helping on the New Orleans Seminar, the opportunities range from stitching teacher nametags/ specialty ribbon centers, making up the teacher goody bags, chairing, and working in the Exhibit or Hospitality or the onsite newsletter. For more information on what is involved in these areas or volunteering for a particular job, please contact me: Email: or Phone 520-204-2249

The work that goes into making sure Seminars run smoothly takes many volunteers to get the jobs done in a timely manner. When an area is chosen to be the site for Seminar there may not be a chapter that steps forward to take on all the positions, but with the many volunteers in our membership, we have been able to work together to make sure all gets completed.

Looking forward to seeing all in Myrtle Beach!

The Challenge!
submitted by Diane Trobaugh, Chairman, Development Committee

We all know the importance of saving for something we really want and having a reserve for that unexpected rainy day. The Endowment Fund is ANG’s way to ensure there are funds available for new endeavors and for the rough times that can’t be predicted.

To date 123 individuals and 22 chapters have pledged or donated a total of $235,147 towards the 10-year capital campaign to grow the ANG Endowment Fund. Have you or your chapter accepted the challenge to become a member of the Golden Needle Society? If yes, THANK YOU. If not, please consider helping to ensure the future of the organization we love and become a member. Go to for the contribution form. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

New! CyberWorkshop Butterfly Circle by Margaret Kinsey
submitted by Dawn Clark, CyberWorkshop Chairman

It was a love for butterflies that served as the inspiration for this piece. Butterflies are sometimes called flying flowers. In the Asian cultures of China and Japan, they are symbols of souls of the living and the dead as well as joy and longevity. In Western culture they are symbols of good luck, happiness as well as other meanings. We look at them as things of beauty as they flit from flower to flower in our gardens.

This beautiful butterfly is created with Au Ver á Soie's twisted filament silk, Soie de Paris in lovely shades of purple from dark to very light. Stitches for the butterfly include thread painting, attaching spangles and beads, couching gold braid, padded satin, giant knitting, slanted Gobelin over four canvas threads, buttonhole, and straight.

The flowers are also worked using Soie de Paris in shades of crimson. Their stitches are satin, basketweave, attaching spangles, and couching. The background of the flowers is painted, or worked in interlocking Gobelin. The clover stems are created with Soie de Paris and the leaves are detached chain using Accentuate. The stems are also whipped with Accentuate.

The circle that surrounds the motif has three couched rows of metal threads using gold twist and gold check threads.

The background is a basketweave variation called “ming” stitch. The design is worked in Kreinik #8 Braid, Kreinik Blending Filament, and filled with DMC floss.

The canvas is white Congress cloth. It will come with a line drawing and the spots on the wings and one flower background painted with an acrylic gold metallic paint. The canvas will be finished on the edges. The piece measures 10” by 12.” A thread kit is optional, or students may work with their own threads.

Butterfly Circle is a beginner-level workshop lasting five months. Registration will be open from March 1, 2015 through April 30, 2015. The workshop will start July 1, 2015.

For more information, go to

New! Workshop by Mail: Posh Pansy Petals by Ann Strite-Kurz
submitted by Cathie Pankowski, Chairman Workshop by Mail

This project is all about couching. An appealing pansy is used as a vehicle to learn a sophisticated shading technique using two-way laid rows with cross stitch tiedowns. Additional layering is used in the unusual composite background pattern as well as in the border treatment. A simple whipped stem outline is used to cover the drawn outlines. Two color combinations will be offered - a traditional purple or a bold blue combination. Both examples will have accents of yellow velour and yellow hand-dyed chenille in the flower centers with additional white and black highlights in some of the petals. A number of other interesting novelty threads are also used in the design.

Ann Strite-Kurz has been an active designer and teacher for thirty years. She received her Level II certification in canvas embroidery in 1982 from the National Academy of Needlearts (now NAN). She also earned a Master Craftsman in Canvas Embroidery from EGA and wrote three group correspondence courses for EGA. She specializes in creative applications of counted thread techniques to canvas and is noted for her unusual analytical approach to stitch refinement. Ann has published five books on unconventional patterning and she received the ANG Literacy Award in 2009.

Posh Pansy Petals will be available February 1 through May 31, 2015. You will find the registration form at You must be an ANG member in order to receive this pattern. The cost is $40 for an electronic distribution, $50 for US mail or $55 for international mail.

Correspondence Courses: Apricot Delight and Beach Walk
submitted by Melita Glavin, Chairman of Correspondence Courses

Think warm thoughts as you stitch either Apricot Delight and Beach Walk!!

Apricot Delight by Marnie Ritter

Color --- color -- color!! If you see peach, apricot, pink, burgundy, or lavender -- the effect of what happens to color on this beautiful apricot canvas is fascinating. With Apricot Delight, you discover that many colors within a family along with the “poison” color concept that Marnie Ritter has been teaching for years give you confidence to try other color ideas. Everyone can’t wait to move from one pattern to the next as their confidence grows. Sixteen patterns are stitched with many colors of silk, overdyes, ribbon, metallics, beads, including the elegance of a lace with a touch of embroidery. The required complete kit is $130 and includes the text, mono #18 apricot canvas, threads, beads, and lace appliqué.

Beach Walk by Linda Reinmiller

Beach Walk is the third in Linda Reinmiller’s popular “Walk” series. The beach seemed a natural progression because it is one of Linda’s favorite places to vacation. Even a few days there rejuvenate her and hopefully will make you feel that way too. In contrast to City Walk and Garden Walk, the elements are less stylized, but it is still an exercise in color. Each student will select a canvas color and an overdyed floss to create a totally unique color scheme. The final colors on the model represent Linda’s interpretation of the theme. The required text is $60.

For further information about how to register for all CCs, click on

I would like to congratulate the following students, on receipt of their Correspondence Course Certificate, for the completion of their courses:

Laura Kramp for Snow White Peony
Annelle Colevins for Orchids For My Lady
Carolyn Sue Hughes for Thistle and Kilt: Goldwork and Plaid

2015 Stitch of the Month: Water Lily, by Rozelle Hirschfelt
submitted by Marilyn Owen, Chairman of 2015 Stitch of the Month

If you haven’t yet checked out the 2015 SOTM, please do so! While the reversible stitches themselves will remain a mystery until one or two new petals are unveiled each month, the completed piece is not a mystery. The finishing is surprisingly easy, and as one pilot stitcher put it, “you are genius, Rozelle!” What’s more, the supplies list is simple and the 3 pieces of canvas are all small. Make 2015 the year you take your needlepoint into the third dimension! Please click here:

NeedleArts Appraisal Program (NAP)
submitted by Cindy Lee Gershin, Chairman NAP

A popular trend right now is stitching reproduction samplers and other needlework using old motifs and styles. When presented with a piece of needlework to appraise, an appraiser needs to be able to identify whether it is an original or reproduction embroidery. One of the topics covered in the NeedleArts Appraisal Program is evaluating whether a piece of needlework is an original or a reproduction. In many cases, an educated appraiser can tell through their physical inspection of the piece. Items observed include the type of fabric, the threads, the styles of motifs, age appropriate deterioration or damage, and fading. We study additional methods used by museums and conservators. Knowledge of the type of needlework you are evaluating will provide many clues to help identify how old something might be.

The NAP covers many topics. An appraiser needs to be well trained in learning how to evaluate needlework as well as how to determine its value and write a proper appraisal report.

Please contact me at if you would like more information on the NAP.

Master Needle Artist Program (MNA)
submitted by Cindy Durston, Chairman MNA

Are you tired of all the cold, snow, and wind?  Why not try something new for the spring and begin your journey to become a Master Needle Artist. We all have artistic tendencies and this program helps you develop the artist within. If you stitch at the Advanced Intermediate level this program is for you: the next step in your artistic journey. Contact the Chairman at or

Help Wanted!
submitted by Penny Boswinkle, Chairman of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is looking for a few good members to volunteer for the following positions:

Vice President of Membership Vice President of Operations
Secretary Western Area Representative
Eastern Representative

Qualifications: Members who are willing to help lead ANG into the future!
Compensation: Friendships that last for life!

For more information, please contact the Chairman of the Nominating Committee at

A special message for members from the Southeastern Area (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina).

There is now an opening on the Nominating Committee that needs to be filled. The committee is composed of a member from each ANG area and the Chairman. It is essential that the Southeastern Area be represented! The only requirement is that you attend Seminar, as that is where most of the interviews for positions take place. In fact, most of the committees work takes place at Seminar. You may not feel that you know enough members, but through the interviews you can get a very good idea of who you think would do a good job leading ANG into the future. Please consider volunteering and contact the Chairman at for more information.

submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

Please consider including this newsletter's information in your chapter’s newsletter, or printing copies of this newsletter for members that you know who may not have ready access to a computer or who may not be receiving this information. 

Has Your Personal Contact Information Changed?
submitted by ANG Internet Committee

Please contact us only if you have moved, changed your address, or need to update information in ANG's member database.

This is easy to do on the Web or by email. On the Web, go to this page and fill in the blanks. Then click the "Submit Changes" button.

To update by email, open a new message and enter this email address into the "To" line without the [ ] or spaces: database [@]

Then copy and paste the following five lines into the message body, and finish each line with your information:
Your name as it is in our records
Your ANG membership number (if you know it)
Your old email address
Your new email address

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