March 15, 2014

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News from the President
submitted by Pat Rogers, President

It’s March and it's time to vote! Please be sure to check your March Needle Pointers and send in your ballot. Please consider serving on a committee, as an Area Representative, or on the Board. It is hard work, fun, and rewarding. So many of you post such good ideas! Please consider bringing that enthusiasm to the national level. I know that there are many members out there who would bring so much energy and innovation to ANG!

March also brings the Seminar Brochure with all the fabulous classes and tours and the wonderful Exhibit. This year I get to attend as a participant and I am already choosing classes. What a lot of fun that is. If you aren't able to attend this year, remember that our Workshops by Mail are Seminar-level classes that you can take in the comfort of your home. The Exhibit winners will appear in the January issue of Needle Pointers, so you will get to enjoy them even if you can't be with us in person. The Live Auction will again be open to online bidding so you can enjoy that as well. So many fun things to do and all about needlepoint!

In this newsletter you will see a notice about a great juried exhibit, Shoreline Stitchers' Showcase. This exhibit is sponsored by Needle Artists by the Sea Chapter, ANG and they are asking for submissions. I had the pleasure of attending this exhibit several years ago and was very impressed by the beautiful work. The chapter puts on a great event. If you know of other such events, please let us know so we can announce them here and in the magazine.

This is my last e-Newsletter as President. I want to thank everyone once again for allowing me to serve. It has been a wonderful experience. Now I get to resume normal life - whatever that is! We just concluded our budget Board meeting. We have some great things planned for the future, so be sure you stick around! I plan to go on working for ANG wherever they want me to work. It's addictive!

The Golden Needle Society
submitted by Diane Trobaugh, Chairman, Development Committee

You can now read about the Golden Needle Society on the ANG website under the Support ANG tab or go directly to the page at From this page you can print the donation form you need to complete to become a member of the Society. The Development Committee would love to have you join us as we strive to make possible...

Ending Soon! CyberWorkshop: The Dragonmaster by Dorothy Lesher
submitted by Christin Loudon, CyberWorkshop Chairman

The Dragon meets his Master in the Wizard. Angry and resistant, the Dragon vents his rage at the Wizard’s all powerful magic.

The Dragon’s body shimmers in black silk on black Congress cloth with accents of red silk and fine gold metallic in the wing. Depending on the angle of viewing and light source, because the body of the Dragon is stitched black on black, it will appear or partially disappear, leaving only a glimmer of the fine gold to be seen. This lends to the mystery and intrigue of the design. The wing is worked in a variety of patches, using creative stitches, and couched patterns, all in the recessive color of black with a splash of red and gold.

The Wizard’s robe of ‘quilted’ gold silk is faced with velvet and trimmed with multiple rows of couched gold cording on the cuffs. His long scarf is adorned with a geometric pattern worked in red silk and fine gold, which incorporates the black of the canvas into the design. An undergown, in a fine gold-networked pattern filled with rich purple silk, shows touches of red to complete the robe.

The design is worked on black Congress cloth to enhance the dramatic look of the figures. The fine black cord used in the body of the Dragon is actually 1 ply of a 6-ply cord that is used in the spine of the Dragon. Each student will learn, with explicit instructions, to successfully separate the ply to be used as a single strand for the body stitching.

This is an advanced-level class. The design area is 15" X 13"worked on a piece of Congress cloth which is 18" X 16".

Registration for this workshop will end March 31, 2014.This four-month class will start June 1, 2014.

For more information, go to

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stitch your own Dragonmaster.

Correspondence Courses: Diamond in a Square and Snow White Peony
submitted by Melita Glavin, Chairman

These are just 2 of the courses that have been very popular since they began. If you haven’t had the opportunity to take them yet, time is growing short because they will be retiring on October 31, 2014.

Diamond in a Square

Learn how to manipulate color to create an overdyed thread effect using skeins of solid colors with Diamond in a Square. Pat Mazu will solve some common overdyed thread problems by showing how to place the right color just where you want it. You can create your own colorway and use your favorite threads. The design is 5-3/4" x 5-3/4" worked on #18 canvas. The optional kit costs $40. Instructions for creating your own ornaments using different shapes, including a petite stocking design that can be worked using this method, are included.

Snow White Peony

Carol Algie Higginbotham explores 11 pulled thread stitches giving your piece a lace effect in Snow White Peony. You will work the leaves in shaded canvas stitches using floss, thus anchoring the design and giving it the proper weight. The 8˝ x 10˝ design is worked on white Congress cloth using pearl cotton and floss. The $30 kit is optional.

For more information on all 10 new Correspondence Courses and the 12 returning favorites, please go to All courses remain available for registration through October 31, 2014. Enjoy!

For further information about how to register for all CCs, go to ANG Home Page, click on Educational Opportunities, and then Correspondence Courses or click on

I would like to congratulate the following students on their receipt of the Correspondence Course Certificate and on the completion of their course:

Tracy Walin for Bargello Techniques

Carlton Whelan, Della Dossat, Janet Bex, Judy Drinkard, Melissa Sutton, and Nancy Gannon for Diamond in a Square

Edith Edde, Katie Kensinger, Kay Leach, Kay Lawless, and Robin Rudd for Softly Feathered

Workshop by Mail: Butterflies are Three, by Marnie Ritter
submitted by, Cathie Pankowski, Chairman, Workshop by Mail

February 1 brings us the new Workshop by Mail project: Butterflies are Three, by Marnie Ritter. These are three of the most elegant creatures on earth! Intricate patterns in each shape allow the creative artist to enjoy geometric combinations, textured embellishments, and embroidery stitches that become integrated with the open areas. Over twenty different stitching techniques (shading-left-open, whipped spider webs, fishbone, satin-to-the-center, outline, Florentine, unconventional crosses, etc.) using sharp embroidery needles stitched with silks and metallics are used in these three butterfly shapes. The addition of beads, paillettes, and semi-precious stones enhances their beauty. One butterfly of pastels, one of vibrant burgundy, and one of warm golds create a family of fun.

Canvas/fabric Size: 10" x 18" (#22 mocha Congress cloth) or 3 pieces, each 10" x 10"

Design Size: 4" x 15" or 3 pieces, each 4" x 4"

Level: Advanced Intermediate

Marnie Ritter has taught needle art for over 38 years at national and regional seminars for ANG, EGA, Callaway Gardens, and NAN, as well as national and international guilds and shops. Marnie’s forte is to continuously discover new and innovative techniques that combine many facets of needleart. Her students enjoy her enthusiastic sharing of these years of seasoned experience.

The deadline for registration for Butterflies are Three is May 31, 2014. The cost for the instructions is $40 (electronic distribution), $50 (mailed to U.S. address), and $55 (mailed to international address).

You may order online (payment thru, via fax (payment via Visa or Master Card), or by mail (payment by Visa or Master Card, check, or money order). Please follow the instructions on

Quest Challenge
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President Elect

The Quest Challenge celebrates its 21st year by offering an opportunity for all needle artists to create and exhibit a themed piece of needlepoint at the ANG Seminar Exhibit 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. All members of ANG are encouraged to accept the challenge and participate in Quest XXI by demonstrating their creative abilities based on the 2014 theme: Open Canvas.

The theme, Open Canvas, offers limitless possibilities for individual interpretation and design choices. Consider all meanings of "open". We have come to accept some canvas "show through" in our stitching, but when is it most appropriate? How much openness should there be? Are there other ways to "open" the canvas to the viewer? Creative interpretation is the key to success in Quest challenges. As you let your creativity soar, the primary concern should be excellence in design and interpretation of the theme.

Stitched pieces may be entered in the original and adaptation judged categories or in the non-judged category of the exhibit, and they must be designated as Quest entries. While technical ability is always a factor, it is not a primary consideration in the Quest challenge. Quest entries will be evaluated by a panel of qualified judges who will focus on the creative interpretation of the theme.

An artist's statement explaining the design and the interpretation as relevant to the theme is required and must accompany each Quest entry in order to be eligible. The judges will review the Artist's Statement and evaluate the relativity of the written material to the designed and stitched needlepoint. Qualifying entries will receive the judges' single paragraph evaluation and a special Quest Certificate of Participation.

Quest XXI is sponsored by the ANG Judging Certification Program.


President’s Choice Award 
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President Elect

At the 2014 Chicago Exhibit, the theme for the President’s Choice Award is “Golden” in honor of the Golden Needle Society which is dedicated to raising $500,000 for the ANG Endowment Fund. The President’s Choice award may be given to any piece in the Original, Adaptation, Independent Project, or Class Project category. So pull out those gold colored threads, mine your stash for those sparkling metals or metallics, polish up your goldwork technique, consider the color gold or discover your own “Midas touch” and create a golden aura in the work that you submit!


State Award in Chicago
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President Elect

The 2014 State Award will be given to the best example of a 21st Century Sampler in the Original or Adaptation category in the Exhibit. Printed definitions say samplers are examples or studies or collections, all created or worked for the increased knowledge of the stitcher. In today's world, a sampler may break the boundaries of the traditional just as the boundaries of tools, threads, and grounds have been broken. We're looking forward to seeing how you define a sampler today

News Flash! 
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President Elect

Guess who's coming to dinner in Chicago? Monica Ferris, that's who!!!! Join us in welcoming this well known and beloved author to the Chicago Seminar Welcome Banquet on Sunday night, August 24th!

Nominating Committee
submitted by Jan Herod, Chairman, Nominating Committee

Stitchers, the nominating committee needs your help! We have 2 openings on our committee: Eastern representative and Southeastern representative. It is important that all areas of the country have their say on nominees for your Board. Please think about these important jobs and send me your name and resume. If you are interested in any other committees, please contact There are great opportunities to be involved with something you love.

Master Needle Artist Program (MNA)
submitted by Cindy Durston, Chairman, MNA 

Are you tired of winter - snow, ice, and cold? Create a change of pace with the MNA. You will learn to create your own design, stitch an original piece of art based upon your research, and achieve at a new level. It only takes one email to the Chair of the Program at to begin the wonderful journey of becoming a Master Needle Artist.

The Cost of an Appraisal
submitted by Cindy Lee Gershin, Vice-Chair, NeedleArts Appraisal Program

A proper appraisal is not just a single sheet of paper stating an estimated value. ANG Accredited NeedleArts Appraisers (NAP) do not just look up a few similar items and use the same value. Appraisal reports, depending on their purpose and the piece(s) being appraised, can range from 5 to over 20 pages of documentation and information. Clients should always receive a properly written, detailed report that will be accepted for the purpose for which it was written: sale, insurance, donation, etc.

Several of the things an ANG NeedleArts Appraiser does when writing your appraisal includes a thorough inspection of your needlework (in person or through photos), research on the piece through dealers, books, online sources, and research of current and recent markets to determine comparative condition and value, writing a detailed report in accordance with our training in the NeedleArts Appraisal Program and the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Upon completion of the appraisal, the research documents, notes, and photographs are put in a detailed work file. This is kept for at least five years to support the value conclusion should any future questions arise.

If you are thinking of having your needleart appraised, know that the cost should never be based on a percentage of the appraised value. This is unethical and inappropriate. Once the appraiser knows what you have, she/he can determine what type of work will be needed to research the value of the piece. Fees should always be stated and agreed to prior to the start of the appraisal.

If you would like to learn more about this process, or if you would like to have a piece of needleart appraised, we at the NAP would love to hear from you. We are currently accepting applications for new members.

Needle Pointers: Request for Submissions
submitted by to Diane Blinn, Administrative Coordinator, Needle Pointers

The editorial team of Needle Pointers, ANG’s premier magazine, is looking for both large and small projects to publish as well as feature articles. Over the past several months, the Executive Board has restructured the team and replaced the position of editor with an administrative coordinator, Diane Blinn, and an assistant coordinator, Sara Leigh Merrey. All submissions should be directed to Diane at If you have submitted something over the past year and it hasn’t appeared in the magazine yet, please resubmit it to Diane.

What are we looking for?

For projects, we’d like to publish both charted and painted/outline-drawn needlepoint pieces of all skill levels. There are usually one large project and two small projects in each issue. We would like to include more projects focused on painted/outline-drawn designs to provide a more balanced coverage of the needlepoint techniques the membership uses.

For feature articles, we’re interested in covering as broad a range of topics and interests as possible -- techniques, materials, education, copyright, exhibitions, the whole gamut. We want to know what interests you. Please submit either a proposed article that you’d like to write or a topic that you’d like to learn more about.

Remember, this is your magazine and is intended to further your knowledge about and skill in needlepoint. We need your input to make it dynamic.

All submissions should be directed to Diane Blinn, .

Shoreline Stitchers’ Showcase
submitted by Laura Herrmann

Needle Artists by the Sea Chapter, ANG, is sponsoring a judged needlework exhibit and boutique on Saturday and Sunday, April 26 and 27th, 2014. The exhibit will be held at the South Coast Botanic Garden on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the Los Angeles, California area. The chapter would like to invite you to submit a piece (or several) for this exhibit. The entry fee for each piece is $8, and you get a ticket to attend the show with the first entry that you submit. Entry forms can be downloaded from our website:

Forms must be postmarked by March 29, 2014. The entry forms contain information about divisions, drop off, and pickup. If you have any questions, contact showcase staff at Past exhibits have featured examples of needlepoint, petit point, counted thread, surface embroidery, silk and metal, beading, and mixed media. Entrants do not have to be members of any group to participate and there is a special exhibit for youth.

submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President Elect

Please consider including this newsletter's information in your chapter newsletter, or printing copies of this newsletter for members that you know who may not have ready access to a computer or who may not be receiving this information. 

Has Your Personal Contact Information Changed?
submitted by ANG Internet Committee

Please contact us only if you have moved, changed your address, or need to update information in ANG's member database.

This is easy to do on the Web or by email. On the Web, go to this page and fill in the blanks. Then click the "Submit Changes" button.

To update by email, open a new message and enter this email address into the "To" line without the [ ] or spaces: database [@]

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