May/June 2015

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News from the President
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

“How did it get so late so soon?”

Time marches on...and on...and on! And that is both good and bad, for it brings us news both joyous and sad.

I want to update you on the timing of the new ANG website! You should be able to access the new site this summer - later than we had hoped and not a minute too soon! My thanks to all who have in the past months written and searched for information to go on our new site, and my special thanks to Jenny Ross and those who have worked with her to make this dream a reality.

Sad news reached us all a short few weeks ago when we heard that Cathy Felton, a beloved Past President of ANG, passed away. Cathy cherished her ANG connections and the many, many years of association and service to ANG. She was truly stitched in to the life and times of ANG and she will be missed by a great many of us who had the honor of knowing her. Contributions to the Memorial Fund of ANG are being accepted in her honor, and are gratefully appreciated.

The General Registration period for Carolina Splendor Seminar in Myrtle Beach has closed and Late Registrations are now being accepted on a first come, first served basis for the class spaces that remain open! The Board of Directors and I are thrilled to be welcoming over 400 members to Myrtle Beach in September, and we are all looking forward to classes and events that we know will be both inspirational and exciting.

It is time to announce our election results and give thanks to all the members who took the time to send in their ballots for their participation in the future of ANG. It is time to welcome our newest Board member, Julie Donatelli to the position of Treasurer, Becky Breshears as she returns to the position of Vice President for Education and Lisa Crespo who is joining me as President Elect in the work of guiding, encouraging and supporting the many volunteers and committees of ANG. We are also welcoming Lynn Bahm as South Central Area Representative, Pat Weed as North Central Area Representative and Susie Lupton for her second term as Southeastern Area Representative. These ladies manage and support the work of the chapters and members of their areas - they are truly the face of ANG.

At this same time I want to thank Carol Frey who is retiring from her time as South Central Area Representative and Pat Dugan, retiring from three terms as an Area Representative. Pat and Carol have given generously of their time and energy to strengthen and support the chapters and members of their areas and for that we are so very grateful.

Time does indeed march on, perhaps Dr. Seuss has said it best:
“How did it get so late so soon?
Its night before its afternoon.
December is here before its June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.”

We are the American Needlepoint Guild, and we are charged with the future of needlepoint as we know it. Join us today to preserve tomorrow.

Seminar Update
submitted by Barbara Richardson, ANG Seminar Coordinator

The months are going by quickly and it may be awhile since you have looked at your Seminar Brochure for Myrtle Beach 2015; listed here are important reminders:

July 31 - Exhibit entry forms must be in; be sure and include Photo Release Form and check

July 31 - Last day for merchandise orders for the seminar shirt, nametag, and frame weight

August 1 to August 22 - Exhibit entries shipped to Jessica (see brochure for her address and directions for packing and return postage for your piece/pieces)

The Carolina chapters have been busy working to welcome all to Myrtle Beach, the teacher nametags have been completed, ribbon centers are all stitched and ready to be finished, and favors have been ordered. Volunteers are busy working on getting “Splish Splash the Turtle” frame weights stuffed and stitched.

Donations are still being accepted --do you have any small canvases, extra scissors, threads, stitching related items or small kits that you no longer want that are new? We could still use some of these for the daily drawings at Seminar. If so contact me; all of the drawings are donated items. I have received several as of the end of March. Thank you to all that have responded to this request.

With 2015 Seminar nearing its pre-Seminar work completion -- we now shift to working on the 2016 New Orleans Seminar. Ribbon centers, and teacher name tags are almost complete and I will be looking for volunteers to stitch these items. The ribbon centers are done on #24 congress cloth and the nametags are on #18 mono canvas. Threads and stitch suggestions will be given for each of these and I would like these all completed and back to me by the end of this year. Also we are in need of an Exhibit Chair, Seminar Newsletter Editor, and Hospitality Chair. For more information on these positions or for stitching please contact me at

Seminars require lots of volunteers to make them run smoothly and so all members can enjoy their time taking classes, stitching, renewing old friendships, making new friends, etc. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be contacting all of you that have indicated that you would be willing to help this year in Exhibit, Hospitality, Opportunity, or Auction areas. Shifts are normally two hours and can be worked around your class schedules. Thank you for wanting to help at Seminar and we are looking forward to seeing all in Myrtle Beach

Almost Halfway to Our Goal!
submitted by Diane Trobaugh, Chairman, Development Committee

Can you believe that in less than two years, thanks to the generosity of our members, we are 47.07% to the goal of raising $500,000 for the ANG Endowment Fund? We only need $14,653 to reach the halfway mark in our capital campaign. It would be fabulous to achieve $250,000 in donations and pledges so we can celebrate reaching this significant milestone at the seminar in Myrtle Beach.

It would only take 1,500 donations of $100, or 15 pledges of $1,000, or two pledges of $10,000, or one pledge of $25,000 or $50,000 or of course some combination of donations and pledges to cross the halfway mark. Won’t you help?

Let’s plan a Myrtle Beach celebration for reaching $250,000 in this worthy fundraising effort. You can become a Golden Needle Society member or be a multi-time donor by sending your donation to ANG, Inc., 2424 American Lane, Madison, WI 53704-3102. Please be sure to write “Golden Needle Society” in the memo section of your check. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

New! CyberWorkshop: Michael’s Winter by Dawn Donnelly
submitted by Dawn Clark, CyberWorkshop Chairman

This winter snow scene, which is full of snowdrifts, offers a perfect opportunity to experiment with a variety of threads, stitches, and techniques. The student will use Rhodes stitch, Branscombe edge, buttonhole ring, ribbed spider’s web, burden, looped backstitch, diagonal weaving, spider web rose, tied windmill, and two of Dawn’s own stitches: the knotted whip, and reverse square herringbone The stitches use DMC satin floss, Expressions, Arctic Rays, Flair, Kreinik Braid, Shimmer Lite, Super Suede, yarns, and beads. In addition, the student will learn how to create a snow ring, beaded cluster, and beaded cascade.

The scene is stitched on #14 white mono canvas cut 15” x 15.” The design area is 9” x 9.” An optional partial kit will be available.

Michael’s Winter is an Advanced/Intermediate level workshop lasting six months. Registration will be open from May 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015. The workshop will start September 1, 2015.

The workshop cost for only instructions (delivered electronically) is $133.00.
The workshop cost for instructions (delivered electronically) and a partial kit is $187.00 plus shipping.

A complete materials list as well as the contents of the partial kit can be requested by sending an email to:

To register for Michael’s Winter, follow the link below, and login with your membership information. You will be taken to a page where you can register for the workshop.

Workshops by Mail
submitted by Cathie Pankowski, Chairman Workshop by Mail

New! Cambridge by Sandy Rodgers

This delicate piece by Sandy Rodgers will be available between June 1, 2015 and September 30, 2015.

This beautiful piece presents a shining oval, a tiny butterfly, and a spray of elegant flowers. As you stitch this splendid design, learn realistic shading with Sandy’s easy technique, contemporary couching of twisted cord with an innovative method to create a continuous line, traditional couching of pearl purl bullion, a variation of Armenian stitch, and the twinkle of an intriguing counted pattern. Sandy’s famous detailed instructions have numerous photos to guide your stitching. This Intermediate Level piece is designed to be stitched on congress cloth and you can stitch with either cotton embroidery floss or stranded silk. Since some of the metals/metallics may be difficult to get, a partial kit is offered in your choice of gold or silver.

Sandy Rodgers is credentialed by ANG, EGA, and NAN in embroidery expertise, teaching, and judging, and for 30 years has been internationally recognized as an outstanding teacher at national, region, chapter, shop, and Internet classes. Her designs, most of which are inspired by nature, are supported by her excellent instructions.

Registration for Cambridge is between June 1 and September 30, 2015. To order, follow the instructions on the ANG web site. You must be a current ANG member to order this pattern. This pattern costs: $40 for and electronic distribution; $50 for a paper copy mailed within the United States; $55 for a paper copy mailed outside of the United States.

Correspondence Courses: Blackwork Circles and Florentine Fleur-de-lys
submitted by Melita Glavin, Chairman of Correspondence Courses

1. Blackwork Circles by Carol Algie Higginbotham

Carol Algie Higginbotham has you work a framework design of 19 canvas stitches in four values of a color in Blackwork Circles. The framed areas are filled with 13 blackwork patterns of heavy, medium, or light density categories worked with floss in the darkest values of the color. This piece challenges the Advanced Intermediate student to combine the technique of blackwork with canvas stitches, and the curving lines will enhance our expertise in compensation. Close-up pictures of the stitched areas accompany each of the diagrams. The 10" circular design finishes 12" x 12" and is worked on #18 white mono canvas. The optional complete $30 kit includes the #18 white mono canvas and threads.

2. Florentine Fleur-de-Lys by Michele Roberts

The official symbol of the city of Florence, Italy, as well as the Medici family is a very fancy fleur-de-lis. The course, Florentine Fleur de Lys by Michele Roberts, explores this complex and delicate Renaissance Italian design with traditional raised English goldwork, beading, and needlepoint worked on white Congress cloth. Types of gold used are pearl purl, bright check purl, wire check purl, check thread, Japan gold, and whipped plate. Techniques include padding, various methods of invisible couching, parallel laying, twisting, and chipping. Two very different lattices of pearls and gold are used for the background and the elaborate border. The optional complete kit costs $130.

For further information about how to register for all Correspondence Courses, go to ANG Home Page, click on Educational Opportunities, and then Correspondence Courses or click on

I would like to congratulate the following students, on receipt of their Correspondence Course Certificates, for the completion of their courses:

Marcia Barrere for Holiday Montage
Linda Bender for Diamond in a Square
Marietta Douglas for Thistle and Kilt
Janet Manrot for Softly Feathered
Darlene Vukovich McKnight for Thistle and Kilt
Linda Harris for Bargello Techniques
Paulette Newman for Bargello Techniques
Sylvia Rotblat for Snow White Peony

Master Needle Artist Program (MNA)
submitted by Cindy Durston, Chairman MNA

The snow is gone for the most part, the sun is out and it's time for a new stitching quest. It's spring, which brings New Beginnings. If you stitch at the Advanced Intermediate Level, this quest is just for you. Consider emailing the Chair of the Master Needle Artist Program and begin your journey of discovery, challenge and adventure today. Email the Chair at

NeedleArts Appraisal Program (NAP)
submitted by Cindy Lee Gershin, Chairman, NAP

Did you know that the NAP is specially designed as a mentor based program? While we occasionally offer an appraisal class at Seminar, it is usually more of an overview to provide our members with information about what appraisals are and what the general processes of evaluating needlework and writing a professional report are. By working one on one with an assigned mentor throughout your studies, you have the benefit of personal, detailed instruction to follow-up on your independent studies. This allows each student to concentrate on the exact areas where they require more assistance. It also allows our mentors to provide individual feedback and support throughout the entire process. Our mentors are chosen from graduates of the NAP and are working NeedleArts Appraisers that can share their expertise and experience with our candidates.

If you would like more information, please contact our NAP Chairman at

submitted by Penny Boswinkle, Chairman of the Nominating Committee

Flowers are blooming! It’s finally starting to warm up! School is almost done for the year! Time to start thinking about yourself! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help guide ANG into the future? Think of all the things you like about ANG and would like to keep the same! Then there may be some things you might want to see changed. It’s your time!

The Nominating Committee is looking for volunteers for the following positions!

Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Membership
Eastern Area Representative
Western Area Representative

It’s easy to apply! Just go to the web site and follow the form for a resume. Send it to the Nominating Committee and we will contact you! Hope we get to talk to you about any of the jobs you are interested in!

Chapter News: Omaha Chapter to host Geometric Butterfly by Toni Gerdes
submitted by Karen Hosier, President, Omaha Chapter ANG

Geometric Butterfly is a wonderful design inspired by the teachings of Frank Lloyd Wright. This Intermediate Level piece is a colorful, fun piece. In this 2-day class (August 8 and 9), you will learn several stitches, specifically focusing on shading techniques. The finished piece is approximately 3 5/8” X 7 5/8.” You will be working on #24 Congress Cloth, which will be included in your kit along with all threads, needles, and instructions. The threads in the kit include Rainbow Gallery silk, DMC Floss, Soie d’Alger silk, Thread Gatherer’s silk, and Rainbow Gallery’s Gold Coronet Braid.

Cost of class, including the kit with fibers - $130 for ANG Members $140 for non-ANG members.

If you are interested in getting further information on time, place, and registration form as that information becomes available, please email Karen Hosier at

submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

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Has Your Personal Contact Information Changed?
submitted by ANG Internet Committee

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