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Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement and Tax Acknowledgement

As a volunteer for the AMERICAN NEEDLEPOINT GUILD, INC., I am aware that the information, data and materials to which I have access are to be treated in a professional and confidential manner.  This information will be used only to conduct official ANG business for my committee or elected position and may not be disclosed to anyone outside my official relationships.  Violation of this agreement may result in removal from my position.

ANG reimburses certain volunteers who travel to conduct ANG business for meals, incidentals, and tips (i.e., the PITs allowance) at a at a daily rate set annually by the ANG Board of Directors. When I submit a request for reimbursement of travel expenses, I may either: 1) request reimbursement of my PITs allowance without submitting receipts; or, 2) submit receipts and request reimbursement for the actual cost of my meals, incidentals, and tips, not to exceed the amount that would be permitted based upon the PITs allowance.  I understand that, if I elect not to submit receipts and my PITs reimbursements during any calendar year are $600 or more, ANG is required by law to send to me, and to file with the IRS, a Form 1099-Misc.  I understand that it is my responsibility to speak with a financial advisor if I have any questions about this requirement and/or how it might affect me.

For purposes of this electronic form filing, a signature is effected by typing a name in the designated signature field. Enter the full legal signature as it appears in typed or printed form. By typing a name in this field, the signatory acknowledges and represents that the entry constitutes in every way, use, or aspect, his or her legally binding signature.

Our Mission

ANG is an educational, non-profit organization whose purpose is educational and cultural development through participation in and encouragement of interest in the art of needlepoint. ANG defines needlepoint as any counted or free stitchery worked by hand with a threaded needle on a readily countable ground.


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