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Seminar 2021 Call for Teachers Information

October 2019

Dear Teacher,

The American Needlepoint Guild will celebrate its Forty-Ninth Anniversary Seminar August 6 - 13, 2021 in Kansas City, Missouri at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. It is our pleasure to invite all teachers to propose for this celebration. We welcome a variety of classes that conform to, or support, ANG’s definition of needlepoint: “Any counted or free stitchery worked by hand with a threaded needle on a readily countable ground.”

While “traditional” needlepoint classes on countable grounds such as, but not limited to, 14, 18, and 24 counts are always welcome, we are also interested in process classes that offer innovative techniques, classes in color and/or design, judging, teaching, and needlework history classes. If you have any questions about what type of proposals might be appropriate, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas. We encourage you to submit a variety of proposals of multiple lengths (1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days) to allow us to balance our schedule while being good stewards of ANG resources.

The Faculty Selection Committee will meet in a virtual format in February 11-13, 2020. Your proposals need to be received by January 31, 2020 and you will be notified of our decisions in late February 2020.


ANG is now considering proposals for teachers to teach a stitch guide or embellishment class for one painted canvas, which does not need to be an original design by the teacher. If you are a teacher and want to teach another designer’s canvas, please pay extra attention to #3 below.



1. Your proposal should be a new project or format that has not been offered previously at other
seminars or sold as a kit, painted canvas, stitch guide, design, or booklet. (See exception for
Encore classes and painted canvas classes noted below.)

2. The Seminar Faculty Committee may select a previously taught class, designated as an Encore, if the Committee decides that such a repetition is of interest to Seminar participants. If you have
a class that you have previously taught for ANG or for another organization that you would like
to have us consider as an Encore, you may submit it to the Committee, clearly marking it as an
“Encore” submission. Please note when and where your class has been taught.

3. ANG is soliciting proposals for seminar 2021 featuring a unique stitch guide for a painted canvas. The painted canvas is not required to be the work of the stitch guide author/teacher. The stitch guide must be original and never before published. Please also include with the proposal the date the painted canvas was first available and the current estimated distribution. With the proposal, the teacher is required to submit the release from the painted canvas designer. This release form will be available on the ANG website.

4. Each proposal must be submitted in a separate file or folder if hard copies are mailed. Include a photograph, colored line drawing, or other visual representation of your project on the cover of your folder. The Standard Proposal Summary Sheet should be the second page of your
submission. Please supplement this form with enough information to document this class for
the Faculty Selection Committee. It is your responsibility to supply sufficient supporting
explanations and visual aids to show the proposal to its advantage so the SFC can “see” your
class as you envision it. Pictures, high quality scans, or color photocopies of unframed stitched
or partially stitched projects are encouraged. For notebook, process and color and/or design
classes, format and content should be explained in full detail. Please include approximate
design size (for finished projects), ground and thread samples, small stitched samples, and
lesson plans or teaching booklets to aid the Committee with its evaluations and choices. Your
current résumé is also helpful.

5. The pieces and classes (visual representations) selected for the 2021 Seminar MUST be
completed for display at the Tucson Seminar, which begins August 6, 2020. Your final class
project, if mailed/shipped must be received approximately 15 to 30 days before the start of
seminar. Hand-carried class projects must be given to the Exhibit Chair approximately August 3,
2020. Precise dates will be published at a later date. Please remember your piece or visual
representation will be photographed for the Seminar Brochure at this time.

6. Final class descriptions for the 2021 Seminar brochure will be required by June 1, 2020. Your
class description, which is not to exceed 90 words, should be an accurate description of all
materials/supplies needed, color options, proficiency level, and kit contents. You will be given a
chance to review the final description before it is published.

Financial Information

The current American Needlepoint Guild teaching fees for Seminar are $400 per teaching day ($200 for half days). Teachers will also receive reimbursement allowances toward lodging and travel expenses, with details to be provided in your contract.
We look forward to your proposals celebrating the 2021 ANG National Seminar. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Kate Mathews
Seminar Faculty Committee
Phone: (916) 718-8605


2021 Teacher Proposal Forms

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ANG Proposal Summary Form PDF (126.84 KB) Administration 11/27/2018
Painted Canvas Designer Release Form PDF (312.44 KB) Administration 1/29/2018
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ANG is an educational, non-profit organization whose purpose is educational and cultural development through participation in and encouragement of interest in the art of needlepoint. ANG defines needlepoint as any counted or free stitchery worked by hand with a threaded needle on a readily countable ground.


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