Visual Education

This division of the American Needlepoint Guild educational program makes available needlework slide programs and videos. The objective is to provide expanded opportunities for learning. All slide programs and videos are available for loan to all members and chapters.

For information about reserving a slide show or video, please contact the Chairman of ANG's Visual Materials Development Committee.

When requesting slide programs or videos, please list alternate programs or dates. Requesting a program as early as possible improves the likelihood of receiving your first choice. Also, please remember to allow sufficient time for processing and mailing, normally at least one month between your request and desired program date.

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Slide Programs

Slide programs may be kept for one month. There is a non-refundable postage and handling fee of $20 (US) and a refundable deposit of $20 (US) to cover damages and late fees. Please fill out theANG Slide Show or Videotape Rental Agreement and send it with two separate checks made payable to ANG.

1995 White House ANG Christmas Tree Project - "Twas the Night Before Christmas" theme (153 slides)
1996 White House ANG Christmas Tree Project - "Nutcracker Suite" theme (178 slides)

NASA Patches (126 slides)

The initial set of mission patches stitched by members of ANG and presented to the John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. 

Shady Threads (45 slides) - Liz Napier
Updated in 2004 by Denise Beusen and Joni Stevenson, this program studies the effect of shading in needlepoint, how shading enhances a needlepoint piece, and how to achieve those effects.


Video/DVD programs may be kept for one month. There is a non-refundable postage and handling fee of $11.50 (US) and a refundable deposit of $20 (US) to cover damages and late fees. Please send two separate checks made payable to ANG to the Visual Materials Chairman and include with them a completed and signed copy of the ANG Slide Show or Videotape Rental Agreement.

DVDs and VHS

Tips, Hints and Knots - Amy Bunger (1 hour) DVD
Amy Bunger takes your through the basics of starting to needlepoint with threading the needle (commercial needle threaders vs. pinch and press), knotting the thread (wrap and roll, tailor's and quilter's knots), and anchoring the thread (waste knots, pinhead stitches, bargello tucks and much more.) The last chapter in the DVD covers over a dozen knotted stitches, many with specialty threads. This is the first in a new series to be put out by Amy Bunger to help you learn "How'd you do that?"

Color and Design
Color Confidence (40 minutes) VHS
Jinny Beyer offers a bold, original approach to color to help the stitcher feel content, competent and confident in color choices. One of the best on the market for help with color.
Design into Stitch (1 hour, 30 minutes) VHS
Jan Beaney presents her approaches to design. She steps the viewer through the process of analyzing a scene and sketching it simply, painting fabric in simple shapes to give a background to your stitches. This is an inspirational video to help guide you through the design process, not on stitching.
Don't Stash It. Finish It! (60 minutes) VHS
Finish a pillow with the help of this video.
Marcia Brown Finishing Tapes (on DVD)
These six tapes show the step-by-step secrets to achieving professionally finished needlework projects. Each tape is rented separately.
Twisted Cord Embellishment (58 minutes)
Pillow Perfect (1 hour 25 minutes)
Three-Dimensional Standing Figures (1 hour 25 minutes)
Christmas Stockings (1 hour 28 minutes)
Exquisite Tassels (1 hour 35 minutes)
Ornament Finishing (59 minutes)
Needlepoint Basics
Bring Your Canvas to Life - Susan Portra (50 minutes) VHS
Along with the tips, techniques, stitches and fascinating information you learn about the world of needlepoint, your canvas will be transformed from needle paint to needle art.
Needlepoint with Erica Wilson (53 minutes) VHS
Basic stitching and inspirations as in her TV show. Video also includes the Roses Rug graph pattern.
Specialty Techniques
Silk Ribbon Embroidery (60 minutes) VHS
This video covers the basic concepts of silk ribbon embroidery with hints for design, ribbon and fabric choices and background manipulation, plus all the dos and don'ts of ribbon embroidery. There are many embroidery examples and a project. Many silk ribbon embroidery stitches are demonstrated.
Needlelace Medallions (60+ minutes) VHS
Video workshop presents all the basic tools, materials and stitch techniques necessary to learn how to do needlelace in a contemporary fashion. Vima Micheli demonstrates three different medallions. Brief written instructions included.
Brazilian Embroidery (54 minutes) VHS
Raised three-dimensional embroidery, commonly called Brazilian embroidery, is a beautiful art form. This video shows how you are limited only by your imagination in creating wonderful, exciting works of art that can be passed down as priceless heirlooms. Today, Brazilian style embroidery has progressed and become far more advanced and dimensional.
Cross Stitch and More (1 hour 4 minutes) VHS
Everything you wanted to know about cross-stitch and more, featuring Fran Fuller.
Pulled and Drawn Thread (1 hour 20 minutes) VHS
Jean Ferris Huls teaches how to bring a lacy openness to cross-stitch. Learn how to read a pattern, use many traditional stitches and remove and reweave linen threads. Threads used are silks, ribbon, and pearl cotton.
Silk on Silk (1 hour 30 minutes) VHS
Silk threads are used to stitch 40 stitches on silk gauze.
Bead Embroidery (60 minutes) VHS
Learn how to make unusual beads from wire and thread, how to embroider beads on fabric, and how to paint and dye beads. Basic bead weaving and a variety of stitches are demonstrated.
Shay Pendray Videos
The Embroidery Studio Tapes Series I (three 90-minute tapes, one 2-hour tape) VHS
This series of needle arts tapes demonstrates the how-to techniques of embroidery used to create beautiful handwork treasures. The design book has 13 projects, as seen on the PBS shows. (These are rented out separately)
The Embroidery Studio Tapes Series II (two 2-hour-30-minute tapes) VHS
Concentrates on canvas work stitches and techniques while introducing an array of the new threads available in today's creative embroidery. The design book has 13 projects.
The Embroidery Studio Tape Series III (two 2-hour tapes, one 3-hour tape) VHS
This series brings you ethnic embroidery from around the world with techniques drawn from traditions, colors and heritage of the people in the featured country. The design book has 13 projects including gold work, Assisi, Pennsylvania German show towel, Russian tea towel and Hardanger.
The Embroidery Studio Tapes Series IV (two 2-hour-30-minute tapes) VHS
These two videos introduce you to 13 projects with complete stitching instructions. Among them are a counted thread baby's bonnet that converts to a handkerchief, a whimsical counted stitch teddy bear, ribbon embroidery, a sewing box, an exquisite miniature Victorian beaded bag, a christening dress and bonnet, the technique of creating Battenberg lace flowers, gold work and a sampler.
The following tapes are from Shay Pendray's PBS shows, Needle Arts Studio and Needle Art Millennium. All tapes run about 28 minutes and are rented separately.
#201 - Hardanger technique is used to create a floral sachet.
#202 - Stumpwork or raised work pads the stitching to give a dimensional effect. Tape shows how to make a needle case with delicate, raised, three-dimensional strawberries and a scissors case with a poppy made of free-form petals.
#203 - Men in Stitching with Jerry and Doug Kreinik. They will display a wide variety of projects and tell us how they got started stitching. They will also stitch a small silk project perfect for a starting project.
#204 - Cross Stitch for the Kitchen
#205 - Bargello Eye Glass Case
#206 - Temari Balls. Each ball is decorated with a colorful geometric pattern.

#207 - Le'Bee. Tape only. Gold work.

#208 - Needlepoint in the Round. A patterned Japanese plate became the inspiration for this needlepoint. This round design offers the chance to learn four distinct needlepoint patterns.
#209 - Ring Bearer's Pillow

#210 - Stitching with Grandma. Shay stitches a butterfly with grandchildren, ages five and eight.

#211 - Courtney's Birthday Party. Shay's granddaughter and her friends stitch a balloon refrigerator magnet.
#212 - Darning Pattern Pillow. How to embellish a decorator pillow for your home.

#213 - Blackwork Place Mat

#301 - Dear Heart. Host Shay Pendray begins series 300 with matters of the heart. You'll delight in the heart needlepoint pillow she'll share with you using a painted canvas by DeElda.
#302 - Winter Fun Guest. Gay Bowles joins Shay for this creative cross-stitch project using beads and buttons. You'll finish this colorful project framed in an adorable tree frame.
#303 - Purr Like a Kitten. Here's a wonderful project brought to you by Doug Kreinik. You'll be using silk gauze, which is an evenweave canvas made of 100% silk. It'll be a purr-fect "kitty cat on silk gauze" when you're done.
#304 - Checks and Cherries. Guest Jill Reed Siroty shares the fun with her creative appliqué of "checks and cherries." Using a variety of colorful threads you'll delight in your new apron and hot mitt.
#305 - All American. Utilizing lovely Medici wool, Barbara Jackson will showcase her designs in American crewel. You'll be inspired by her lovely work and take special pleasure in the pincushion project.
#306 - Embroidery to "Dye" For. Shay is joined on this show by Pat Morse who will share with you some of her beautiful designs in raised embroidery. Shay will also demonstrate dyeing a canvas for this project. You'll then finish with a lovely framed, raised embroidery work of art.
#307 - Sampler of Many Stitches. The traditional sampler is brought up to date utilizing a combination of stitches, beautiful threads and a painted canvas by Sharon G to create a unique optical affect. You'll delight in a finished project of book ends
#308 - All That Glistens in Embroidery. Jennifer Taylor will add a glistening touch to her lovely designs using a stunning variety of metal threads. You'll create a shimmering metal thread embroidery box top.
#309 - Back to the Basics. Shay will be joined on this show by Jill Reed Siroty. Together they will review the basics of cross-stitch and help you get started on a creative project. You'll be so pleased with the results!
#310 - Friendship. What a wonderful way to express yourself to your friends with "friendship wear." Shay's grandchildren, Courtney and Connor, visit the show to share the latest in needle crafting for young and old. You'll make a colorful bracelet for a very special friend and a pirate picture.
#311 - Knitting for All Generations. The possibilities, the designs and varieties of yarn are seemingly endless as guest Susan Levin takes you on a tour of exquisite work. You'll delight in the realm of knitting creations using imported yarns and hand-dyed yarns.
#312 - Weaving a Pretty Pattern. Guests Jill Reed Siroty and Doug Kreinik will introduce you to huck embroidery, a weaving technique that you'll be thrilled to add to your repertoire of needle arts. They will assist you in making a beautiful book cover and book mark.
#313 - Crochet for the New Millennium. The lovely art of crocheting is highlighted in this show with guests Gloria Tracey and Susan Levin. Do you remember growing up as a child watching your dear aunt crochet delicate creations? Don't miss this opportunity to recreate the beautiful tradition of crocheting.
General Interest
Kaffe Fassett's Glorious Color, Volume I (1 hour 16 minutes) VHS
This video takes the viewer on an enthralling tour behind the scenes of Kaffe Fassett's knitting studio while he shares his perceptive eye for color and pattern and demonstrates some simple techniques he employs to create his stunningly patterned garments.
Kaffe Fassett's Glorious Color, Volume II (1 hour 21 minutes) VHS
This video provides further insights into the working methods of knitwear and needlepoint designer Kaffe Fassett, including a workshop where he instructs students in producing colorful samples and leads a fascinating exploration of the visual treats at London's Victoria and Albert Museum.
Embroidery: The Legacy of Needle Arts (40 minutes) VHS
This video depicts the story of embroideries: who made them and used them, who sold and collected them, and embroidery's travels across time and space. Museum curators and other experts discuss techniques, traditions and the problems of conservation. The video is a gift to the American Needlepoint Guild by The Embroiderer's Guild of America, Inc.