July/August 2016

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From the President’s Desk,
submitted by Lisa Crespo

Thank you for the warm welcome!  I have received several cards and emails from the membership at large. The feeling of being “stitched in” to ANG is contagious and heart warming.

Are you keeping up with the pace?  There is a lot going on with ANG!  I can’t tell you how proud I am to be working alongside so many talented and giving individuals. They are the true treasures of ANG, which would not exist without them. Catch-up and read-on to find out what is happening and how we are working for you and the betterment of our organization and its future.

Board meeting updates:

Well much has transpired in 8 weeks. We are about to have our 4th official board meeting. Every contract ANG has is due, past due, coming up, or new. That is a lot of work by many. There are several individual and conference calls, writing, research, vetting, and negotiating. The good news is that the Board and Executive Committee are working together along with outside consultants volunteering their expertise to get us on track, up and running, and improving our organization. Things don’t happen with a blink of an eye but they are shaping up! Please be patient.

ANG Marketing and Public Relations:

ANG once again made its presence known at the TNNA summer needlework market in Washington, DC. We promoted the organization and its mission to attendees, networked with industry members to collaborate on future endeavors, and the general welfare of the needlearts industry as whole worldwide. 

Follow-up note: Long ago I learned when being interviewed there is no editing control in the final product presentation. One is literally at the mercy of the writer, editor, and/or, producer of the final product. That being said, whether it is a television show, internet video post, or written article produced by another party, ANG does not have much of a say, if any. If you have questions or concerns regarding content or clarification at this time please send them to

More and exciting publicity is coming!  It is our hope that these cumulative efforts will make you a proud member of the American Needlepoint Guild, Inc., and that you will continue to support the organization with your membership, volunteering, and donations as well as promoting our efforts and mission.

ANG Communications:

We are making a concerted effort to communicate to one another and the membership on a regular basis through multi media formats. The recent email blasts are being well-received and provoking thought and compliments. The feedback is appreciated. It is our hope that other formats, print and virtual will follow suit. Stay tuned!


From the Secretary’s Desk,
submitted by Val Reece

Nothing new to report

From the Treasurer’s Desk,
submitted by Julie Donatelli

Summer is a busy time for the Treasurer! Besides the usual activities, which include reviewing and approving cash disbursements, overseeing the general ledger, and managing ANG’s investment portfolio (which is rapidly approaching the $1 million mark), the financial preparations for Seminar are in full swing. Among other things, this involves obtaining appropriate insurance coverage (including event cancellation coverage to protect us in case we are disrupted by a tropical storm), investigating state and local tax requirements, making contractually required advance payments to the hotel, teachers, and other service providers. Finally, Honkamp and Krueger (“HK”), a Top 100 CPA firm based in Iowa, is performing its annual review of ANG’s financial statements. Following this review, HK will assist us in preparing our federal tax return, IRS Form 990, which is an information return required to be filed by nonprofits.

From the Vice President of Operations Desk,
submitted by Jan Herod

Finishing the final details of NOLA Seminar with respective committees and management company. Reviewing and negotiating all contracts with President. Working on ANG’s 45th Annual Seminar “Stitchers Go West” in Anaheim 2017 with respective committees. Barbara Richardson will continue to be Seminar Coordinator for the 2018 Seminar in Washington, DC. Seminar report under Committees.

From the Vice President of Membership Desk
submitted by Pat Dugan

Spring is Chapter Election Season, lots of CARs coming in. What is a CAR?  Chapter Annual Report. This is the method ANG uses to facilitate communications between your Chapter and the Organization. Chapter records are updated including Officer contacts and Chapter information on ANG's website.

Communication is critical to the smooth operation of an organization the size of ANG and your CAR assures that your Chapter will be a part of that. Chapter participation is so important that ANG offers you an incentive: the Chapter Project Book. It is sent every other year to Chapters who have current CARs. A great reason to see that your Chapter gets their CAR filed!

From the Vice President of Education Desk,
submitted by Becky Breshears

Melita Glavin’s term as Correspondence Course Chair closes at Seminar 2016. Melita served two terms in this position. Thank you Melita for your service. We all greatly appreciate your efforts and organizational skills. Brenda Cote has been voted in to the position. Welcome Brenda!  


Golden Needle Society
submitted by Nancy Holub, Development Committee Member

Go for the Gold!

Be a champion and contribute to the Golden Needle Society (GNS) and watch our organization grow in strength and endurance. Just like achieving any goal, athletic, or otherwise, regular contributions to the GNS are critical to ensuring the health of the American Needlepoint Guild. Donations to the GNS will fund many of the initiatives that are dear to our hearts, including Certification, Distance Learning, Scholarships, and educating the public about the needlearts. Your tax-deductible donation is a great way to exercise generosity with no treadmill involved.

For more information, visit our website and contribution form or contact the Development Committee at

Seminar Committee Chair, 
submitted by Barbara Richardson

Seminar Registration closed on July 6th. The final plans are being confirmed. We are excited about all that is happening at ANG’s 44th Annual Seminar “Parade of Stitches.” Seminar is truly a fantastic benefit of membership. It is where memories are made and friendships thrive. If you are in the neighborhood be sure to come see what is expected to be a truly memorable event!

Parade of Stitches Name Tag Contest
What better theme to inspire your creativity than “Parade of Stitches.” Put on your designing hat and create a winning name tag for our 2016 New Orleans Seminar. We have prizes, we have opportunities, and we have fun galore! Come Parade with us.

  • Name tags should be no larger than 4 x 6 inches
  • Entries to be dropped off at the Hospitality Desk by close of day on Wednesday
  • Judging will be completed on Thursday
  • Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the closing banquet

You still have lots of time to get this done and what fun it will be to see what members can do with all the stitches there are to work with. I look forward to seeing all in NOLA.

Can’t make it this year? Mark your calendars for August 23 - Sept 1, 2017 for the celebration of our 45th Annual Seminar, “Stitchers Go West” in Anaheim, CA. It will be a magical and memorable time!

submitted by Ann White

121 member entries for NOLA Seminar. There will be a lot to see with membership pieces, Anaheim classes, and Distance Learning pieces. Come be inspired by all of the talent. No photography allowed. Winners will be announced and Awards will be presented at Seminar. Winning pieces will be photographed by 3M Photography for the January Awards issue of Needle Pointers. 

submitted by Pat Rogers

ONLINE Auction begins Sunday, August 28th at 8:30am EDT and ends Tuesday, August 30th at 10:00pm EDT. It is available to the public for bidding. See items at OR if you are at Seminar, items will be on display in the Auction area. Bid often. Proceeds support ANG operations and mission: to educate, promote and preserve the art of needlepoint.

SILENT Auction is available to those present at Seminar only. There will be an opportunity to view items before bidding starts on Sunday August 28th 1:00pm - 5:00pm and Monday, August 29th from 2:00pm - 6:00pm. Silent auction bidding starts Tuesday, August 30th with hours of 12:00pm - 6:00pm, and on Wednesday, August 31st 7:30am - 1:00pm. Auction pick-up will be available shortly thereafter, 4:00pm - 7:00pm.

Needle Pointers,
submitted by Diane Blinn

Shortly we will be working with a new publisher and developing a new layout and design format starting with January 2017 issue. There will be a few changes. We will be going from a 40/44-page issue to a 48-page issue. Our January Exhibit issue will be an extra special 64 pages, containing all the features of the magazine plus photos and descriptions of the award winning pieces from New Orleans Seminar. You will find a few new features with this expansion, including an order form for the Distance Learning in every issue along with the full listing of all class offerings. One exciting new improvement is the poly bagging of each issue. Watch for your mailboxes to see what else will be featured.

submitted by Jenny Ross

Promote needlepoint; share your talent; post to ANG's National FB page. If you would like to publicize ANG Chapter activities on the ANG Facebook page send a request with a high quality image to

submitted by Cathe McEnerney

The planning for teachers, classes, and location for ENCORE!  2017 Events are underway and we anticipate announcement at Seminar in New Orleans.

The ENCORE! Events are our way of saying thank you to our supporters and members. We hope to see you at one! 

submitted by Penny Boswinkle

Your President and Nominating Committee are looking for members willing to volunteer their professional skills related to corporate, non-profit, or board member experience. For a National Committee, we would ask that you have participated at a local level, give a 2-year commitment, and share your expertise with us.

Some areas we are particularly interested in are persons with backgrounds in Finance, Human Resources, Magazine Editing, Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Event Planning, Administration, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Media, Web-base development, Internet, Social Media, and Attorneys - especially relating to contracts. Do you offer a different skill set or talent? Tell us! Some of these commitments may be applied to an appointed or elected positions from an ad-hoc committee only needing a few hours a year, where other positions may be 20 hours a month or more.

As we modernize, develop, and stay relevant, we need to be up-to-date in all aspects of running a business and non-profit all volunteer organization. The only way we will be able to do that is with our members who share their knowledge to help us move forward.

Please contact the Nominating Committee at and let us know which areas you would like to support or are interested in. Not sure where you fit in? Have you inquired or applied before? Not been contacted? Please send us your resume. ANG is an all-volunteer organization and depends on people like you to share your life's experiences to make the guild better. The organization's future depends upon you!

ANG Open Elected Offices

With the above thoughts in mind seriously consider running for an elected office. Yes, it is work, but also extremely rewarding! We are getting close to the decision time, as all offices have to be determined right after Seminar in time for the ballot. Please give serious thought to running for one of the following elected positions!

President-Elect, Vice President of Education, Treasurer
North Central Area Rep, South Central Area Rep, Southeastern Area Rep

We are looking to appoint a new National Seminar Coordinator -

Have you ever been to Seminar? If so, you know how much fun it can be! If not, we hope that you can attend soon. Thanks to the Seminar Committee, we all have a great time! Barbara Richardson, National Seminar Coordinator Chair has been giving us many wonderful Seminars and now it is time for her to step down.

Do you have experience in Event Planning, Project Management or Administration? Good organization skills? Do you have some ideas that would add to Seminar? If you have answered “yes” to all or some of these questions, we would love to talk to you about the position. This is a rewarding, fun-filled important job, and a great way to give back to ANG. Please contact or Barbara Richardson to talk over the position and its responsibilities.

We hope you will take any and all of these as well as other positions within the organization nationally or locally under consideration.

Correspondence Courses,
submitted by Melita Glavin, Chair

Blackwork Circles by Carol Algie Higginbotham

Carol Algie Higginbotham has you work a framework design of 19 canvas stitches in four values of a color in Blackwork Circles. The framed areas are filled with 13 blackwork patterns of heavy, medium, or light density categories worked with floss in the darkest values of the color. This piece challenges the Advanced Intermediate student to combine the technique of blackwork with canvas stitches, and the curving lines will enhance our expertise in compensation. Close-up pictures of the stitched areas accompany each of the diagrams. The 10" circular design finishes 12" x 12" and is worked on #18 white mono canvas. The optional complete $30 kit includes the #18 white mono canvas and threads.

Florentine Fleur de Lys by Michele Roberts

The official symbol of the city of Florence, Italy, as well as the Medici family is a very fancy fleur de lys. The course, Florentine Fleur de Lys by Michele Roberts, explores this complex and delicate Renaissance Italian design with traditional raised English goldwork, beading, and needlepoint worked on white Congress cloth. Types of gold used are pearl purl, bright check purl, wire check purl, check thread, Japan gold, and whipped plate. Techniques include padding, various methods of invisible couching, parallel laying, twisting, and chipping. Two very different lattices of pearls and gold are used for the background and the elaborate border. The optional complete kit costs $130.

For further information about how to register for all CCs, go to ANG Home Page, click on Educational Opportunities, and then Correspondence Courses, or click on

I would like to congratulate Mary-Ann Mitchell, on receipt of her Correspondence Course Certificate, for the completion of the course, Holiday Montage.

The following courses will be retired on October 31, 2016. So, order them soon!
Beach Walk by Linda Reinmiller
City Walk by Linda Reinmiller
Garden Walk by Linda Reinmiller
Ladies of Assisi by Dolores Andrew
Sahara Spring by Cindy Valentine
Snap Shot by Ellen Emanuel
Sprit of Jean by Kathy Rees
Holiday Montage by Cara Hayes

CyberWorkshop: Key to My Heart by Michele Roberts
submitted by Dawn Clark, Chair

This traditional raised and padded goldwork piece was designed to be the top of a box. The background as well as the key are studded with pearls and Swarovski crystals. A bit of passementerie that moves, serves as the tassel to the hole in the key, and in fact, drapes over the edge of the box. This Workshop will offer materials in two different ways: students may order a complete kit or a partial kit that contains the unusual or hard to find items.

This motif is entirely worked in raised traditional goldwork. Types of gold used are pearl purl, bright check, twist, check thread, and Japan gold braid.

This design is worked on iridescent white #18 mono canvas. The finished design measures 5” x 7.”

Key to My Heart is an Intermediate class lasting six months. Registration will be open from July 1 - August 31, 2016. The workshop will start November 1, 2016.

To register go to

Workshop by Mail,
submitted by Kathy Larsen, Chair

Check it out! Circles and Squares by Carol Algie Higginbotham will be available between June 1, 2016 and September 30, 2016.

This 10½” square design is worked on a 14” square piece of #18 white mono canvas and finishes as a 12” square. The advanced student will work a base of canvas stitches in floss. Then we will add Jean Hilton Stitches in Crystal Braid and Kreinik Braid to give our piece some sparkle. This framework serves as a base for our ribbon roses and rose buds. The piece is a challenge to the stitcher as working the roses over the 17 different canvas stitches requires some practice.

Carol Higginbotham has been a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America since 1971. She is an Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc. certified teacher in Blackwork and a Japanese Embroidery Center approved teacher of Traditional Japanese Embroidery. A past president of the Southern California Chapter, EGA, she has served on the Counted Thread Master Craftsman committee for EGA, the Teacher Certification committee for EGA, and was national EGA librarian. She has taught locally and at regional and national seminars for EGA, National Standards Council of American Embroiderers’, American Needlepoint Guild, and for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She has done commissions for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, San Bernardino County Museum, the Nixon Library, antique dealers, magazines, and designs for needlework companies. Her other stitching interests include: crewel, whitework (especially Dresden and Ayshire), and metal thread. Carol is a second generation Californian who retired from a Southern California public library.

You can see a photo of this piece and a link to the registration form by going to

Master Needle Artist (MNA),
submitted by Cindy Durston, Chair

Happy Summer!  Do you need a project that is interesting, involved, artistic, and creative? Have you ever noticed how color affects your like or dislike of a design?  If so, please consider the Master Needle Artist Program where you learn, grow and create. To become the next Candidate in the Master Needle Artist Program please contact the Chair at It is always the time to create.

NeedleArts Appraisal Program (NAP),
submitted by Joady Knoebel Gorelick, Vice Chair

As a needlework retailer for almost 30 years, I've often aided customers who were researching techniques and materials for various forms of needlework. Working with them, I found that older types of embroidery (pre-1930) really "spoke" to me. One day I saw that ANG was offering a course to train in needlework appraising. This opportunity seemed like the perfect extension to what I was already doing, an in depth continuation of my research for customers.

Part of the first year of the ANG Needlearts Appraisal Program is spent reading and reporting on books about embroidery. This was my favorite section of the program. When I finally got to the point of writing my "practice" appraisals, I loved researching the piece and writing (probably a bit more than necessary) about the technique and materials used and sometimes its part in history. Ornamentation with needle and thread isn't always just about decoration. Sometimes it's about status and rank, sometimes it's about earning a living, and "keeping the wolf from the door." Before I worked through the Appraisal Program these weren't things that I really thought about - the whys and wherefores of embroidery. It has given me a greater appreciation of the work done by all those generations of needleworkers who went before us.

The Needleart Appraisal Program sponsored through ANG isn't just about learning to estimate monetary value of needlework. To me, it has also taught the true value of the needleart that was created in the past and is still being created today by contemporary stitchers like all of you.

If you are interested in learning more about needlework history and values, contact us for more information.

Maker Faire








Welcome to Maker Faire

Maker Faire - The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth. Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new! As a celebration of the Make...

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What is it? A gathering of people who want to share, learn and create.

Looking for a stitch in public or chapter membership recruitment opportunities?  How about just supporting our mission, ”educational and cultural development through the participation in and encouragement of interest in the art of needlepoint.”  Maker Faire’s have thousands of attendees who are eager to learn and are craving your knowledge of needlepoint and cross-stitch. They are just waiting for you! 

There are Maker Faires across the country. The main ones are in the Bay Area in May and New York in October. However there are many smaller Faires in local communities. Locate your nearest Maker Faire through the Maker Faire website and contact the local organizing committee to see about opportunities to participate.

Life Signets ANG Merchandise
Life Signets has been making special ANG merchandise for years. Available are Seminar, Logo, Artist Series charms, and an ANG pen. Check out these links for more information and ordering.

Jewelry Order Form

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Has Your Personal Contact Information Changed?
submitted by Marietta Douglas, Editor, e-Newsletter

Please contact us only if you have moved, changed your address, or need to update information in ANG's member database.

This is easy to do on the Web or by email. On the Web, go to this page and fill in the blanks. Then click the "Submit Changes" button.

To update by email, open a new message and enter this email address into the "To" line without the [ ] or spaces: database [@]

Then copy and paste the following five lines into the message body, and finish each line with your information:
Your name as it is in our records
Your ANG membership number (if you know it)
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