Master Teacher Program

The focus of the Master Teacher Program is to provide a sound background for those who want to become better instructors in the art of needlepoint. The program enables the candidates to become comfortable sharing their knowledge and love of needlework with students in a classroom situation. Through each level of the program, the candidate will have the guidance of a Proctor, who has completed the program and is a Master Teacher.

Those interested in joining must complete a questionnaire and fill out an application form. Once accepted into the program, they must retain membership in ANG with dues current throughout the entire program. The candidate should attend ANG Seminars as often as possible and participate in MTP meetings at Seminar. The submission of needlework (judged or non-judged) for the ANG Seminar Exhibit is required for those who have not attained the Master Level. Upon completion of each level, the candidate is expected to enroll in the next level within a specified time.

Those candidates not certified through another recognized needlework organization will enter at the Journeyman Level. This level is divided into two units. The Color and Design Unit concentrates on basic color and design knowledge. The Practical Teaching Unit helps the candidate prepare classes suited to various levels of stitching abilities. In this section, the candidate learns to create lesson plans for both the teacher and student. All of this work culminates with the teaching of a one-day class at an ANG Seminar. With the completion and acceptance of both units and the one-day class, the candidate will be awarded the Master Teacher Journeyman Level Pin.

The next phase of the program is the Fellow Level. The candidates will be able to select their continuing study preferences from a suggested list. At this level, the candidate learns to prepare classes for the advanced student and learns how to write proposals. He or she will also be asked to draft and develop materials for possible publication. The candidate will receive the Fellow Level Pin when this level has been completed.

Those teachers who have received certification in canvaswork from other embroidery organizations will enter the Master Teacher Program at the Professional Fellow Level. This level requires the candidate to complete the Color and Design Unit of the Journeyman Level in order to demonstrate a working knowledge in this area. When this unit has been complete, concentration then focuses on the creation of new classes, embroidery research, and the preparation, acceptance, and teaching of a one-day class at an ANG Seminar. The candidate will receive the Professional Fellow Level Pin at the completion of this work.

During the Master Level, candidates do an independent research study in a needlework area of their choosing. The culmination of this research is presented in the form of a one-day advanced class taught at Seminar. The candidate has additional opportunities to design, present a class, and perfect his/her teaching skills on a national level. As part of continuing study, the candidate is required to participate in twenty-four (24) hours of classes that are not their usual focus of study. At the completion of this level, the coveted sterling-silver threaded needle pin (the symbol of a Master Teacher) is awarded with the distinguished credentials of ANG Master Teacher.

There is an optional Senior Master Level, which entails an educational research project of the candidate’s choice. This level may also be obtained by entering and completing the ANG Judging Certification Program. The Master Teacher, upon conclusion of this optional level, will receive the credentials of and be known as a Senior Master Teacher. In recognition of this, a “Lamp of Learning” charm is attached to the Master Teacher Pin. Continuing Educational Hours (CEU’s) are required for all new Master and Senior Master Teachers. A verification form is presented by the candidate/member to the Master/Senior Master Proctor on a biennial basis.

Application forms may be obtained by contacting the Chairman, ANG Master Teacher Program, or by completing and submitting the enrollment form.