September 15, 2014

The ANG E-NEWSLETTER is a bi-monthly publication designed to help keep you informed about ANG's programs and activities.

News from the President
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

September has arrived. Schoolchildren once again clamor in halls, and it seems the very air itself is crisping. The languid summer months have vanished and what I call “the season of holidays” has begun.

But before we fall too far into fall, I want to celebrate once again all our ANG members who participated in making A Chicago Sampler the incredible seminar experience that it was. Working closely with their committee, Vic Frank and Tina Haight gathered help from the many local ANG chapters and members, and set a high standard of engagement and effort for us all as we move forward with the Seminars of the future.

And a tremendous thank you goes out to each of the many volunteers who works so diligently throughout the year to bring ANG into our lives. Your willingness to give of yourselves, your time, talent, and energy allows ANG to advance its mission, bringing the art of needlepoint to more people, in more ways, every year. Whether it is in our chapters or in our national organization, volunteers are truly the heart of ANG!

This year, with the help of many, we inaugurated an Early Registration program for Seminar 2015 in Myrtle Beach. During the month of September members will be able to preview seminar classes online and even to register for them. We are excited to be able to offer this option and look forward to polishing its processes in the coming years. Regular registration will open with the mailing of your seminar brochure in January, not March, of 2015 - another change for us, and one that we hope you will embrace.

As you prepare for the season ahead, please pause for a moment and be thankful - an early Thanksgiving if you will. There are so many volunteers working to make ANG better, stronger and more responsive - help me celebrate them!

Beth Robertson
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

It is with heavy heart that I tell you of the passing of Beth Robertson.

Beth’s contributions to our art and to our organization have been generous and lasting - she is stitched into my heart and into the heart of ANG.

I have received the following information and want to share with you the details of her Memorial Service which will be held on September 27th at 3 p.m. at the Everly-Wheatly Funeral Home, 1500 West Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA.

Beth’s husband, Bruce Hoskins, is working to establish an appropriate fund to honor Beth’s legacy and her connection to ANG. We are incredibly honored by his intentions and will post details for contributions as they become available.

Please take a moment today to remember Beth, her laughter and her creativity, her willingness to share and her gift of herself to us all.

Amazon Smile Program and ANG
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

We are pleased to announce ANG’s participation in the AmazonSmile Foundation’s program. Amazon Smile is a simple way to shop and benefit ANG - simply look for American Needlepoint Guild as a designated charity when you shop Find the same great prices and products only with a portion of the price donated to ANG through the AmazonSmile Foundation.

And thank you for your support...

ANG Seminar Exhibit Award Winners
submitted by Val Reece, Chairman, Exhibit

Category 1 - Original - Non-Professional
3rd Place 102NP Crescent River, Melita Glavin

Category 1 - Original - Professional
1st Place 1013P Venetian Pavone, Meredith Willett
2nd Place 1001P The Gift, Catherine Jordan
3rd Place 1007P At The Beach, Gail Stafford

Category 2 - Adaptation - Non-Professional
1st Place 201NP The Chicago Skyline, Gretchen Wolf
2nd Place 202NP Ted's Doodles, Ann Landry
3rd Place 204NP The Birds-Paris, Rue Bonaparte Kristina Robinson

Category 2 - Adaptation - Professional
1st Place 2002P The Oldest Angel, Phil Bush
2nd Place 2001P Ammonite, Jonathan Brown
HM 2003P Thank You He's Found, Phil Bush

Category 3 - Independent Project - Non-Professional
1st Place 306NP Rhododendrons, Arlene Cohen
2nd Place 308NP Mulberry & Lime Violet, Anderson
HM 301NP Hilton My Way, Cindy Durston

Category 3 - Independent Project - Professional
2nd Place 3001P Butterflies, Pamela Harding
3rd Place 3010P Forest Friends, Gail Sirna
HM 3002P Marisol Lorene, Salt
HM 3011P Artistry in Aqua, Gail Sirna

Category 4 - Painted Design Without Stitch Guide - Non-Professional
1st Place 407NP A Winter Walk, Diane Marks
2nd Place 410NP Let's Go Sailing, Maria Frazier
2nd Place 415NP Copa-a Showgirl, Janet Edgar
3rd Place 414NP Garden Thief, Elizabeth Pansino
HM 405NP Oriental Style Small Purse, Mary Williams
HM 406NP Three Sisters, Kathy Larsen

Category 4 - Painted Design - Without Stitch Guide - Professional
1st Place 4006P Multicolored Floral, Brenda Hart
2nd Place 4002P Meet Mr. Cat, Vicky DeAngelis
3rd Place` 4003P Blooming Poppy, Gayle Athy

Category 5 - Painted Design With Stitch Guide - Non-Professional
1st Place 513NP Love, Kathleen McEligot
2nd Place 512NP Frontier Santa, Vicky Buckrop
3rd Place 511NP Bon Appétit, Susan Heider
HM 514NP Tobasco Oysters, Peggy Peterson
HM 520NP Unknown, Deborah Kummer

Category 5 - Painted Design With Stitch Guide - Professional
HM 5001P Stitching Club, Jane Hitz

Category 6 - Class Project - Non-Professional
1st Place 607NP The Little Quail, Neva Pruess
2nd Place 606NP Tree of Life, Neva Pruess
3rd Place 602NP East Meets Southwest Kimono, Stephanie Horsley
HM 608NP Amazing Greys, Sandy Meono
HM 620NP Irresistible Iridescents, Barbara Volk

Category 6 - Class Project - Professional
1st Place 6004P Daffodil Hill, Gail Stafford
2nd Place 6009P The Wave Nametag, Pamela Harding
3rd Place 6003P Evening Bag Sampler, Katherine Becker

Creative Inspiration Award 202NP Ted's Doodles, Ann Landry

First Time Exhibitor Award 514NP Tabasco Oysters, Peggy Peterson

Hilton Stitch Award 308NP Mulberry & Lime, Violet Anderson

Nina M. Goerres Award 512NP Frontier Santa, Vicky Buckrop

President's Choice Award 1013P Venetian Pavone, Meredith Willett

Princess Grace Award 2002P The Oldest Angel, Phil Bush

Sampler Award 623NP In the Footsteps of the Pharaohs, Barbara Volk

Silk & Metal Award 1013P Venetian Pavone, Meredith Willett

Small Masterpiece Award 306NP Rhododendrons, Arlene Cohen

21stCentury Sampler Award 1002P Salt, Frida Lorene

State Award 506NP Her Highness, Laura Taylor

Wearable Art Award 405NP Oriental Style Small Purse, Mary Williams

Best in Show Award 201NP The Chicago Skyline, Gretchen Wolf

Delegate's Choice Award 1013P Venetian Pavone, Meredith Willett

People's Choice Award 6003P Evening Bag, Katherine Becker

The Judges Choice Awards were:
Mary K. Campbell 4006P Multicolored Floral, Brenda Hart
Donna Halpin 407NP A Winter Walk, Diane Marks
Jennifer Riefenberg 1007P At the Beach, Gail Stafford


The Golden Needle Society
submitted by Diane Trobaugh, Chairman, Development Committee

The Golden Needle Society has several exciting firsts to announce:

  • The first chapter to join the Circle level is the San Diego Chapter, San Diego, California. The chapter has pledged $10,000 (Bronze level) in memory of Shirley Fetterolf. Special thanks to the San Diego Chapter for their generous support of ANG and the Endowment Fund.
  • The Legacy Circle (planned giving) has its first member.
  • The first issue of the newsletter to Golden Needle Society members, The Golden Gazette, was e-mailed the week before seminar.
  • There is now a Golden Needle Society pin available to Golden Needle Society members for $15 plus $3.75 postage and handling. Print the jewelry order form on the ANG website and simply write-in Golden Needle Society Pin since this has not yet been added to the website. Golden Needle Society members who donate $500 or more receive the pin as a benefit for their support of ANG.
  • Golden Needle Society members have their own nametag design thanks to the talents of Barbara Richardson. All Golden Needle Society members receive a copy of the instructions as a benefit of membership.
  • Thanks to the generous donations of individuals, chapters and businesses $203,000 has been raised towards the Endowment Fund capital campaign goal of $500,000. The November ANG e-Newsletter will have more details of the Golden Needle Society’s activities at seminar.

    “Preserving the Past, Ensuring the Future”

    Nominating Committee
    submitted by Jan Herod, Nominating Chair

    Seminar is over and you had a great time. Do you want to continue being with people that share your same passion? Look at the ANG committees and see what you would like to be involved in. We also have the following open positions on the 2015 ballot, President - Elect, Vice President Education, Treasurer, North Central, South Central, and South Eastern Area Representatives. Contact Be involved with something you love.

    submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

    The Quest Challenge celebrates its 22nd year by offering an opportunity for all needle artists to create and exhibit a themed piece of needlepoint at the ANG Seminar Exhibit 2015 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. All members of ANG are encouraged to accept the challenge and participate in Quest XXII by demonstrating their creative abilities based on the 2015 theme: Balance.

    The theme, Balance, offers many possibilities for individual interpretation and design choices. Consider all the meanings of balance. A balance is a scale for weighing things, it is a Rock band, and it can be a balancing act. Balance is a desirable point between two or more opposing forces. How do you balance your body, your designs, and your life? Is there such a thing as moral balance? Some people consider balance to be the most important element in art and design. Creative interpretation is the key to success in Quest Challenges. As you let your creativity soar, the primary concern should be excellence in design and interpretation of the theme.

    Stitched pieces may be entered in the Original and Adaptation judged categories or in the Non-Judged category of the Exhibit, and they must be designated as Quest entries. While technical ability is always a factor, it is not the primary consideration in the Quest Challenge. Quest entries will be evaluated by a panel of qualified judges who will focus on the creative interpretation of the theme.

    An Artist’s Statement explaining the design and the interpretation as relevant to the theme is required, and must accompany each Quest entry in order to be eligible. The judges will review the Artist’s Statement, and evaluate the relativity of the written material to the design and stitched needlepoint. Qualifying entries will receive the judges’ single paragraph evaluation and a special Quest Certificate of Participation.

    Quest XXII is sponsored by the ANG Judging Certification Program.

    State Award
    submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

    The State Award may be given to an entry in any category of the Exhibit that is entered by a person from the state of South Carolina, next year’s seminar locale. Traditionally, this award is chosen by a representative of the state in which seminar is being held.

    President’s Choice Award
    submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

    Myrtle Beach is a coastal city situated on the center of a large and continuous stretch of beach known as the “Grand Strand” in northeastern South Carolina. In honor of our location, and the gracious hospitality of the Carolinas, the President’s Choice Award will be given to the piece or collection of pieces which best embody or evoke our theme, Carolina Splendor. Be it the color of water, the textures of the beach, the bright lights of the boardwalk, the geometry of a golf course, or the swaying of palm trees, live oaks and Spanish moss, let your creativity and your needle be inspired by the beauty and the splendor of the Carolinas.

    CyberWorkshop Registration Opening Soon!: Off the Beaten Path by Carolyn Mitchell
    submitted by Chris Loudon, CyberWorkshop Chairman

    The inspiration for this design comes from sitting under a wharf or dock looking out onto the lake or ocean with the sun shining in your eyes. You close them tight and circles appear. The design features geometrics in an asymmetrical presentation, creating depth and the play with circles. This also could be viewed as outer space with space debris. Whatever way you want to look at it, this intriguing design offers a possible glimpse of life seen through tangled objects and beyond. Ideal for the intermediate stitcher, it is an enjoyable design to stitch!

    This is a study of circles for canvaswork and how to achieve them. It includes an assortment of techniques, stitches, fibers, beads, and crystals in various sizes stitched on #18 Santa Fe Sage mono canvas.

    The threads include Watercolours, Waterlilies, SoieCristale, #5 pearl cotton, floss, Kreinik #8 and #12 Metallic Braid, plus Very Velvet Petite. Students are welcomed to do this design in their own color ways.

    The prominent elements capture your eye due to the simple background. A large variety of stitches, including oblong cross, rice, knotted, Smyrna cross, eyelets, couching, open criss-cross, fishbone, satin, Jessica, spider, waffles, cashmere, flat, Milanese, and Gobelin are used to create the “tangles”.

    Students have the choice of one long design measuring 4” by 18.5” with 1.5” space between the designs or three smaller separate designs with one design measuring 4” by 4” and the other two designs measuring 4” by 5.75.” The smaller designs are ideal for three small pictures or make great box tops or a mixture of both.

    Registration for this workshop will be open October 1 through November 30, 2014. This four-month class will start February 1, 2015.

    For more information, go to before October 1 or after October 1.

    If you have always wanted to be able to make great circles in your needlework and create a unique geometric-- join Carolyn for this workshop and learn how.

    Workshop by Mail: Designed for Fun by Carol Algie Higginbotham.
    submitted by Cathie Pankowski, Chairman Workshop by Mail

    Designed for Fun is the current Workshop by Mail project. It was designed by Carol Algie Higginbotham. It will be available until September 30, 2014.

    The goal of this piece is to have fun creating a piece that is yours and probably different from everyone else’s. It is designed to stretch your design skills with some help. There is no picture of a finished piece since each will be different. The base design is created with Smyrna cross stitches (or you may use mosaic stitches). You will explore various needlepoint stitches in different threads, using your stash. The design consists of 5 basic outline units. Carol provides you a variety of suggestions for each unit. You can use a monochromatic color scheme or your favorite colors. Think of threads that have different values and textures; that are matte or shiny or sparkly. You can make it simple by using all floss, or you can add metallics, textures, beads, and finishes.

    Canvas Size: your choice but suggested size is 12” X 12” #18 canvas
    Design Size: your choice but suggested size is 7” X 7”

    Carol Algie Higginbotham is an EGA certified teacher in blackwork and a Japanese Embroidery Center approved teacher of traditional Japanese embroidery. She has taught for over 35 years locally and at regional and national seminars for EGA, ANG, TNNA and for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

    To order fill out the registration form at must be an ANG member in order to receive this pattern. The cost is $40 for an electronic distribution, $50 for US mail or $55 for international mail.

    Baker’s Dozen by Michelle Roberts is the next piece being offered. It will be available between October 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015.

    Michele specializes in historical research, ecclesiastical designs, stumpwork, and goldwork. She is an EGA Graduate Teacher, a Fiber Forum juried member, an ANG Senior Master Teacher, with Royal School of Needlework Certification with Distinction and Cities and Guilds Certification in Stumpwork. She received the NAN Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

    She has taught and lectured at many seminars, including ANG, EGA, NAN, Callaway Gardens, National Altar Guild, and art museums; conducted online CyberWorkshops,Workshops by Mail, written books and articles, and won awards in the USA, and the UK.

    This project consists of 12 plus a bonus to make a baker’s dozen of ornaments with interesting specimen stitches popularized by two great designers, Mary Rhodes and Jean Hilton. You can use any color, any thread, and any size canvas! Bust out your stash!

    The first goal of this project is to learn the 13 special specimen stitches. These stitches can be incorporated into ornaments of the shape of your choice or simply worked as notebook specimens.

    The second goal is to bust out your stash. Each ornament uses about 3 to 5 yards of metallic and 12 to 15 yards of background thread. Spare beads, pearls, crystals, and buttons can be added for emphasis.

    The third goal is to learn additional techniques, such as attaching beads and crystals, working with rayon, nylon, and silk ribbons of varying widths, and basic finishing.

    This is a stash buster project! The models were stitched with leftover rayon, silk, nylon, and metallic ribbons, different sizes of metallic braids, plus a few pearls, beads, crystals, and a baby button. Even the mesh size is your choice. Models were worked on #18, #14, and #10 mono canvases, freely choosing between mono weave and interlock styles of canvas. Each ornament usually uses about 12 to 15 yards of background thread and 3 to 5 yards of thread for the focal point. Thread type is not important if the student chooses to work this as a notebook course, just to learn the stitches. Instruction pages contain a complete list of supplies, if desired to duplicate the teacher’s choices.

    The deadline for registration for Baker’s Dozen is January 31, 2015. Note: ANG’s preferred method of distribution for this project is electronic, via weekly e-mail. If you prefer to receive a paper copy of the instructions you must indicate this on your registration form. Paper copies are distributed once a month.

    To order, follow the instructions on the ANG web site. You must be a current ANG member to order this pattern. This pattern costs: $40 for and electronic distribution; $50 for a paper copy mailed within the United States; $55 for a paper copy mailed outside of the United States.

    Correspondence Courses: Pat Donaldson’s O’ Christmas Tree and Patchwork Quilt
    submitted by Melita Glavin, Chairman of Correspondence Courses

    For both of these featured pieces, Pat Donaldson explores working with all sorts of threads as you follow the simple suggestions in the color and thread selection section. These pieces are not just about learning stitches, but also will show you ways to combine threads and textures to achieve a design for interest and beauty. There are few rules except to have fun creating them! These courses are a great way to use threads from your stash.

    With O’ Christmas Tree, Pat teaches 12 different Bargello patterns, while stitching this Christmas tree complete with ornaments, tree skirt, and packages. The Bargello designs include many favorites as well as a four-way and an eight-way pattern. The background and floor are worked in companion stitches designed to highlight the tree. The tree skirt is in metallic threads, silks, and flosses. The sample is stitched on Congress Cloth with a variety of threads, but the background stitch and thread choice is up to you. The required text is $25.

    Pat has designed Patchwork Quilt to expand your knowledge of needlepoint stitches while completing this reproduction of an antique sampler quilt. The piece contains over 16 different stitch variations including Scotch, queen, diamond, tied sheaths, jacquard, chain with French knots, tied diagonal, woven circles, four-way Bargello, darning, and several unique combination stitches designed to look like quilt patterns. The sample is stitched on #18 canvas with Medici wool, pearl cotton, a variety of silk and fantasy fibers, along with some touches of metallic; however you will select threads of your choice to create an individual masterpiece. The required text is $25.

    The following courses will be retiring on October 31, 2014: Bargello Techniques, Buttons and Bric-a-Brac, Ghost Dancer, Mardi Gras, Orchids for My Lady, Trellised Rose Sampler, A Flower Box, Beribboned Box Top, Diamond in a Square, Goldwork Oak Leaf and Acorns, Hiogi, Serpentine, Snow White Peony, Thistle and Kilt Goldwork and Plaid, Wabbit Whimsey. Don’t delay ordering these courses!

    For more information on all Correspondence Courses, please go to All courses remain available for registration through October 31, 2014. Enjoy!

    For further information about how to register for all CCs, go to ANG Home Page, click on Educational Opportunities, and then Correspondence Courses or click on

    NeedleArts Appraisal Program (NAP)
    submitted by Cindy Lee Gershin, Chairman

    The NAP is busy this fall. Thank you to Valerie McAleenan for serving as our Chairman for the last four years. We look forward to her continued support as she moves into an advisory role for the NAP. I will continue our work as I take over as Chairman welcoming Joady Gorelik as our new Vice-Chairman. As always, we will continue keeping the Program up to date and relevant to our goal of educating and training quality needleart appraisers.

    On that note, I am pleased to announce that several new candidates are starting their Level I studies in the next month or so. They will be working closely with their assigned mentors who will guide them through each step, providing feedback and training alongside their required studies. I am looking forward to watching their progress.

    Continuing education is one of the goals our Accredited Appraisers have even after they complete their studies and earn their Certificate. Several of our Accredited Appraisers have taken the 15 hour USPAP course and passed their exam. This is an in depth course that appraisers, regardless of their field of expertise, must take in order to be accepted into national appraisal organizations. Our NAP appraisers that take this course and exam not only elevate their own knowledge, they contribute in raising our Program to a nationally recognized level in the appraisal field.

    If you are interested in becoming a NeedleArt Appraiser, or would like more information about our Program, please contact me at Chairman, Needlearts Appraisal Certification Program

    Master Needle Artist Program (MNA)
    submitted by Cindy Durston, Chairman MNA

    Seminar is over, fall and winter are on their way and you need something to keep you company in the colder weather. The Master Needle Artist Program is just the cup of tea for you. Learn about an art topic, write a short thesis then create an original piece of needle art based upon your research. It is such an enriching program and well worth your time. Become the next Master Needle Artist and create art as needlepoint. Contact Chairman, Master Needle Artist Program

    submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

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