July/August 2015

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From the President’s Desk
submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

“Hot fun in the summertime ...” and boy are things heating up!! Plans for Carolina Splendor, our September seminar in Myrtle Beach, are simmering along nicely and I want to remind everyone that there are still some fabulous classes available with openings in them! So if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at goldwork, Rozashi or silk shading, or just thought about what fun a mixed media project might be, take a look at the open classes on our website and join us for what promises to be a truly splendid time.

Remember too, that if you’re not interested in the classes but just want to attend for the Seminar events and experience, we still have a few openings on our tour to Brookgreen Gardens and our tour to Hopsewee Plantation . Check out their websites and check in with seminar, but do let us know as the cut off dates are looming and we don’t want to leave anyone behind!

Likewise, you should have made already your hotel reservations. Our Board meeting will be on site and we are all looking forward to sampling a bit of what Myrtle Beach has to offer. Take advantage of our rate, whether you are in class or just in town! Here’s the link

Wishing everyone a happy and not too hot summertime filled with stitching time and friends,

Golden Needle Society--An Investment in ANG's Future
submitted by Diane Trobaugh, Chairman, Development Committee

A gift to the Golden Needle Society goes 100% to the ANG Endowment Fund and is an investment in the future of ANG. Only 70% of the revenue generated from the Endowment Fund's principal can be used, and may be used only to support the mission of the Guild: to protect and preserve historic needlepoint pieces and to foster the education and advancement of skills inherent to the art of needlepoint. The principal remains intact and is invested to produce additional revenue. Your tax-deductible donation to the Capital Campaign, known as the Golden Needle Society, will be one that keeps on giving year after year.

New! CyberWorkshop Élégant Éventail by Kay Stanis
submitted by Dawn Clark, CyberWorkshop Chairman

The swish of a satin gown and the glow of times past are remembered in this gold and blue fan, or as the French would say élégant éventail.

The design is worked on Congress cloth cut 15.5” x 18”. The silk fibers used are flat silks, Zwicky twisted silk, and silk sewing thread. These combine with smooth, rough, and check purls; Faconnee, Jacerons, and braids. The stitches included are vertical, horizontal, voided, and diagonal satin stitches used flat and over padding.

Students will also learn how to transfer parts of their own patterns and make a new thread composite from metal thread components. The focus of the class will be on padding and filling areas with purls. The student should be proficient in Blackwork and laying flat silk.

A complete materials list will be provided. Students will also have the option of purchasing a kit.

This is an Advanced level workshop lasting six months. Registration will open July 1, 2015 - August 31, 2015. The workshop will start November 1, 2015.

For more information, go to

New! Workshop by Mail: Cambridge by Sandy Rodgers
submitted by Cathie Pankowski, Chairman Workshop by Mail

This is a beautiful, delicate piece by Sandy Rodgers. This piece will only be available until September 30, 2015.

This piece presents a shining oval, a tiny butterfly, and a spray of elegant flowers. As you stitch this splendid design, learn realistic shading with Sandy’s easy technique, contemporary couching of twisted cord with an innovative method to create a continuous line, traditional couching of pearl purl bullion, a variation of Armenian stitch, and the twinkle of an intriguing counted pattern. Sandy’s famous detailed instructions have numerous photos to guide your stitching. This intermediate level piece is designed to be stitched on Congress cloth and you can stitch with either cotton embroidery floss or stranded silk. Since some of the metals/metallics may be difficult to get, a partial kit is offered in your choice of gold or silver.

Sandy Rodgers is credentialed by ANG, EGA, and NAN in embroidery expertise, teaching, and judging, and for 30 years has been internationally recognized as an outstanding teacher at national, regional, chapter, shop, and Internet classes. Her designs, most of which are inspired by nature, are supported by her excellent instructions.

Registration for Cambridge is between June 1 and September 30, 2015. To order, follow the instructions on the ANG web site. You must be a current ANG member to order this pattern. This pattern costs: $40 for and electronic distribution; $50 for a paper copy mailed within the United States; $55 for a paper copy mailed outside of the United States.

Correspondence Courses: Gated Secrets and I Can Do It...
submitted by Melita Glavin, Chairman of Correspondence Courses

Gated Secrets by Sandra Arthur

This dimensional needlepoint project, Gated Secrets by Sandra Arthur, explores many techniques to add interest and challenge. Detailed descriptions, color photos, and stitch illustrations walk you through techniques of appliqué, trapunto, and sponge painting on the canvas. Trapunto is a decorative quilted effect using padding and by stitching around the outline of the design area. Stumpwork variations add dimension and texture. Stitching includes needleweaving and many additional showcase stitches such as Nobuko, buttonhole on a knot, darning, Bargello, mosaic, raised stem stitch, and combination stitches. Experience working with fantastic suggested threads such as Pepper Pot Silk, Burmilana, Gumnut, ThreadworX, Rainbow Gallery, and others.

I Can Do It . . . A Simple Approach to Design Theory and Creativity by Patricia Mazu

Do you want to create your own petite stocking or other shaped ornament? It isn’t difficult! You will learn to combine stitch patterns to create your own “personally designed” ornament. The I Can Do It workbook by Patricia Mazu will provide a simplified course in design and color theory, ideas for designs, outlines of shapes for ornaments, and composite stitch diagrams. Dozens of color images of models and stitch combination diagrams are provided. An extensive bibliography is included. An optional complete kit ($25) includes #14 or #18 canvas, a selection of threads, metallic braids, and beads so that you can create your first ornament.

For further information about how to register for all CCs, go to

I would like to congratulate the following students, on receipt of their Correspondence Course Certificate, for the completion of their course:
Kim Bowman for Beribboned Box Top
Lara Skaggs for Beribboned Box Top
Susan Kelley for A Gordian Knot
Pamela Price for Snow White Peony

NeedleArts Appraisal Program (NAP)
submitted by Cindy Lee Gershin, Chairman NAP

One of the first things an appraiser does when speaking with a client is determine the purpose of the appraisal assignment. This means the appraiser decides what the appraisal is needed for. Is it for insurance coverage purposes? Is the client in need of the needlework’s value to sell it? Maybe they are donating it and need an appraisal for tax purposes.

Each of these needs require different information and their own type of value research and conclusions. Determining the purpose of the appraisal, what type of report, and what type of value is appropriate to each appraisal assignment is something we teach our NAP students.

This is just one of many topics studied in the NAP.

Please contact me at if you would like more information on the NeedleArts Appraisal Program.

Master Needle Artist Program (MNA)
submitted by Cindy Durston, Chairman MNA

Are you tired of the same old thing, especially in Needlepoint? Why not consider the Master Needle Artist Program where you can discover the hidden artist within. Explore your favorite stitch, artist or art period and write a short Thesis. Then create your original design based upon your research. If this program peaks your interest, contact the Chair at and begin your artistic journey of discovery.

Last Chance Opportunity
submitted by Penny Boswinkle, Chairman of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is still looking for candidates for the following positions: Secretary, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Operations, Western Area Representative, and Eastern Area Representative. Due to Seminar being later this year, the final decisions will have to be made very quickly after Seminar. We don’t want anyone who is thinking about volunteering to miss out on this opportunity! If you are considering any of the jobs, please go to the ANG web site and fill out the resume form which is listed here . Then send it off to If you aren’t able to send the form by e-mail, please send an e-mail letting us know and we will send you a snail mail address. You will be contacted after we receive your resume with more information. Remember – without our wonderful volunteers there would be no ANG!

Also remember that the Nominating Committee is open to anyone who might be considering volunteering for any of the committees. We are happy to collect your interest and pass it on to any committee chairman who is looking for volunteers! If you don’t feel like you are ready for an elected position, this is a wonderful way to get involved and help the guild.

From the Needle Pointers team...

Two July 2015 Needle Pointers issue corrections to note!

In the photograph of the American Salute I project, the canvas for the project appears white, but it’s actually French blue as noted in the Materials List.

Also in this issue, the chart on pages 22-23 for Patriotic Tribute is missing row 42, due to an error in prepress production. A complete chart is shown below:

Click on image to enlarge.

We apologize for any confusion these errors have caused you. Please know that corrections for the Patriotic Tribute chart and a new picture of the American Salute I project will appear in your next published issue, the September 2015 issue of Needle Pointers. We wanted to give those of you who may be already stitching on these projects the corrected information as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget to send us those questions you’ve always wanted an answer for. Our “Glad You Asked” column is there to inform you. In the September issue, look for some practical information about your stitching!

submitted by Cathe McEnerney, President

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Has Your Personal Contact Information Changed?
submitted by ANG Internet Committee

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This is easy to do on the Web or by email. On the Web, go to this page and fill in the blanks. Then click the "Submit Changes" button.

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