November/December 2016

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From the President’s Desk,
submitted by Lisa Crespo

A Season of Thanks!

We are so fortunate that we have such an organization to celebrate our favorite pastime. Let’s give thanks to all of those that make up the tapestry of ANG. Every member, volunteer, donor, advertiser, and vendor no matter how great or small the contribution make ANG possible to support our mission: to educate, promote, and preserve the art of needlepoint. Thank you!

The list is long! You only need to read the magazine, e-Newsletter, and emails to see just how many make ANG possible. I for one am thankful and greatly appreciate each of you. I wish you many blessings for a happy and healthy holiday season. Thank you for being stitched in to ANG and making it part of your life.

Board meeting updates:

The Board continues to meet regularly. Our monthly meetings seem to extend over at least 2 official video conference calls and often there are a few meetings, several emails, and individual calls in between. The time and dedication of the Board and Executive Council members are truly a testament to the organization.

Read on for Board and Committee reports regarding changes, implementations, and happenings.

ANG Marketing and Public Relations:

I was one of a few recently interviewed for an upcoming article in Parade magazine, a syndication in the Sunday paper published across the U.S. and on the Internet. Again, I have no idea how ANG or I will be portrayed. Regardless, the article was presented to be about the resurgence of needlepoint and released sometime in November. How wonderful! Hopefully we will be able to take advantage of the publicity as needlepointers, organization, and industry. If the article warrants, post it and use it in shop windows, membership recruitment events, newsletters, bulletins, holiday markets, and local press. Help get the word out!


From the Treasurer’s Desk,
submitted by Julie Donatelli

As a nonprofit organization, ANG must largely fund its core operations with membership dues and donations. Legally, there are different types of donations. Restricted donations must be used for a particular purpose as specified by the donor, while unrestricted donations are available for ANG to use for any purpose that is consistent with ANG's educational mission. Restrictions on donations may be temporary (e.g., amounts contributed to pay for a scholarship become unrestricted when the scholarship is awarded), or such restrictions may be permanent. Endowment funds are typically structured as permanently restricted funds, and this is the case for ANG as well. When ANG receives contributions to its Endowment Fund (or the Golden Needle Society, which is a component of ANG’s Endowment Fund), we are permitted to spend 70% of the income generated from investing those funds, but we are never permitted to spend the contributions themselves.

While all donations are welcomed and appreciated, it’s important to understand that different types of donations help ANG in different ways. In the past few years (thanks to many generous donors), the Golden Needle Society campaign has substantially strengthened the position of ANG’s Endowment Fund. Continuing to grow the Endowment Fund is important because, someday, those investments should begin to generate enough investment income to ensure a secure financial future for ANG. In the meantime, as you think about making a donation to ANG, please also consider making a contribution to either the Friends of ANG Fund or the ANG Memorial Fund. Since both of these Funds are unrestricted, all amounts contributed (along with the investment income on those contributions) are available to support ANG’s operations in present time. Your contributions to either of these Funds will help ensure that ANG never finds itself in a position of being "investment rich but cash poor” should we incur unexpected losses or experience an unforeseen shortfall of membership dues. This can help us all feel more comfortable, that we will remain stitched in together for a long time to come.

As the holiday season approaches, keep in mind that making a donation to any ANG Fund in the name of one of your stitching buddies is the perfect gift (on any occasion) for the person who loves needlepoint but doesn’t want any more stuff! I know it seems too early to say this, but I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

From the Vice President of Membership’s Desk,
submitted by Pat Dugan

November is my favorite month! There’s just something about the idea of a whole month set aside for thankfulness that makes me feel good. One of the things in my life that I find myself being most thankful for is all the friends I’ve made in ANG. Stitching together and sharing our love of needlework brings joy to my life.

If you’re like me you have those special stitching friends who learn from you and teach you, who want to spend their time either stitching, or reading about stitching, or talking about stitching! If you have one of those special friends consider bringing them into ANG with a gift membership, or if they are already members, make a donation in their name to Friends of ANG. One could start a special journey in ANG membership; the other will warm the heart of your special friend. In either case let them know how thankful you are for being stitched into their life.

Have an awesome November, the month of Thankfulness.

Seminar Committee Chair,
submitted by Barbara Richardson

It is hard to believe that it is already November and the holidays are fast approaching. Have you registered yet for Seminar 2017 Stitchers Go West? (You may use the early registration form.) The classes look wonderful. There are so many choices and I will be one who is envious of all who are able to take classes. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to take classes from our very talented teachers.

This year ANG will be selling bags and combos will only be available on pre-paid orders. Sales at Seminar will be individually priced. The San Diego Chapter also will be selling shirts, frame weights, and so much more. So be sure and check out the items and place your orders.

I have met with the chapters in the DC area for Seminar 2018 and let me tell you this is an enthusiastic group of ladies. The theme is Stars, Stripes and Stitches. Currently the logo is being stitched (this needs to be ready for display at 2017 Seminar), teacher nametags have been approved and we are working on the ribbon centers. Busy, Busy!!

As you may not be aware it does take a couple of years to get all the items ready for a Seminar. First there is the theme to get everything started. Then the stitching for logo, teacher nametags and ribbon centers. But that’s not all. We need to select Seminar merchandise to sell, we need to finish stitching the logo a year in advance so we have photos to use for the brochure, and we need to select and order favors for the Seminar.

This is just a sample of what we are currently doing, so keep reading your e-Newsletter for updates on what is going on in regards to future seminars.

Thank you


ANG Members Taking Care of Their Own! Golden Needle Society,
submitted by Diane Trobaugh

Don’t you find that there is an instant bond when you meet someone and discover that you both have a love of the threaded needle? Or the immediate generosity from stitchers that turn dismay into happiness to help you when you discover that you don’t have the right size stretcher bars or left your laying tool at home? Well, that bonding and generosity were demonstrated once again at Seminar in New Orleans. In case you have not heard, Seminar attendees opened their hearts and gave generously to the Golden Needle Society, and we are over 73% of our capital campaign goal. And there is more good news! It is not too late to make a tax-deductible donation AND be a member of the Golden Needle Society. Go to to print the contribution form. Donations can be mailed to American Needlepoint Guild, Inc., 2424 American Lane, Madison, Wisconsin 53704-3102 or faxed to (608) 443-2474. Remember, you can make your donation in honor or in memory of someone. Please be sure to indicate how you wish to be acknowledged in ANG publications. Your donation will make a difference!

submitted by Cathe McEnerney

With the holidays approaching and the busy-ness of life, don't forget to register for Encore! ANG. Join us on March 18 and 19 at the Marriott AC Hotel, Atlanta Buckhead at Phipps Plaza for this special experience. The classes and teachers for this event are Nancy Cucci teaching Sisters, Lois Kershner teaching Provence Pottery and Jennifer Reifenberg teaching Beets. Registration for this event is now open to all and the class spaces are filling up rapidly. Make your plans now and don't delay if you want to join us for this smaller and more intimate seminar type experience. You are encouraged to fax your registration to: 608-443-2474 or 608-443-2478 or if submitting by mail: 2424 American Lane, Madison WI 53704. Questions? Please call 608-443-2476, ext. 144.

Hotel reservations may be made online by clicking here.

submitted by Penny Boswinkle

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I would like to announce that we have a slate of officers for the 2017 election! Sorry, but you will have to wait for your Needle Pointers to find out who they are. I want to thank everyone who interviewed with the Committee for his or her time and willingness to volunteer. I also want to thank the rest of the Committee (Barbara Yocom, Jessica Tew, Ginger Trawick, Jan Hawks, and Jane Farber) for their time and help in fulfilling our duties. Also a big thanks to Cathe McEnerney for her assistance!

It seems like we just finished, but already it’s time to be thinking about the 2018 Election. So... the Committee will be looking for candidates to fill the positions of Vice-President of Membership, Vice President of Operations, Secretary, Eastern Area Representative, and Western Area Representative. At this time of giving, please consider volunteering for ANG. The old saying, “It is better to give then receive,” truly works, but in this case you really do receive when you volunteer to help others with the same interests.

In the next few months I will be looking for a Committee member to replace Jessica Tew, as her term is up. That means if you are in the Southeastern Area, please consider joining the Committee. As far as time commitment, this is one of the lighter commitments. During most of the year, you are watching out for members that you think might do a good job filling the positions that will be open and encouraging them to apply for the job. One main requirement is that you MUST attend Seminar - who doesn’t want to! During Seminar, there are a few meetings of the Committee and each of the candidates must be interviewed by everyone on the Committee. If this is a committee that you would be interested in joining or if you have more questions about the job, please contact me at

Have a wonderful holiday season and please consider giving ANG a gift of your time.

Introducing Three New Correspondence Courses
submitted by Brenda Côté, Chair

Geometric Square: A Counted Canvas Design
by Patricia Mazu

Pat Mazu designed Geometric Square: A Counted Canvas Design to teach the overall effect that simple stitch combinations and composite stitch combinations can create. This square (5¾” x 5¾”) utilizes reversing Amadeus stitches, eyelet stitch variations, cross stitch variations, partial Rhodes Stitches, and combinations of stitch patterns. Variations of the above listed stitches are also used. Bead attachment methods will be discussed. Participants are encouraged to select materials from their personal thread collections and see how different threads produce different effects. However, an optional kit, which includes #18 white canvas, a selection of threads, metallic braids, and beads is available.

Golfing at St. Andrews
by Michele Roberts

Think Scotland: clan tartan plaids and golf! Golfing at St. Andrews is Michele Roberts' companion piece to Thistle and Kilt (retired Correspondence Course). A jeweled goldwork golf ball rests between two golf clubs, superimposed on the old St. Andrews Golf tartan (8” x 10” on #18 white canvas). Learn three families of techniques: Chottie Alderson’s plaid stitch, ray stitch, lattices, couching, traditional raised and dimensional English goldwork, including padding, invisible couching, chipping, parallel laying, seeding, overstretching, wrapping, and attaching Swarovski crystals. The 8” x 10” design is worked on #18 white canvas. Optional partial (gold and crystals only) and complete kits are available.

Zapotec Rug
by Toni Gerdes

Zapotec Rug by Toni Gerdes is based on research of many different Zapotec designs. The Zapotec people live in the Oaxacan area of Mexico. Explore the variety of designs that the Zapotec people use to create their beautiful work. The rich colors of wool are similar to the actual rug materials. A variety of wool threads will be used to create this beautiful design including Gloriana Lorikeet, Gumnut Poppies, Burmilana, and Felicity’s Garden. The stitches chosen help depict the woven texture of blankets. An optional kit includes the line drawn design (7” x 9”) on sandstone Congress cloth, needles, and threads.

And, the following courses have been renewed through October 31, 2017.

Apricot Delight by Marnie Ritter
Blackwork Circles by Carol Algie Higginbotham
Florentine Fleur de Lys by Michele Roberts
Gated Secrets by Sandra Arthur
I Can Do It by Patricia Mazu
Rose Swirls by Carol Algie Higginbotham
Softly Feathered by Carol Algie Higginbotham
Waterlilies by Jennifer Riefenberg

All courses are under the new payment structure.

  • The teaching fee is $30 for the course, whether registering as an individual or with a group.
  • The registration fee is $30 for an individual or $90 for a group.
  • There is no charge for the instructions (PDF) if you download and print them yourself.
  • There is a charge for a full-color printout of the instructions mailed, plus a shipping charge.
  • Check the website for availability and prices of kits. There is a shipping charge for kits (with or without printed instructions) for an individual order. Shipping charges for a group will be determined based on the number in the group.
  • International shipping rates have not changed.
  • There is an optional $25 course evaluation fee payable to the teacher (plus postage for mailing the piece to and from the teacher) at the time of the requested evaluation.

For further information about how to register for all CCs, go to ANG Home Page, click on Educational Opportunities, and then Correspondence Courses or click on

I would like to congratulate the following students, on their receipt of the Correspondence Course Certificate, on the completion of their courses:

A Gordian Knot
Deborah Logsdon

I Can Do It
Janet Perry
Marilyn Kane

CyberWorkshop Journey, A Keepsake Box by Catherine Jordan
submitted by Dawn Clark, Chair

Explore the possibilities of combining blackwork on canvas with counted, surface, and padded techniques in a Zentangle® inspired design. This class will explore adding patterning, shading, and highlights to black work for spectacular effects. The class includes online step-by-step videos of drawing Zentangle® patterns, shading, painting, and much more. The design is finished with a four-sided stitch and easily mounted on the papier máché keepsake box.

The design is stitched on white Congress cloth. The finished design is 2 1/2” x 8 1/4.” An optional kit will be available.

Journey, A Keepsake Box is an intermediate class lasting four months. Registration is open through November 30, 2016. The workshop will start February 1, 2017. For more information go to:

Workshop by Mail, Echoes of Glass by Carolyn Mitchell
submitted by Kathy Larsen, Chair

Workshop by Mail, if you’re not familiar with it, doesn’t have any dues dates, schedules, or critiques. It’s a design you purchase, and then work on it when you want, at your own pace.

The current offering is Echoes of Glass by Carolyn Mitchell. This popular design is 5 3/4” x 15” on #18 count canvas.

Inspired by a visit to the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida, this exciting canvaswork piece was designed with emphasis on glass. Worked on #18 canvas primarily with embroidery floss that offers a light appearance. Echoes of Glass incorporates over twenty different canvaswork stitches with touches of metallic thread, glass beads, and crystals to sparkle in the sun. Many of the stitches are light and airy in appearance. You will be working with grids, pattern stitches, and blending colors creating gentle gradations.

Carolyn was a full time shop owner in Canada for twenty years and has been a designer and teacher of embroidery for over 35 years. She holds a NSCAE teaching certificate and was EAC Education chair (1990-94). She has been an EAC counselor and author since 1987. She is a national and international teacher. Her exploration of fibers, colors and textures are evident in her designs for canvaswork, blackwork, and Hardanger as she blends different forms of stitchery on canvas. She enjoys watching and encouraging her students to cultivate their knowledge and expansion in their embroidery field.

You can find the registration for this on the ANG web site at

Master Needle Artist (MNA),
submitted by Cindy Durston, Chair

Congratulations to Sarah Campbell who just achieved her Master Needle ArtistCertificate for study in Blackwork. She studied the influences that lead to stitching in Blackwork from the 1st to the 17th Centuries. Please see her Thesis and Original Design at the Anaheim Seminar, 2017. Sarah a job well done!

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please email

NeedleArts Appraisal Program (NAP),
submitted by Joady Gorelick, Vice Chair

I had the pleasure, recently, of attending the Shoreline Stitchers' Showcase, sponsored by the Needle Artists by the Sea Chapter of ANG, in Southern California. As I walked around the room admiring all the works of art displayed so beautifully, I couldn't help but think of the hours and hours spent creating them. Having been a needlework retailer for over 30 years, I also was acutely aware of the expense of the materials used. Since finishing my training to become a needleart appraiser through the ANG-NAP, the thought always springs to mind to wonder how many of these exquisite pieces are insured for their true value.

It seems to have been a long held idea, that needlework, being a "hobby" of women, was just a craft and not of much value monetarily. But times and thinking have changed. While many pieces hold more sentimental than monetary value, if you were to try to sell them, to replace your work if lost or damaged and to be properly compensated for the hours and hours spent on them, you really need a written appraisal.

When shipping a piece to a show or Seminar, if it is lost in transit, the shipping companies (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) will compensate you if you can show receipts for the amount spent on supplies. They will not compensate you for your working hours without a written appraisal. If by some unlucky chance, your home and its contents are damaged in a fire, flood, or other disaster, you will need a written appraisal for your insurance company.

Just something to think about while contemplating your masterworks.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please email

Master Teacher Program (MTP),
submitted by Susan Hoekstra

Have you ever thought about joining the Master Teacher Program, but were afraid to ask for an application? Have you ever wondered what it takes to succeed within the program? If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then join the MTP as it presents a 2-hour color workshop for anyone interested in pursuing the teaching of needlework. This workshop will cover basic color theory, including how the color wheel can help while creating needlework designs, with helpful hints such as how to create a desired effect within a design.

If you are interested in beginning the journey into color theory, while also exploring possibilities within the MTP, please join us for this workshop. It is free of charge to anyone interested in the teaching of needlework.

Please email to reserve your spot in this workshop at the ANG Anaheim Seminar.

Date and time during the Anaheim ANG seminar to be determined.

Judging Certification Program (JCP)
submitted by Joni Stevenson, Chair

Celebrating, Encouraging, Teaching - are these the words you think of when you consider what a needlework judge does?

The most rewarding part of judging needlework is when you see a really fantastic piece and you rejoice in the quality of the needlework along with the stitcher - celebrating. Needlework judges raise stitchers up to new levels of work, suggesting new ways to think and to stitch - encouraging. Whether at the local county fair, a regional needlework exhibit or a national level seminar, a needlework judge explains to the stitcher how to improve their work - teaching.

Learn more about needlework judging and the JPC; it may not be at all what you thought it was all about. It really is about celebrating, encouraging and teaching.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please email

Master Needlepointer Program (MNP),
submitted by Rozelle Hirschfield, Chair

Would you like to turn compliments on your stitching into a recognized validation of your skill? Gain recognition for your stitching expertise? Affirmation and credentials to present yourself as a Master Needlepointer? Using this certification you can represent yourself as an expert for consultation and commission work. Then the MNP is for you!

MNP is a program where our members can earn and receive recognition for their abilities. And because many have not yet discovered the designer within them, MNP provides a level of achievement that can be reached without requiring original designs. It is our hope that, in developing a two level program, participants who successfully complete the first level, Master Needlepointer, will gain the confidence needed to advance to the Senior Master Needlepointer level where original designs are required. Or, to even enter the Master Needle Artist Program where design creation takes center stage. The program is not a teaching program but a place to demonstrate your skill. For more information contact

News from the Internet,
submitted by Linda Rand, Internet Chair

I'd like to introduce myself as the new Chair of the Internet Committee. A huge thank you to Jenny Ross for her many years as Chair of the committee! We have a big task ahead of us as we prepare a Request for Proposal to send to vendors and complete development of the content for the new website. I'm looking forward to getting the website online and helping ANG prosper!

Maker Faire

Welcome to Maker Faire

Maker Faire - The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth. Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new! As a celebration of the Make...

What is it? A gathering of people who want to share, learn and create. 

Looking for a stitch in public or chapter membership recruitment opportunities? How about just supporting our mission, ”educational and cultural development through the participation in and encouragement of interest in the art of needlepoint.” Maker Faire’s have thousands of attendees who are eager to learn and are craving your knowledge of needlepoint and cross-stitch. They are just waiting for you! 

There are Maker Faires across the country. The main ones are in the Bay Area in May and New York in October. However there are many smaller Faires in local communities. Locate your nearest Maker Faire through the Maker Faire website and contact the local organizing committee to see about opportunities to participate.

Life Signets ANG Merchandise

Life Signets has been making special ANG merchandise for years. Available are Seminar, Logo, Artist Series charms, and an ANG pen. Check out these links for more information and ordering.

Jewelry Order Form

Amazon Smile

Are you an Amazon user? If so, consider making your purchases from AmazonSmile benefiting ANG on eligible purchases.


Please consider including this newsletter's information in your chapter’s newsletter, or printing copies of this newsletter for members that you know who may not have ready access to a computer or who may not be receiving this information. 

Has Your Personal Contact Information Changed?
submitted by Marietta Douglas, Editor, e-Newsletter

Please contact us only if you have moved, changed your address, or need to update information in ANG's member database.

This is easy to do on the Web or by email. On the Web, go to this page and fill in the blanks. Then click the "Submit Changes" button.

To update by email, open a new message and enter this email address into the "To" line without the [ ] or spaces: database [@]

Then copy and paste the following five lines into the message body, and finish each line with your information:
Your name as it is in our records
Your ANG membership number (if you know it)
Your old email address
Your new email address